March is National Reading Month, and lots of schools celebrate with an annual Book Character Costume Day. Teachers and kids choose their favorite protagonists (and antagonists!) and dress to the nines to show off their love of reading. These are some of our favorite literary costume ideas for teachers, with tips on how to bring each one to life.

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1. Charlotte and Wilbur

Woman wearing black cape with spiderweb that says Some Pig, with man wearing pig costume

Grab your co-teacher and plan this awesome costume idea. You can make your own cape from scratch like @krishaleanne, or buy this spiderweb poncho and use a fabric marker to add your favorite Charlotte phrase. Don’t forget the pig ears, nose, and tail for Wilbur!

2. Corduroy

Woman wearing green corduroy jumper and teddy bear ears, carrying a matching teddy bear (Book Character Costume Ideas)

This cute and cuddly book character costume is really easy to pull together. Match a green corduroy jumper with a brown shirt, then don a pair of teddy bear ears, and you’re good to go, just like @jess.and.cece_thefrenchie.

3. Miss Frizzle

Woman wearing a space themed dress standing in a small school bus (Book Character Costume Ideas)

Miss Frizzle is easily one of the most popular book character costume ideas for teachers. We adore this version from Ginger & Ivory! You can get everything you need online: space-themed dress, red Miss Frizzle Wig, stuffed lizard, and the finishing touch: a pop up school bus! For more dress ideas, check out our full list!

4. Captain Underpants

Woman in a black bodysuit with large pair of underpants, red cape, and Captain Underpants logo (Book Character Costume Ideas)

This one is sure to crack your students up! Here’s the superhero cape you’ll need. (We’ll let you track down the underpants on your own!) Thanks to @littleapplelearning for the idea.

5. Laura Ingalls Wilder

Woman wearing green pioneer dress, white apron, and matching sunbonnet (Book Character Costume Ideas)

Travel back to pioneer times with this complete costume set. It comes in multiple sizes and colors, too.

6. Amelia Bedelia

Woman wearing black dress, white apron, black hat with daisies, and carrying a feather duster (Book Character Costume Ideas)

Here’s another easy book character costume you can put together in a snap, via @cma1291. Add a ruffled bib apron to a black dress, glue some dollar store daisies to a black hat, and bring along your fanciest feather duster.

7. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Woman in blue overalls and mouse ears holding a large paper cookie and reading a book (Book Character Costume Ideas)

If you’ve got some denim overalls, you’ve got most of what you need for @blushlovepeony‘s If You Give a Mouse a Cookie costume. Make or buy a pair of mouse ears and giant cookie, then paint whiskers and a pink nose on your face (or face mask).

8. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Woman wearing a green tutu and white shirt covered with pictures of food (Book Character Costume Ideas)

If you love The Very Hungry Caterpillar, you’ll want to give @thebeachclassroom‘s costume idea a try. Buy a green tutu here, then use fabric markers or paint to cover a t-shirt with fruit and other foods. Yum!

9. William Shakespeare

Man dressed as William Shakespeare holding a skull (Book Character Costume Ideas)

There are plenty of book character costume ideas to steal from Shakespeare, but why not dress as The Bard himself? Grab the costume set here (skull not included—maybe the biology lab can loan you one?).

10. Pippi Longstocking

Woman wearing yellow peasant dress and red wig with horizontal braids

As @costumehabit shows us, Pippi Longstocking is a quick and fun costume. Find a cute peasant dress you like, add this crazy braided red wig and some freckles, and don’t forget your pet monkey!

11. Max from Where The Wild Things Are

Woman dressed as Max from Where The Wild Things Are

Finally, an excuse to buy that grown-up onesie you’ve been craving! Here’s an adjustable furry crown to make your costume complete, just like @kblovestoread.

12. Sherlock Holmes

Man wearing trench coat and deerstalker hat carrying a magnifying glass (Book Character Costume Ideas)

Need a good book character costume? Elementary, my dear Watson! You get the coat, hat, bowtie, and magnifying glass with this costume set.

