The Big List of 100+ FREE Apps for Students in Junior High and High School

Yeah, there’s definitely an app for that.

Teens and tweens are bound to have their phones in hand most of the day, so why not install some really useful apps? These amazing free apps for students cover all the major subjects, plus provide help with study skills, time management, planning, and more. The best part? These apps are all free to use.

Note: some have ads, and some offer paid versions, but we only chose free apps for students that provide a really robust experience for this list.

Jump to your Free Apps for Students by Topic:


Reading and Writing Apps

Free Apps for Students

These free apps for students provide ebooks to read, brainstorming tools for aspiring writers, and help with grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. (Explore more of the best reading apps and writing apps for all ages.)


Most libraries use Overdrive for their e-book and online media lending. All you need is a library card to set up an account, and you’re off! (iOS, Android, Kindle)


Libby is another way to access books through Overdrive, with an interface specially designed for mobile devices. Be sure to check out the Teen Guide for good recommendations.  (iOS, Android)




Many local libraries belong to Hoopla, so check yours. Everything on the app is always available for immediate virtual check-out. Hoopla is especially popular for its wide selection of audiobooks, comics, and graphic novels. Plus, it has a dedicated “Kids Mode,” making it easier for everyone to find books they’ll love. (iOS, Android, Kindle)


GoodReads offers personalized book recommendations and access to a vast community of like-minded readers. Keep a want-to-read list, read and write book reviews, and share book recommendations with others. (iOS, Android)

This app is everything you love about, but it’s also available offline. You can even switch between dictionary and thesaurus mode. The Word of the Day feature is fun too. (iOS, Android)

Word Hippo

Avoid overused words and phrases in your writing with this app, which provides synonyms and antonyms in a flash. (iOS, Android)

Grammar Smash

This no-frills app is excellent for older learners, especially ESL students. Review grammar guides and lessons, then play games to practice your skills (Android)

Mad Libs

Everything you love about Mad Libs, in an app! Prompts ask you to fill in parts of speech to create a funny new story each time. The free edition comes with 21 stories. (iOS, Android)

Reading Comprehension Prep

Practice your reading comprehension and prepare for standardized tests with this app. It provides fiction and non-fiction reading passages with comprehension questions for each. The free version offers 12 stories to start with, with a new one available each week. (iOS)

The Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly is a beloved program that helps people of any age produce stronger, cleaner writing. The mobile apps work for anything you type on your phone, including social media and messaging. (iOS, Android)


Mind mapping is an excellent method for brainstorming and organizing your thoughts before you begin writing. This app helps you through the process, creating maps that ultimately make your writing clearer and stronger. (iOS, Android)

Words with Friends

Words with Friends is Scrabble for the digital age, and it’s wildly popular. It’s a sneaky way to improve your vocabulary and spelling while enjoying games with anyone, anywhere, anytime. (iOS, Android)


Love to write? This is the way to share your stories, get feedback from others, and find new inspiration. This app provides resources for improving your writing and helps you get it out there for others to discover. (iOS, Android)



Science, technology, engineering, and math … they’re all here in this list of free apps for students. (Find more STEAM apps for all ages.)


Explore NASA’s latest articles and tweets, watch live NASA TV, and check out the incredible image gallery. You may even download it for your wallpaper! (iOS, Android)


View and explore Earth’s history over the last 4.5 billion years. This research-based app includes interactive features and in-depth maps on concepts like continental reconstruction, sea level, and global temperature. (iOS)


Scan any math problem with your camera to get colorful, step-by-step instructions on how to solve it. Resist the temptation to use this to speed through homework, and instead let the app help you learn how to do the math yourself. (iOS, Android)


High school and middle school students match with each other based on skill level and compete head-to-head in real-time to see who can answer questions fastest, much like offline competitions such as Science Bowl.

