8 Teacher Facebook Groups You’ll Want to Join

You are far from alone on this journey.

Facebook Groups for Teachers

The teachers’ lounge can be a great place to relax, sit in a squishy couch, and talk to your colleagues about teaching. Unfortunately, this isn’t the reality for most lounges. Usually they are just places for teachers to grab their mail and fight with the photocopier.

Life is busy, and teachers are busier. So where do you turn when you want support, ideas and inspiration? You go to virtual teachers’ lounges (aka teacher Facebook groups). Here are some of our favorite teacher Facebook groups for educators. They’re sure to offer a place to share your journey with a like-minded community.

1. Breakout Edu 

If you’ve been intrigued by the new trend toward digital breakouts and escape rooms in the classroom, check this group out. You can find links to breakouts for all ages and get advice for creating your own. This week I even saw a breakout for parents at back-to-school night.

Breakout EDU


2. WeAreTeachers: High School Teachers Helpline

The WeAreTeachers Helpline has been a staple for WeAreTeachers, and it will always be around for general questions and sharing. But you might want to look at one of our other groups, too. For instance, High School Teachers Helpline is available for teachers focusing on the upper grade levels. If you work with teenagers, this is definitely for you.


High School Helpline


3. WeAreTeachers: First Years 

The first years of teaching can be some of the most challenging, and teachers really need some extra support. This is why we created WeAreTeachers First Years. This group is the place to go for anyone new (or just a few years) into teaching. You’ll find plenty of mentors in here, too. Post your question or concern and get quick feedback from others who have been there.

WeAreTeachers 1st Years


4. Teachers Throwing Out Grades

Starr Sackstein has been leading the way toward grade-less teaching for a long time. Her group is filled with meaningful conversations about how and why to do it. If you’re interested in taking a step back from grading, join the conversation in this active group.

Teachers Throwing Out Grades


5. Creative High School English

I’m the moderator for this group. I love to see what creative English teachers around the world post there every day. Teachers inside link up with collaboration partners, share creative resources, and check out trending pedagogies through links to podcasts and articles.

Creative High School English


6. Stem Educator Support Group

No matter what you teach, if you’re interested in incorporating maker spaces and STEM activities into your curriculum, this could be a great group for you. People share maker lab photos, request materials and information about STEM activities, and post ideas others can benefit from.

STEM Educator Support Group


7. Technology Teacher Tribe

While this group is especially for technology teachers, many topics here could apply to a range of classrooms. On a recent visit I saw a discussion of digital citizenship, a post asking for advice on building a huge classroom lego wall, and a conversation about which apps like Remind, Bloomz, Appletree and Seesaw are best.

Technology Teacher Tribe


8. Teach Science Well and Maintain Your Sanity

This is a group of science teachers committed to helping each other and our students succeed in science. This group also maintains a collaborative drive of awesome resources.

Teacher Facebook Groups Science

Try one of these or search FB for a key word and then click on the “groups” tab. Facebook groups are truly a great place to share ideas and find support. You are far from alone on this journey.