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10 Podcasting Projects Teachers Should Try in the Classroom

If orange is the new black, ​podcasting is the new oral report. And now that teachers have easy access to tools like Garage Band and iPods that make recording a breeze, podcasting is quickly becoming the latest creative mode of learning and presenting in schools.

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10 Video Projects Every Teacher Should Try

Making classroom movies has gotten much easier now that cell phones, tablets and other devices feature video capabilities that are high quality and simple to use. And happily, we’ve found that students love to use video—it’s a format that they understand and that sparks their creativity. Here are ten ideas to try in your classroom today.

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How Much Is Too Much Classroom Technology?

With technology tools in place, there is so much exciting experimentation going on as educators explore the many ways these tools can be used to enhance teaching and learning. But not everyone is a fan.

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 7 Signs Your School Needs a Technology Makeover
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Whiteboard Success Tips
Whether you’ve been using an interactive whiteboard (IWB) for years, or you’ve never turned yours on, ramp up your students’ learning with these easy-to-learn (and teach!) strategies. Kids are naturally drawn to technology, and they’re highly motivated by the idea of using an IWB. Research shows that kids learn best when lessons cater to a variety of learning styles.

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Technology News
Check out the cool font that changes online text for students with dyslexia
A font that is intended to help people with dyslexia better distinguish between each letter by making each letter's form unique is making its way into solutions used in U.S. schools. The Dyslexie font is designed...

zSpace unveils all-in-one virtual reality solution
At ISTE 2015, zSpace Inc. (zspace.com) introduced its all-in-one desktop virtual reality solution for education. zSpace for Education is a streamlined hardware and software solution that allows students to manipulate virtual, 3D objects ranging from human...

Vernier Go Wireless Link helps teachers collect scientific data
Vernier Software & Technology has launched the Go Wireless Link to provide a cost-effective way to wirelessly collect data from more than 40 sensors on tablets and mobile devices in science and STEM classrooms. Using the...

7 of Leslie Fisher’s favorite gadgets for 2015 and beyond
Speaker and self-professed gadget geek Leslie Fisher took to ISTE 2015 to share her favorite futuristic tech tools at her session "Attack of the Gadgets," where she shared everything from drones that follow you to...

IPEVO introduces IW2 wireless interactive whiteboard
IPEVO has launched the IW2, a wireless interactive whiteboard system intended to enhance digital learning methods and that is priced at $169. Using wireless technology, the IW2 transforms flat surfaces into an interactive whiteboard, allowing teachers...

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