Our Top 20 Back-to-School Classroom Picks From Staples.com

We’re all about the classpacks.

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Collage of classroom supplies

Let me guess … when you think of Staples.com, you think of office supplies (copy paper, desk chairs, that kind of thing). You might be surprised to learn that you can get all kinds of school, classroom, and teacher supplies at Staples.com too. If you’re stocking up or making a wish list for back to school, we recommend these items from Staples.com.

(Note: Prices listed are current as of this writing.)

1. Crayola Classpacks

Crayola classpack


We all know Crayola is the gold standard when it comes to crayons. With this Classpack of 800 crayons, you get 50 of each of the classic 16 colors for $54.99. We’re here for the kids not arguing over the last blue crayon in the classroom. If colored pencils or markers are more your speed, those are also available as Classpacks. There’s even a crayon-marker combo pack! (Plus, right now you can get 30% back in rewards on select bundle packs!)

2. Elmer’s washable glue sticks bundle

Pack of 30 Elmer's glue sticks


You can never have too many of these babies. And for us, it’s disappearing purple or nothing. Grab this bundle of 30 for $10.49. I’ll even solve your missing caps problem. For some projects, only liquid glue will do, and for that, we recommend this massive jug of Elmer’s.

3. Expo dry-erase markers value pack

Pack of 36 Expo dry erase markers


No one likes a dry dry-erase marker. Keep them fresh all year with this pack of 36 assorted colors for $34.99. Bonus: They’re low odor.

4. Post-it Easel Pad Pack

Pack of 4 Post-it easel pads


They’re not just for PD! These sticky sheets are great for class brainstorms, modeling, anchor charts—anything you want to keep on display. In this bundle, you get four pads of 30 sheets for $74.49.

5. 6-pack of Kleenex facial tissues

6-pack of Kleenex facial tissue


Buying in bulk is a great way to save money. Get this 6-pack of Kleenex facial tissues for $17.19 in preparation for cold and flu season.

6. Pilot G-2 retractable gel pens

Pilot G2 pens


If you’re looking for your new favorite teacher pen, here it is. The rich color and fine line are *chef’s kiss.* This pack of 12 for $13.99 is a great deal.

7. X-ACTO electric pencil sharpener

X-ACTO School Pro pencil sharpener


Make quick work of an annoying task with the heavy-duty School Pro sharpener from X-ACTO. It’s $35.99, and we highly suggest you train a few students to use it as their class job. That way, you lower the risk of a jam.

8. Westcott 8-inch scissors

Westcott 8" scissors


We’re not sure what titanium-bonded means, but we know these scissors are durable, comfortable, and precise. For $14.59, you can make them your new teacher scissors (you know, the ones the kids aren’t allowed to touch).

9. Lysol Disinfecting Wipes

3-pack of Lysol disinfecting wipes


You know them and love them. Lysol wipes kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, which is essential in a classroom environment. This pack of three canisters costs $14.99.

10. Purell hand sanitizer dispenser

PURELL hand sanitizer dispenser


Speaking of germs, we wish we could get these dispenser starter kits in every classroom in the country. Staples.com has them for $23.09, and that includes a refill.

11. Sentence strips

Colored sentence strips with text 'The cow jumped over the moon.'


When it comes to multi-usage in the classroom, sentence strips are a real hero. Word walls, sequencing, number lines—they really do the job. We love these super-bright tagboard strips from Pacon for $16.29 (you get 100).

12. A visual timer

Visual timer


An analog, 60-minute visual timer like this one is a great addition to any classroom. It’s a bit of an investment at $40.89, but the no-loud-ticking feature is a game changer. If you want them for individual students or small groups, you can get a pack of five basic timers for about the same price.

13. A teacher planner you can color

Teacher coloring planner


Sometimes the kids just need to color. And sometimes the best thing you can do is join them. This adorable plan book costs $23.99 and includes 13 divider pages that you can color.

14. Reusable dry-erase pockets

Reusable dry erase pockets in various colors


BRB adding these reusable dry-erase pockets to our wish list. They’re super durable and allow you to use the same worksheet over and over. Can you say centers? Five for $20.29.

15. Jumbo foam dice

4 jumbo foam dice in neon colors


How do you use dice in the classroom? We’re so glad you asked. This pack of four comes in bright colors. Get it for $12.49.

16. A fun pointer

Green polkadot finger pointer


If you don’t have a pointer, are you even really a teacher? We love this lime and polka dot pointer from Teacher Created Resources. It’s yours for $10.69.

17. Blank flash cards

Blank flashcards in bright colors


These 3″x9″ flash cards come in a variety of bright colors and are great for practicing basic facts, learning world language vocabulary, and more. Get four packs of 100 for $41.39.

18. A pocket chart file organizer

Blue folder-size pocket chart


We love a good pocket chart, and this one features 10 sturdy pockets for file-size folders. It’s $27.39, and we see it being really useful for a may-do/must-do situation or for centers.

19. Storage caddies

School supplies in colorful storage caddies


In the classroom, quality storage is key. If your students are sharing supplies, we love large colorful caddies like this set of six for $33.99.

20. K-Cup Pods for the teachers lounge

Box of 22 Dunkin K-Cup Pods


Gotta have the coffee! If you’ve got a Keurig in your staff room, this box of 22 pods costs $12.99, and Dunkin’ is usually a crowd-pleaser.

Grab these items and more back-to-school supplies at Staples.com!


Staples.com com has tons of classroom supplies for back to school. We picked our favorites, from sentence strips to class packs of crayons!