56 Free Printable Writing Paper Templates for Elementary School

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Is there any bigger thrill than watching elementary students grow as writers? From their first words and sentences in kindergarten to full-fledged stories and essays by fifth grade, we love the transformation students make. That’s why we’ve put together this printable writing paper template bundle containing 56 FREE writing pages.

You’ll have everything you need to teach all kinds of writing—from informative to narrative to how-to! All you have to do is submit your email here to save and print your bundle now.

You’ll get basic printable writing paper (with scaffolded support for drawing and writing)

Writing template bundle including printable lined paper.


Whether your students can write a little or a lot, we have basic writing templates you can print, copy, and share! These include basic lined writing paper as well as dotted kindergarten writing paper, which is perfect for helping them practice letters and sight words.

You’ll also get specific writing templates to support different types of writing

The bundle includes templates for narrative writing, informative writing, and how-to writing, as well as a friendly letter template.

Narrative Writing Graphic Organizer

Narrative Writing Graphic Organizer.


You’ll love these printable narrative graphic organizers whenever you need to encourage students to find key details as you guide them through the writing process.

Informational Writing Graphic Organizer

Informational Writing Graphic Organizer.


This printout will help students organize information when they work on nonfiction writing.

Hamburger Writing Graphic Organizer Template

Hamburger Writing Graphic Organizer Template.


What makes a good “hamburger”? This template provides a visual tool to help students create a juicy “paragraph hamburger” to help guide them in writing a topic sentence, detail sentences, and a closing sentence.

Opinion Writing Graphic Organizer

Opinion Writing Graphic Organizer.


This great teaching tool helps students better understand topical thoughts and opinions using justifications and thorough examples.

Letter Writing Paper

You’ll get basic writing pages (with scaffolded support for drawing and writing).


With all of the texting we do, we could probably all benefit from using this letter writing paper for sending actual handwritten messages!

You’ll also receive holiday and seasonal pages in our writing template bundle

Get holiday writing templates (with varied space for writing and drawing) for back-to-school, fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, winter, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, spring, and summer.

Free Printable Back-to-School Lined Paper

Free Printable Back-to-School lined paper.


This “Welcome Back!”–themed back-to-school set includes lined paper and multiple picture boxes. It’s great for the first week together in the classroom.

Free Printable Fall Lined Paper

Free Printable Fall Lined Paper.


Encourage students to share their love for fall with this “Hello Autumn!” set that includes lined paper with and without picture boxes.

Free Printable Halloween Lined Paper

Free Printable Halloween Lined Paper.


Use this “Happy Halloween!” set of lined paper for that fun, spooky time of year. Maybe your kids can use the picture boxes for a Halloween contest!

Free Printable Thanksgiving Lined Paper

Free Printable Thanksgiving Lined paper.


The “Happy Thanksgiving!” set is perfect for encouraging students to share all of the things they’re grateful for (bonus points for drawings in the picture boxes!).

Free Printable Winter Lined Paper

Free Printable Winter Lined Paper.


It might be chilly outside but this set of “Hello Winter!” lined paper (with and without picture boxes) will help students welcome the cold season with open arms!

Free Printable Valentine’s Day Lined Paper

Free Printable Valentine's Day Lined Paper.


We L.O.V.E. this “Happy Valentine’s!” printable set. Kids can choose styles with or without picture boxes.

Free Printable St. Patrick’s Day Lined Paper

Free Printable St. Patrick's Day Lined Paper.


You’ll feel lucky to have this “Happy St. Patrick’s!” lined paper in the classroom—it comes with a variety of options.

Free Printable Spring Lined Paper

Free Printable Spring Lined Paper.


How cute are the bees and flowers on this “Hello Spring!” printable lined paper? Choose from plain lined paper or paper with different-size picture boxes.

Free Printable Summer Lined Paper

Free Printable Summer Lined Paper.


The adorable sun on this “Hello Summer!” lined paper (which comes with or without picture boxes) looks as excited as we are about the break!

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