5 App-Free Alternatives to Bitmoji for Students

When you can’t download Bitmoji, these options work!

Five separate images of Bitmoji's.

The Bitmoji crazy has taken the country by storm since the pandemic hit and schools were all forced online. Teachers got inventive with Bitmoji classrooms, Bitmoji lockers, and a wealth of other Bitmoji activities including virtual field trips, Flat Stanleys, and more. They’ve started inviting their students to participate and create their own Bitmoji characters, but some teachers are running into a concern … Bitmoji requires you to download an app. 

We took this issue to heart and researched other ways for students to create virtual versions of themselves. Check out our list of app-free alternatives to Bitmoji!


Pixton came up several times in our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE Facebook group as an option. Teachers can set up a class code and send it to students to sign up for an account. While this does require a login, it does not require them to download an app anywhere. The entire program is online and allows students to create custom comic characters. Take it a step further and assign comic book development to your students.


Wimp Yourself

For the Diary of a Wimpy Kid fans, they can quickly create a version of themselves to save an image or print and share! There are options to make their friends and a background as well.

Powerpuff Yourself


This fun website allows students to create a version of themselves, Powerpuff style! Edit skin tone, hair, expression, clothing, accessories, and more. 

Avatar Maker

This is a simple program where students choose their gender as a basic start and then can edit their eyes, face, hair, clothing, and background. Just download and use as needed. 

Doppel Me

Create a quick full-body virtual avatar with this website that allows you to customize hair, expressions, clothing, and background.

Do you have any favorite app-free alternatives to Bitmoji? Share in the comments below!

5 App-Free Alternatives to Bitmoji for Students