12 Teacher-Approved Computer Mice for K-12 Students

For everyone from the pudgy-fingered kindergartener to the too-cool-for-high school senior.

The best mice for the classroom.

As adults who have used computers for much of our lives, the mouse we click to accomplish our digital goals may not make much of a difference. But for students transitioning from a touch-screen or who have little experience with technology, the choice of a computer mouse can be critical. Want to find the best computer mouse for kids? Here are 12 teacher-approved options for students from the pudgy-fingered kindergartner to the way-too-cool high school senior.

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The Best Computer Mouse for Elementary Kids

For younger students just learning to use technology, sometimes less is more. These four options are all USB connected, meaning that they have cords that plug directly into the back of a computer. No batteries or recharging required!

Adesso iMouse W3

Adesso iMouse W3 computer mouse

This USB mouse is made with antimicrobial materials to resist the growth of bacteria. It’s also waterproof, meaning it will stand up to spills or sneezes! The magnetic scroll wheel with four built-in magnets ensures smooth scrolling, and optical sensor technology means that students can work on just about any surface without a mouse pad.

Review: One user testified to the durability of the mouse and how easy it is to remove germs: “Feels like a normal mouse but easy to wipe/soak in alcohol.”


Price: Under $25

Buy it: Adesso Imouse W3/Amazon

Logitech MK120 Mouse & Keyboard Combo With Silicone Cover

Logitech MK120 Combo: black mouse and gray keyboard with silicone cover

This USB mouse comes in combination with a plug-and-play keyboard, which has a protective silicone cover making it durable and easy to clean. The three-button design of the mouse provides for left-, right- or middle-clicking options, and the optical wheel allows line-by-line scrolling. It’s made from 72 percent post-consumer recycled plastic, drop-tested to ensure durability. Comes with a three-year warranty.

Review: Many users testified to the value of this package for the price and especially extolled the value of the wired keyboard and mouse: “Some times, old school is better. It’s simple, the quality is great, and it works perfectly!”

Price: Under $50 for both

Buy it: Logitech MK120 Corded Keyboard and Mouse combo/Amazon (or schools can order directly from Logitech for as low as $14.99)

Chester Creek Computer Mouse

Chester Creek Computer Mouse

This one-button USB mouse is designed with a first-time clicker in mind. At about half the size of a standard mouse, it fits comfortably into little hands and is made of durable plastic to withstand plenty of handling. It has no scroll wheel to distract little fingers, and its big green button performs as the left-click command. Also works with Mac OS.

Review: One special education teacher says this mouse is “just the right size for small fingers.” She added, “It is great to find a one-button mouse because small children seem to always want to click on the right button instead of the left button of the mouse.”

Price: Under $25

Buy it: Chester Creek Computer Mouse/Amazon

Clevy Kids Mouse

Clevy Kids Computer Mouse

This optical USB mouse features a scroll wheel and multi-colored buttons to help young users to differentiate between left- and right-clicking. Its compact size fits the tiniest of hands. Also works with Mac OS.

Review: One user pointed out the value of this product’s color-coded buttons for young students: “The buttons make it easier to give directions as it’s simpler to refer to the colors rather than ‘right’ or ‘left’ mouse click.”

Price: Under $15

Buy it: Clevy Kids Mouse/Amazon

The Best Computer Mouse for Middle School Kids

For older students who are comfortable using technology and are ready for more flexibility, these four wireless mice make good choices. All work with a small USB receiver that plugs into the back of the computer.

Cimetech Wireless Mouse

Cimetech Wireless Computer Mouse

This cordless mouse features a slim, ergonomic design and quiet clicking to reduce noise. Its rechargeable battery switches off after a period of inactivity to save energy and will alert the user to low battery status with a blinking red light. On a two-hour charge, it will operate for over a month with regular use. Comes with a USB charging cable and USB nano receiver that provides a working distance of 33 feet. Works with Mac OS (but not USB-C compatible).

Review: One parent had this to say: “I got this for my daughter [who] is doing school from home during this pandemic … she got accustomed to the mouse very quickly and even commented on how she likes how it is much quieter than the other mice she has used.”

Price: Under $15

Buy it: Cimetech Rechargeable Wireless Mouse/Amazon

Logitech MK270 Mouse & Keyboard Combo With Silicone Cover

Logitech MK270 Combo: black mouse and gray keyboard with silicone cover

This is the wireless version of the Logitech MK 120 keyboard and mouse combo package. It still comes with the same protective silicone keyboard covering that makes cleaning a breeze. However, for those who don’t want to worry about recharging, both mouse and keyboard work on AA/AAA batteries (included). An On/Off switch ensures longer battery life. The nano USB receiver is small enough that it can stay in the computer and provides up to 33 feet of workable range. Comes with a three-year warranty.

Review: Many users commented on the value of this package: “For the price—you will be hard-pressed to find a keyboard/mouse set that is not only functional, but also comfortable, responsive, and well made.”

