16 Red-Hot Volcano Science Experiments and Kits For Classrooms or Science Fairs

Kids will erupt with excitement!

Collage of Volcano Science Experiments

Is there any school science project more classic than the exploding volcano? Every generation of kids loves this explosive (and messy!) experiment, which is usually a take on acid-base reactions. Here are our favorite volcano science experiments and projects, along with some well-reviewed DIY kits that make the process easier.

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1. Classic Baking Soda Volcano Experiment

This classic experiment teaches kids about simple chemical reactions and physical properties. The best part? It’s easy to do and uses only a few basic ingredients. Check out the link below for a step-by-step guide and free printable student recording sheet.

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2. Papier-mâché Volcano Experiment

Papier-mâché model volcano erupting with blue lava

Here it is, the original papier-mâché volcano! The volcano is built around a jar inside that holds the vinegar and baking soda for the eruption itself. Add a little dish soap to make the “lava” foamier and more impressive.


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3. Salt Dough Volcano Experiment

Student pouring vinegar into a salt dough volcano (Volcano Science Experiments)

Salt dough is a little easier to work with than papier-mâché, and you can make your volcano pretty realistic looking. Otherwise, the process is the same, and so is the fun!

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4. National Geographic Ultimate Volcano Kit

National Geographic Volcano Science Kit with volcano mold and chemicals

Make things easier by getting all the supplies you need in a volcano science experiments kit. This one has thousands of positive reviews on Amazon and comes with a volcano mold you can use again and again.

Learn more: National Geographic Ultimate Volcano Kit/Amazon

5. Playdough Volcano Experiment

Model volcano made from blue playdough with white foam erupting (Volcano Science Experiments)

Want a quick version of the volcano experiment? Use playdough to build a volcano around a small beaker, then create the baking soda and vinegar reaction. Fast and fun!

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6. Snow Volcano Experiment

Model volcano built from pile of snow with red lava foam erupting from the top

Volcano science experiments can be messy, there’s no doubt about it. That’s why this snow volcano is so brilliant! Take the mess outside and let nature help with cleanup.

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7. Playz Volcanic Eruption & Lava Lab Science Kit

Playz Volcanic Eruption & Lava Lab Science Kit with safety equipment, plastic model volcanoes, chemicals, and more

This volcano science kit comes with not one but two erupting volcanoes! There are enough supplies for multiple eruptions too.

Learn more: Playz Volcanic Eruption & Lava Lab Science Kit/Amazon

8. Lemon Volcano Science Experiment

8 lemon halves in a white tray with various colors of fizzing foam on top (Volcano Science Experiments)

Lemon juice is full of acid, so this fruit is the perfect material for volcano science experiments. Just add a little dish soap (and food coloring for fun). Then top with baking soda and watch the fizzy eruption! Enjoy this one? Try it with apples too!

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9. Learning Resources Beaker Creatures Bubbling Volcano Kit

Beaker Creatures Volcano Kit with plastic volcano, rubber ball, tablets, and info cards

This kit is perfect for the younger crowd. It includes several different fizzing experiments, including a “reactor pod” that you drop into your volcano to reveal a collectible little Beaker Creature.

Learn more: Learning Resources Beaker Creatures Bubbling Volcano Kit/Amazon

10. Pop Rocks Volcano

Students watch a model volcano erupt (Volcano Science Experiments)

Watch a volcano video and you’ll hear all sorts of popping and cracking sounds. You can recreate that effect in your DIY experiment by adding Pop Rocks candy to make a sound volcano!

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11. Stemclas Volcano Science Kit

Stemclas Volcano Kit with basic volcano model

If you’re looking for a truly basic volcano kit, this is the one. No frills, no extras—just a model volcano and the materials you need to make it erupt.

Learn more: Stemclas Volcano Science Kit/Amazon

12. Rainbow Volcano Experiment

Girl looks on as rainbow colored foam erupts from glass jars (Volcano Science Experiments)

Lava can take on different colors depending on the temperature and chemical composition. So make a rainbow of fizzing “lava” of your own using food coloring!

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13. Underwater Volcano Experiment

Red water forming a cloud in a glass of regular water

Not all volcanos erupt on land—some are found underwater. This experiment uses the different densities of hot and cold water to make the volcano “erupt.”

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14. Fizzing Volcano Lava Slime

Student playing with orange bubbling slime over a cookie sheet

Volcanoes plus slime? It’s every kid’s dream! Mix up some fizzing lava slime that’s much safer to play with than real molten lava! (Make this project even easier by getting all the supplies you need in the Volcano Slime Kit from KiwiCo.)

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15. Look Inside a Volcano Experiment

Volcano model cut in half with bottle for magma chamber and other areas like the crater and central vent labeled

This volcano science experiment digs deeper, laying out items like the magma chamber, crater, and central and secondary vents. The eruption is impressive, and now you can see how happens!

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16. Pumpkin Volcano Experiment

Children watching foam erupt from a pumpkin

When is a pumpkin not a pumpkin? When it’s a volcano! This is an awesome project to take out onto the playground on a sunny fall day.

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