Graphing Calculator + Math, Algebra & Calculus

This app replaces the bulky (and expensive) graphing calculator students have been toting around for decades. Parents will wish they had these in high school! All the functionality, no batteries required. (Android)

Graphing Calculator X84

Another graphing calculator app, this one for iPhone and iPad. (iOS)

Geometry Pad

Bring geometric equations to life with this app, which allows you to create fundamental shapes, then explore and change their properties. Export and save documents to your device or the cloud. (iOS, Android)

Swift Playgrounds

Learn the programming language Swift, used by Apple to create apps. This colorful, user-friendly app includes clear instructions, a glossary of common coding terms, and a variety of fun and engaging levels to play. (iOS)


This app is ideal for middle school students who want to learn coding. Play around to learn how to create cool games, animations, or complete apps. (iOS)

Project Noah

This citizen science project has set out to map every living species on the planet, and you can help! Report your sightings, help identify other spottings, and contribute to all sorts of ongoing research projects. (iOS, Android)

Visual Anatomy Lite

This interactive reference tool is a must-have for students of human anatomy or biology. It includes rotational images and lots of helpful animations. (iOS, Android)

Pocket Physics

This no-frills app lays out the basic concepts, formulas, and theories of physics. All information is available offline, too, so you can look up information without getting distracted by social media or email notification. (Android)


In this addictive gravity puzzle game, you launch a planet into orbit around a black hole with the flick of a finger. The goal? To keep the planet in a stable orbit, rather than being devoured by the black hole. (iOS, Android)

Chemistry & Homework

The interactive periodic table in this app is a terrific resource on its own, but you also get a molar mass calculator, solubility tables, acid strengths, and more. (iOS, Android)

WWF Rivers

This augmented reality app tells the story of rivers and their ecosystems. Learn how people and wildlife interact with river systems, and what happens if a river is dammed or its health suffers. (iOS, Android)

Google Science Journal

Turn your phone into a pocket-size science tool. Get free science activities to try, document experiments and research, and record observations of the world around you. (iOS, Android)

NASA Globe Observer

Help NASA by making environmental observations to complement satellite data. There are multiple ongoing projects to join and contribute to, including the mapping of trees and mosquito habitats. (iOS, Android)


Budding stargazers and experienced astronomers alike will find a lot to like in this app. Augmented reality makes it easy to identify what you see the night sky, in the present, past, or future. (iOS, Android)

Bridge Constructor

Put your physics knowledge to work by building bridges in a variety of environments. Then, put them to the test to see if they hold up to the stress! (iOS, Android)

NOVA Elements

Explore the periodic table in depth with this free app for students. Watch a 2-hour episode of NOVA, play a fun chemistry game, and dive deep into an interactive periodic table. (iOS)

Earth Now

Learn how the Earth’s climate is changing by exploring visualized climate data from NASA. Zoom in and out on a beautifully colored interactive globe. (iOS, Android)

SoloLearn C++

Teach yourself C++ programming language with 80 complete lessons that include quizzes to test your knowledge along the way. SoloLearn offers a variety of other programming courses, all for free. (iOS, Android)


Social Studies Apps

Free Apps for Students

These free apps for students cover a variety of topics in geography, history, government, and civics. 

Google Earth

Google Earth is like a globe come to life. This robust app has become the standard worldwide for learning more about just about every single place on the planet. (iOS, Android)

World Geography Quiz Game

Need to prep for a geography test, or just interested in learning more about the world? This app has more than 6,000 questions about maps, capitals, flags, currency, and much more. (iOS, Android)

Geo Flags Academy

Test your knowledge of national flags and capitals with this free app for students. You’ll learn fascinating facts about each country too. (iOS, Android)

GeoBee Challenge App

Find out if you have what it takes to compete in the National Geographic GeoBee! This app has more than 1,000 questions from past geography bees, including challenging bonus photo rounds. (iOS, Android)

Historia World

Historia is all about dates. The app shows you a historical event and asks you to give the correct date. The closer you are, the higher your score. While dates aren’t necessarily the most important thing to know, remembering when an event fits into history is useful for understanding its place in the bigger picture. (iOS)

Today in History

Learn new historical facts every day with this free app for students and other history lovers. Whether it happened last year or centuries ago, find out what was happening in the world on this date in history. (iOS, Android)