13. Rainbow Fish

Teacher dressed in colorful tutu and aqua shirt covered in pastel fish scales (Book Character Costume Ideas)

The Rainbow Fish is a really popular book character costume for those who love to DIY, like @ctarinstitute. Cut out and attach fabric scrap scales to an aqua t-shirt, then slip on a pretty pastel tutu.

14. Coraline

Woman wearing blue wig, yellow raincoat and yellow rainboots holding a copy of the book Coraline

Slip through the secret door with a Coraline costume like @abooklikeyou‘s. Here are the blue wig and yellow rain boots you’ll need.

15. Viola Swamp

Woman wearing black dress, yellow and black striped stockings, and long fake nose (Book Character Costume Ideas)

Miss Nelson is missing! Maybe Viola Swamp (aka @secondgrade.shenanigans) knows where she is. Put on these black and yellow striped stockings and long witch nose to see if you can find out.

16. Olivia

Woman wearing red dress, black and white stockings, and pig nose and ears standing next to the book character Olivia

Speaking of striped stockings, how adorable is @fernaunder‘s Olivia costume? We found the striped tights and pig accessories; you supply your favorite red dress.

17. The Man With the Yellow Hat

Woman wearing a bright yellow fedora and carrying a Curious George stuffed animal (Book Character Costume Ideas)

If you love that famous mischievous monkey Curious George, this is the costume for you! You can buy a full The Man With the Yellow Hat costume set, or just find a fabulous yellow fedora like @averymerryprimary‘s. Grab yourself a Curious George stuffed animal sidekick, and you’re ready to go.

18. One Ring to Rule Them All

Woman wearing an inflatable gold pool ring with Lord of the Rings inscription

Who says your favorite character has to be a person? @bslaz dressed up as The One Ring from The Lord of the Rings, and we’re totally loving it! Here’s a big gold inflatable pool ring; you’ll have to add your own Elvish inscription.

19. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Woman wearing palm leaves on her head and covered in alphabet letters, carrying the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

@justalittlelibrarian has one of the cleverest book character costumes we’ve ever seen! Want to make your own? Dress in brown, then add some large felt alphabet letters and a cute palm tree headband.

20. Hester Prynne

Woman wearing puritan collar and bonnet with a large scarlet letter A on her sweater (Book Character Costume Ideas)

The Scarlet Letter A will help your high school students identify this book character costume in a flash. Here’s a bonnet, collar, cuffs, and apron to add to your own black dress. (Thanks for the idea, @sarafloss.)

21. Moaning Myrtle

Woman dressed in Harry Potter robes with a toilet seat around her neck (Book Character Costume Ideas)

There are lots of Harry Potter costume ideas out there, but @cvaldiz might have the best of them all. The toilet seat makes her Moaning Myrtle getup spookily spectacular!

22. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Woman wearing an umbrella hat and carrying a cloud on a stick

What’s the weather forecast today? If you’re like @acissejmae, it’s Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs! You can buy the umbrella hat here; you’ll have to make your own clouds and meatballs.

23. Mary Poppins

Woman wearing old fashioned skirt suit, black hat, and carrying an umbrella

Most kids know Mary Poppins from the popular movies, but she was a book character first! This costume set has everything you need to be practically perfect in every way.

24. The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

Woman with pictures of fly, spider, bird, and more pinned to her stomach

We got a real chuckle out of @cre8ivesky‘s clever costume! Print and pin a spider, fly, cat, and more to your stomach, slip on an Old Lady wig, and you’re done!

25. Camilla Cream

Woman with her face painted in colorful stripes and a thermometer in her mouth, holding A Bad Case of Stripes

Uh oh! Looks like @peaceloveteach4th has A Bad Case of the Stripes. You can have one too with this face paint set (or this rainbow-striped face mask).

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25 Amazing Book Character Costume Ideas For Teachers