The Best Literary Halloween Costumes for Teachers

These ideas are for the books.

Best Literary Halloween Costumes for Teachers

If there’s any way to get a teacher excited about Halloween, it’s to gather inspiration from some of the best literary Halloween costumes out there, amiright? Whether you’re a dedicated English teacher or just a self-proclaimed “word nerd,” we bet there’s something here to get your creative juices flowing and get you psyched about the impending arrival of one of our favorite holidays—and maybe even educate your students at the same time! Below are some of the most brilliant ideas for literary Halloween costumes we’ve seen on Instagram.

1. Charlotte’s Web

Wilbur and the web from E.B. White’s famous book. This costume requires a book-loving friend to join in on the fun with you – but maybe that makes it even better?


2. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

It’s time to (tea) party!


3. Hester Prynne

Nathaniel Hawthorne’s classic novel, The Scarlet Letter, is best embodied by its proud young heroine, Hester Prynne.


4. Harry Potter

The most popular young wizard of all time had to make the list.

Want to impress your teacher friends even more? Take it to the next level by getting a stellar wig and a simple clay pot and turning this classic series costume into a pun—now you’re a “Hairy Potter!”


5. Moby Dick and Captain Ahab

They were at odds throughout the whole of Moby-Dick, but Halloween is all about fantasy—we love seeing Ahab and literature’s greatest whale as friends, even if just for one night.

#tbt: Couples costume! Moby-Dick and Ahab y'all.

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6. The Picture of Dorian Gray

This look is all about the magical makeup!

Female Dorian Gray ? special effects makeup by @lilmoonchildd

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7. Diction-Fairy

Can’t get enough awesome book puns in your life? Go as the “diction-fairy”7mdash;and prepare to be the envy of all your librarian friends.


8. Where’s Waldo?

Students won’t have any trouble finding our red-and-white striped friend at this school!


9. Nancy Drew

We love this modern twist on everyone’s favorite female detective!


10. The Magic School Bus

What teacher wouldn’t want to emulate the beloved Ms. Frizzle for a day? Now that this classic series is making its comeback on Netflix, this Halloween is the perfect time to bring it to life.


11. Miss Havisham from Great Expectations

One of Charles Dickens’ most memorable characters is actually a surprisingly easy costume to put together!


12. The Great Gatsby

Daisy Buchanan is just beautiful and classic.


13. Old Man and the C

This punny costume also requires a partner, but if you’ve got another teacher BFF who loves Hemingway as much as you do, this is the costume for you.

Literary costumes for the win. #OldManAndTheC

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14. Dracula

Many classically creepy Halloween costumes originally came from our favorite tales, like this impressive version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. (Though for school, we recommend taking it easy on the gory makeup.)


15. Macbeth’s Witches

Take another classic costume idea—a witch—and tweak with a few Shakespearean touches.


16. Elizabeth Bennet

We adore this low-key Elizabeth Bennet from Pride & Prejudice à la Keira Knightley.


17. The Little Prince’s Rose

This creative representation of the children’s classic is simple and SO pretty!


18. Edgar Allen Poe

Tired of dressing up as books or classic characters? Try dressing as a favorite author instead! Bonus points if you get a friend to go as your raven.


19. Where the Wild Things Are

“Let the wild rumpus start!”


20. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie…

An oldie but still a goodie!


21. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The perfect book to reference if you’re corralling your school’s youngest students this Halloween.

The very hungry caterpillar ? #teacherhalloween

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What inspired literary Halloween costumes for teachers have you seen? Share your ideas with us in the comments!


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