Become a Weather Detective—Free Worksheets for Your Weather Unit!

Investigate wild weather, decode weather terms, and more!

Teaching your students about weather is one of the most exciting units! We’ve put together awesome weather worksheets with five different activities. Plus, an additional hands-on water cycle demonstration and observation sheet. Your students will love becoming weather detectives as they dive into these fun activities that include a crossword puzzle, matching game, hands-on lesson, and more. Want to continue the learning at home? We’ve got a family take-home, too!

Weather Worksheets– Become a Weather Detective!

weather worksheets for kids
  • Detect weather trends by recording the weather each day and illustrating it with the daily weather log.
  • Become familiar with weather terms by decoding an awesome crossword.
  • Investigate wild weather by coloring icons and matching types of storms.
weather and climate worksheets weather detective
  • Learn the differences between climate and weather with definitions and a this-or-that activity.
  • Identify climates across the world by shading in a map.

Water Cycle Hands-On Activity and Observation Sheet

weather worksheets and hands-on activity idea
  • Make it hands-on! Demonstrate the water cycle by using simple materials, including a sandwich bag right in your classroom window.
  • Then, use the observation sheet to record the findings.

Severe Weather Plan Family Take-Home Page and Letter

weather family take home sheet
  • Want to continue the learning at home? Send home our family letter along with this printable to make a plan to stay safe from severe weather.

Want More Resources to Teach About Weather?

Become a Weather Detective—Free Worksheets for Your Weather Unit!