A Dictionary Addendum for Teachers

We’ve got some explaining to do.

dictionary addendum for teachers

We’re thinking Old Mr. Webster forgot a few essential teacher terms when he wrote the dictionary. So, we created a dictionary addendum for teachers. If you’re having trouble explaining your teacher life to a non-teacher, go ahead and show them this.

Budget Cuts [buhj-it kuhts]:

An abbreviated way of telling you that you will now be paying $5 for pink slime burgers in the cafeteria (instead of $4) as well as spending an extra 12 hours each week doing fundraising activities.

Budget Creativity [buhj-it kree-ey-tiv-i-tee]:

(As in: We’re getting creative with our budget next year.) An abbreviated way of telling you that you will have 38 students in your class next year.

Coffee Run [kaw-fee ruhn]:

(As in: Hey, I’m going on a coffee run. You want something?) A miraculous event where one of your co-workers managers to find a half hour of free time in the day and decides to use it go to Starbucks, resulting in you getting a much-needed mid-day pick-me-up.

Copier [kop-ee-er]:

A machine in the office that—according to staff lengend—is able to make duplicate copies of papers. But you wouldn’t know. It’s been out of order since you started teaching.

Doughnuts in the Teachers Lounge [doh-nuhts in thuh tee-cher lounj]:

A quick-spreading rumor that often circulates schools mid-morning, but rarely pans out as by the time lunch rolls around, said doughnuts have usually been devoured by the student office aides.

Faculty Restroom [fak-uhl-tee rest room]:

A door in the school hallway that automatically locks and seals during all teacher breaks, resulting in you having to brave the student restroom, wet paper towel wads and all.

Light Breakfast [lahyt brek-fuhst]:

(As in: We’ll be serving a light breakfast at tomorrow’s teacher inservice.) A word that means the principal will pick up a half dozen bagels and a tub of cream cheese on the way to work and therefore, the first six people to arrive at work will be rewarded with a dry bagel before professional development starts.

Summer Vacation [suhm-er vuh-key-shuhn]:

A time of the year when everyone assumes you’re just lying by the pool and sipping a pina colada, and therefore, they can request that you “just do a couple of hours of free tutoring” or “just spend a few days training the new teachers on staff.”


What definitions would you add to our dictionary addendum for teachers? Tell us in the comments!

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