The Best Volcano Videos for Kids

They’ll erupt with excitement!

volcano crater erupting on Vanuau

Earth science doesn’t have to be a dry subject. Take volcanoes—they’re exciting, powerful, dangerous, and all in all pretty fascinating to kids. We put together a playlist of the best volcano videos for kids for maximum fun and science learning. Check them out!

Volcanoes for Kids

This is a great little introduction to the three different types of volcanoes: cinder cone, composite, and shield.

What is a Volcano?

Twig Education takes on this most essential of questions as you begin your exploration of volcanoes.


Volcano Eruptions

Fifteen hundred active volcanoes on Earth?! Yep—you heard that right! This video with kid hosts Amanda and Keith is one of several short, informative volcano videos from National Geographic Kids.

All About Volcanoes: How They Form, Eruptions & More!


SciShow Kids is always good for science content. In this video, Jessi and Squeaks explore nature’s way of letting off a little steam.

Bill Nye The Science Guy: Volcanoes

Introduce a new generation to the ’90s’ favorite scientist! Join Bill Nye as he takes on the hot-hot-hot world of volcanoes. You can also find out what he has to say about plate tectonics.

Volcanoes 101

This intro to volcanoes from National Geographic is five minutes long and great for older students. They’ll be interested in the VEI (Volcanic Explosivity Index).

Volcano Eruption Explained

Don’t let the animation throw you off. This offering from TED-Ed is an in-depth explanation of how volcanoes form and what causes their eruptions.

How to Volcanoes Erupt

Leave it to the StoryBots to come up with a catchy song to explain how a volcano erupts. Your students will be singing, “Hot lava fondue.”

Earthquakes & Volcanoes

This is a great illustration of volcanic eruption. Plus, there’s some bonus content about a related phenomenon—the earthquake.

The Ring of Fire

This episode of Twinkle Trails takes us to Hawaii, where we learn about the layers of the Earth and the what and why behind this special area prone to major geological events.

Hawaii: Volcanoes

We love the Are We There Yet? series from Travel Kids! In this episode, Rosie and Julian meet up with a volcano expert to learn about Kilauea and Mauna Loa. Watch as they get a sample of the lava for an experiment!

Nature Cat: Tally Ho! A Volcano!

Hooray for PBS Kids! In this episode, Nature Cat and friends form the Amateur Volcanologist Club. It’s good fun peppered with solid information.


Calling all Moana fans! You’re going to love this geological love story from Pixar inspired by a real underwater volcano off the coast of the Big Island.

Volcano Challenge!

This round-up wouldn’t be complete without a tutorial for the classic baking soda and vinegar volcano. We like this one from the Arizona Science Center.

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The Best Volcano Videos for Kids