8 Companies That Hire Teachers During the Summer

Make the most of the summer with part-time work that pays well and helps sharpen your skills!

8 Companies That Hire Teachers During the Summer

While your non-teacher friends and family think that summer means three months of sleeping late and lazy days—we know the truth. For most of us, summer is about hustling to make up for those lost paychecks or taking advantage of opportunities to sharpen your skills. The good news is you can be flexible with your time and energy over the summer. There are plenty of companies that hire teachers for seasonal work—and most let you set your own hours! We’re getting you started with eight companies you can apply to today so you can start planning a little summer fun around your job(s)!


YMCAs throughout the country offer great summer camp programs for kids of all ages. If you want an active summer to soak up some Vitamin D (a tough feat inside the classroom) then being a camp counselor is a great option. Even if you crave a break from kids, this is more laid back and less rigid than school. Plus, you’ll have fun, stay fit and make money.


Do you have a car? Then you’re hired! The best perk of driving for the ride share app Uber is flexibility—you set your own hours and schedule. It doesn’t matter if you want to be on the road one day a week or 24/7. It’s a great way to make money (you can earn up to $30 per hour during peak times) while still doing all the things that make summer vacation great like sleeping in and traveling!


Summertime means amusement park time! Families are on vacation, tourists are aplenty—and if you live near a Six Flags then take advantage and nab a seasonal job. Operate rides, sell tickets, host special groups—and of course eat all the cotton candy or nab all the roller coaster time you can handle! If there’s not a Six Flags near you, look into local baseball stadiums or concert venues to inquire about selling concessions or tickets.


IRD aids students with reading comprehension and literacy from pre-K through their senior year of high school. A unique part of the program is the way that parents are integrated every step of the way. Now, this job isn’t quite as laid back as other options because you’ll first go through (paid) training. And, once complete, you’ll be asked to teach 10-14 classes over four to five days a week—including weekends— regularly evaluate progress, review curriculum and more.


This is a great gig if you want to teach summer school without the commute. Connections Academy hosts online public schools in a variety of states for grades K-12 teachers. Teaching during their summer session is a great way to keep your lessons plans and curriculum ideas fresh in a virtual classroom you head up from your living room.


From test prep to specific subjects, Varsity Tutors connects students to tutors specialized in the areas that fit their needs. And best of all, the sessions take place online or in the student’s home so you guaranteed to work on the schedule you want. Plus, it’s worth it, as per online reviews, you can expect to earn around $20 per hour.


VIPKID provides an international learning experience to Chinese children. You could provide one-on-one full immersion language and content classes based on the US Common Core State Standards. Best of all, it’s a part-time opportunity—that you can do from home—while feeling great that you’re using your teaching skills to help these children learn English and thrive.


Happy Swimmers is a nationwide private swim lesson provider. They also place lifeguards at events like pool parties. They love hiring teachers because of the patience and compassion they’re sure to show their swim students. And teachers love working for Happy Swimmers because it’s a fun and different way to use their teaching skills—and you get to spend the summer in the water! But, note that there’s strict, non-negotiable requirements including two to three summers already under your belt as a swim instructor, a reliable car and you must be CPR certified.


Lindamood-Bell invites you to “create the magic of learning” as an instructor at one of their learning centers using their research-validated programs to teach reading, spelling, language comprehension, and math to learners of all ages. Teachers describe their experience as a Lindamood-Bell instructor as “incredibly rewarding” and love helping their students “develop skills that truly change their lives.” And they reward loyalty too- offering $500 signing bonuses for returning instructors.


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