Ben Franklin’s World

The popular podcast has its own app! Each episode features conversations with a historian to help you learn about important events and people in the early United States. This is a must for every American History student. (iOS, Android)

Oregon Trail

This is the classic game of American pioneers, updated for a new generation. See if you can get your party safely across the continent to a new home in Oregon. Tip: Watch out for dysentery! (iOS, Android)

National Archives Bill of Rights App

Every U.S. citizen should have this app, giving them ready access to the document that protects important freedoms. The app also helps you understand the Bill of Rights from a historical perspective, detailing the evolving language and the efforts necessary to get each amendment through Congress. (iOS)

DocsTeach (National Archives)

Access documents from the National Archives and learn more about them with a wide variety of activities. Some are meant for classroom use, but others are perfect for independent study. (iOS)

iCivics Race to Ratify

Travel back to 1787 and work to get the votes needed to ratify the new U.S. Constitution. Hear opinions from all 13 original states, and try to convince dissenters to vote in support of ratification. (iOS, Android)

iCivics: Do I Have a Right?

Run your own law firm, and determine whether your clients have a constitutional right on their side! Then, match them with lawyers and argue their case! (iOS, Android)

iCivics Branches of Power

Learn about the three branches of government as you pick leaders for each, then create a presidential agenda, pass laws in Congress, and apply judicial review. This is the most fun way around to learn how the U.S. government works. (iOS, Android)

iCivics: Argument Wars

Use your persuasive abilities to argue real Supreme Court cases! You’ll learn about landmark cases like Brown v. Board of Education and the significance of precedence and evidence in the judicial decision-making process. (iOS, Android)

iCivics Executive Command

Think you want to be president? This app lets you find out if you’re up to the job! Set your agenda and face the challenges that pop up during your four-year term. (iOS, Android)

iCivics Cast Your Vote

Voting is a right and a responsibility. Learn what it takes to be an informed voter, and where you personally stand on important issues that may impact your vote. (iOS, Android)

iCivics Win the White House

Want to be president? First, you have to win the election! Set a platform, raise campaign funds, follow the polls, and campaign for votes in your bid for the White House. (iOS, Android)

iCivics Immigration Nation

The United States is a nation of immigrants, but what does it really take to qualify for citizenship? Find out in this interactive game. (iOS, Android)


Foreign Language Apps

Free Apps for Students

Whether you want to practice what you’re learning in school, or are looking to pick up a new language on your own, these free apps for students have got you covered.


DuoLingo is probably the most popular free app for students learning foreign languages. The lessons are great for brushing up on vocabulary and listening skills, while the recording exercises help develop stronger speaking skills. DuoLingo currently offers 35 languages, and it’s growing all the time. (iOS, Android)


Learn a new language … in just 5 minutes a day! Choose from one of more than 35 languages and even get ready for travel to another country. (iOS, Android)


Memrise is another top app for learning a new language. The bite-size lessons teach useful phrases in a wide variety of languages. They also offer courses on topics like literature, history, and math. (iOS, Android)


What sets Busuu apart is the ability to interact with and get feedback from native speakers of the language you’re learning. Choose from a dozen different languages. (iOS, Android)


If you’d like to focus on being able to read another language, instead of just speaking it, this is the app you’ll want. It offers text in 13 different languages, with side-by-side translations to help you learn. (iOS, Android)

50 Languages

With its incredible selection of languages, this is the go-to app for learning something a little more obscure. Dip into Afrikaans, Latvian, or Catalan, languages you’re less likely to find on other apps. (iOS, Android)

Google Translate

In addition to basic text translations, use this powerful app to translate bilingual conversations in real-time, or instantly translate text in images with the built-in camera. The offline mode is especially handy for travel. (iOS, Android)


Want to practice your French or learn about life in Japan? HelloTalk matches you with native speakers in your country of choice so you can talk, text, or video chat. Translation tools are provided in case you need a little help along the way. (iOS, Android)


Note-Taking and Study Apps

These free apps for students help you take better notes in and out of class and stay focused when it’s time to study.