Price: Under $25 for both

Buy it: Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo/Amazon (or schools can order this mouse directly from Logitech for as low as $19.99)

INPHIC LED Wireless Mouse

Inphic LED Wireless Computer Mouse

This quiet-click wireless mouse comes in a variety of colors and adds some pizazz with an LED feature providing soft, pulsating lights. It can be used either with a USB wireless receiver or paired with Bluetooth 5.0, making it a good option for online learners at home. Its rechargeable battery recharges in just two hours for approximately two weeks’ use. Comes with a USB to USB-C charging adapter, making it compatible with all Mac OS products.

Review: One reviewer who purchased the Inphic LED Wireless Mouse for her teen daughter had this to say: “The LED lights are rainbow and look awesome. It is rechargeable too, which is fairly quick. Nothing to complain about and all to boast about—recommended!”

Price: Under $20

Buy it: INPHIC LED Wireless Bluetooth Mouse/Amazon

Seenda Wireless Mouse

Seenda Wireless Computer Mouse

This quiet-click, compact wireless mouse comes in more than 20 colors. It requires a AA battery (not included) and switches to sleep mode after 10 minutes to save energy. It comes with a plug-and-play nano receiver that offers a wireless range of up to 33 feet. Works with Mac OS (but not USB-C compatible).

Review: One satisfied user had this to say: “Wow. This mouse has super smooth scrolling and clicking. I love all the color choices too. I got the lavender one, and it’s beautiful.”

Price: Under $15

Buy it: Seenda Wireless Mouse/Amazon

The Best Computer Mouse for High School Kids

By the time students hit high school, they are typically ready for more sophisticated technology. All four of these products work with Bluetooth technology, meaning they connect without the use of a plug-in USB receiver. Whether high school students are looking for portability, ergonomic design, or sleek style, these choices offer something for everyone.

Logitech i345 Pebble for iPad

The Logitech i345 Pebble Mouse for iPad

This Bluetooth-compatible mouse is specifically designed with the iPad in mind. Its compact design allows older students working outside of the traditional classroom complete portability. At just 2 inches wide by 4 inches high, it could easily be slipped into a pocket. Fast optical tracking makes it possible for teens to work on just about any surface, even bed covers. Its sleek, modern design comes in matte white or graphite.

Review: One reviewer commented: “I didn’t think I would like having a mouse for the iPad… but when using the iPad with a Bluetooth keyboard, it is way more convenient to reach for a mouse than to mess with the screen with a finger. The mouse is simple, but it’s all you need, and the implementation is flawless. Buttons are also silent, which is nice to use in a classroom or meeting environment.”

Price: Under $30

Buy it: Order directly from Logitech or from Amazon here.

Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse

The Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse

For older students working on Microsoft tablets, this Bluetooth-compatible mouse is light, portable, and wireless. A customizable scroll wheel offers both scroll and click options. The included lithium-ion battery provides up to one year of battery life. It comes in three trendy color options: Ice Blue, Poppy Red, or Sandstone.

Review: Several users praised this mouse for fulfilling its destiny as a product geared toward Microsoft Surface users: “It’s a mouse. It’s Bluetooth. It’s Microsoft. It works with Surface. No dongles or issues connecting. Simple!”

Price: Under $25

Buy it: Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse/Amazon

Satechi Aluminum M1  Wireless Mouse

Satechi Aluminum M1 Wireless Computer Mouse

This is a more traditional Bluetooth-enabled option that can be paired with a desktop, laptop, or tablet. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery connects via a Type-C port and includes a USB-C to USB charging cable. Space gray, silver, or rose gold options and its futuristic design make it a fashionable option for students looking for something cool.

Review: One buyer touted this mouse’s versatility: “I’ve been looking for a good, simple, ambidextrous wireless mouse for a while (I’m a lefty). I’ve tried several that I liked all right, but there was always a slight problem or annoyance. The scroll wheel on this mouse is especially nice and scrolls with a discrete but smooth motion.”

Price: Under $30

Buy it: Satechi Aluminum M1 Wireless Mouse/Amazon

Kensington Ergonomic Vertical Wireless Mouse

Kensington Ergonomic Vertical Wireless Computer Mouse

For more experienced users who spend a lot of time clicking and scrolling, this vertical mouse provides comfort and muscle support by keeping the wrist in an ergonomic neutral “handshake” position. It offers four-button operation (left, right, forward, and back) and a scroll wheel. It operates on a single AA battery (included) that will auto-sleep after inactivity and can be switched off in periods of non-use. Works with Mac OS (but not USB-C compatible).

Review: Reviewers in search of an ergonomic option commended this choice for its comfort and value: “Superb quality, been using for a couple of months now and no problems whatsoever. Slight adjustment period from standard mouses, but I can’t go back! Feels so good in my hand. Excellent buy!”

Price: Under $30

Buy it: Kensington Ergonomic Vertical Wireless Mouse/Amazon

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12 Teacher-Approved Computer Mice for K-12 Students