Google Keep

Use Google Keep to store things like websites, images, quotes, and lists on color-coded “sticky” notes. It’s easy to share your notes with others, too, and keep everything synced across devices. (iOS, Android)


Evernote’s free basic plan allows for note-taking in a variety of formats, including text, sketches, photo, audio, and video. Sync your notes across devices and share them with others effortlessly.  (iOS, Android)


If you have an iPhone or iPad, this app comes standard. Ask Siri to start a new note for you, create folders to organize notes, create checklists and attachments, scan docs, and much more. (iOS)


This app is available on pretty much any device you can think of, including Kindle. It also works on every web browser and operating system, so you’ll always have access to your notes no matter where you are. The generous free version gives you all the features you really need. (Multiple devices)

Paper by WeTransfer

This is the note-taking app for those who love to sketch, draw, doodle, or take notes by hand. If you can do it on paper, you can do it in this app. (iOS)


When you don’t need all the bells and whistles, just a simple clean interface for taking notes and keeping them organized, try Simplenote. It does have a few cool features, like the ability to go back and see edits you’ve made and view previous versions of your notes. (iOS, Android)


Let your phone take notes for you in class so you can give your full attention to your teacher. This app records voice notes and converts them into text so you can use them for study later. (Android)

Otter Voice Meeting Notes

Otter Voice does the same type of speech-to-text transcription for iPhone and iPad. The free version gives you 600 minutes per month. (iOS)


Mobile flashcards boast all the benefits of traditional flashcards in a convenient and accessible format. Create and share flashcards for any subject, or choose from thousands of stacks created by others. (iOS, Android)

Chegg Prep

This flashcard app offers more than 500 million flashcards on any and every topic. No matter what you’re studying, there are free flashcards for that! (iOS, Android)


Cram is another popular flashcard app that allows you to create, share, and explore flashcards on the go. (iOS, Android)


StudyBlue goes beyond the standard flashcard app by letting you upload and share your notes and other study materials too. It’s everything you need to study anywhere you go. (iOS, Android)

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a massive database of free videos and exercises on every subject imaginable. This is the place to practice what you’re learning in school, and brush up your skills before an exam. (iOS, Android)

Varsity Tutors

Get free flashcards, practice tests, and other useful tools in more than 60 high school subjects. There are lots of AP topics available, as well as SAT and ACT prep courses. (iOS, Android)


When you’re truly stuck on a homework question, check out Brainly. This community of students and experts can help guide you to the right answers. Plus, you can help others answer their questions too. (iOS, Android)


Ready for a challenge? Take real college courses, for free, using this cool app. Find out what college classes are like and expand your knowledge at the same time. (iOS, Android)


Planning and Time Management Apps

Stay on top of exam and assignment due dates with these free apps for students. They’ll also help you manage your time so you’re not up late cramming the night before a big test.

myHomework Student Planner

Add classes and track your upcoming work in an easy-to-read monthly, weekly, or daily calendar view. Notification reminders ensure you never miss a crucial deadline. (Multiple devices)

Google Calendar

If you use other Google tools like Gmail or Google Classroom, Google Calendar is a terrific planning app. It automatically adds items to your calendar that it detects in other apps, and allows you to set reminders and color-code your tasks and events. (iOS, Android)

My Study Life

This free app for students was designed from the ground-up for schools, so it’s full of features that make it easy to use. Schedule classes for a semester or year, break tasks down by subject, and sync your plans across all devices seamlessly. (iOS, Android)


Chipper was designed for college students, but high schoolers can benefit from it too. One of the coolest things about it is that it makes suggestions to help you break your work into more manageable pieces, and helps you prioritize your tasks. (iOS, Android)


This app is specifically designed to track homework. Simply set up your classes, add your homework assignments each day, and get to work. (iOS, Android)

Power Planner: Homework/Grades/Schedule

This app does more than track your schedule and homework assignments. It also allows you to keep track of grades and your GPA, so always know how things stand and where you might need to improve. (iOS, Android)


Need to avoid distractions while you study? Forest’s creative approach can help. Set the timer and get to work while a digital plant grows on the screen. If you pick up your phone and exit the app before the time is up, the plant dies! (iOS, Android)

Focus Booster

This simple timer app uses the Pomodoro technique of 25-minute work sessions alternating with shorter brain breaks to keep you focused. You get 20 free sessions a month, enough for homework time every night of the week. (iOS, Android)


Wondering if you spend too much time on social media or gaming, or just how often you check your phone each day? This app logs those actions and allows you to see how you compare to others, so you can decide when it might be time to take a bit of a break. (Android)

Remember the Milk

Throw away those paper to-do lists you keep losing anyway and try this app instead. Create lists, get reminders, and even share tasks with up to two other users. This app syncs with Gmail, Google Calendar, and Evernote too. (Multiple devices)

Coach.Me Habit Tracker

This app promises to help you develop better habits … for free. Track what you do, set new goals, and celebrate milestones as you hold yourself accountable for new ways of life. (iOS, Android)


Other Useful Free Apps for Students

Free Apps for Students

These free apps for students include programs that encourage mindfulness, safety, exploration. You’ll also find a document scanner, video editing apps, and more.

Google Classroom

This has become the go-to app for lots of teachers and students. It works with hundreds of other apps to provide interactive learning in the classroom and at a distance. Be sure to install other G Suite apps like Google Drive, Docs, and Slides too. (iOS, Android)


The face to face social network that allows you to connect to up to eight people on a video call at a time and play games. Houseparty’s mission is to bring empathy to online communication. Houseparty was created to be the most human way to be together, when not together. This video-based social network also has the functionality to leave video messages. (iOS, Android)


This clever app turns mobile devices into portable scanners with a simple camera shot. Export the images in several file types to save or share with others. (iOS, Android)


A stock market simulation game that also teaches money skills. Use fake money to trade stocks while using real-time data from NYSE and NASDAQ. Kids build confidence in investing and can win real gift cards along the way. (iOS, Android)


Attention, artists! This free app turns your phone or tablet into the ultimate surface for sketching, coloring, and creating. (iOS, Android)

Citation Maker

Ensure you’re crediting your sources properly with this app that creates citations in MLA or APA for books, journals, websites, and videos. (Android)

Alarmy: Sleep If You Can

Trouble getting out of the bed in the morning? This clever alarm app is out to change that! It forces you to complete a task like taking a picture or solving a math problem to turn off the alarm! (iOS, Android)


Apple’s video editing software lets you create, edit, and share professional-looking videos using a variety of templates, graphics, text, and audio. (iOS)


This terrific video editor for Android has many of the same features as iMovie, allowing you to make top-notch videos even if you have no prior experience. (Android)

Circle of 6

This app was originally designed to keep college students safe when they were out alone, but younger kids and parents alike are loving it. Simply set a circle of 6 people to be quickly notified when you need some help. Really, everyone needs this brilliant free app. (iOS, Android)

Smiling Mind

This app is popular in Australian schools, where it was developed. In just 10 minutes a day, it promises to help you practice mindfulness and bring balance to your life. (iOS, Android)

UCLA Mindful

This app from UCLA Health provides daily and wellness meditations, informative videos, and a weekly podcast. Use it to stay centered when life gets busy (so, always). (iOS, Android)

Stop, Breathe & Think

In addition to providing guided meditation, this app encourages you to check in throughout the day to see how you’re feeling. Monitoring your moods and making active changes to de-stress can have a huge impact on your productivity and quality of life, so every student can benefit from this app. (iOS, Android)


Elevate is a brain-training app designed to help improve attention and memory. Play three games each day that target skills in writing, listening, speaking, reading, and math. (iOS, Android)

TED Talks

Looking to be inspired? This app provides access to the entire library of official TED Talks. Browse featured talks, view curated playlists, or discover talks on virtually any topic of interest. (iOS, Android)


This addictive, multi-player trivia game lets you challenge friends while learning fun facts on a variety of topics. (iOS, Android)


Take any photo, draw a line for a mouth, and record a message. Share it with friends for some silly fun, or use it for the most creative class presentation ever! (iOS)

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The Big List of 100+ FREE Apps for Students in Junior High and High School