17 Fun Virtual Teacher Backgrounds for Online Teaching

It’s easy to protect your privacy and have a little fun, too.

Four separate images of teacher backgrounds including a library, classroom, and lemonade stand.

Whether you’ve been teaching online for years or venturing into it for the first time, you’re probably looking for ways to capture your students’ attention. Virtual teacher backgrounds can give you a boost, and also help to protect your privacy at home. Check out this list of eye-catching designs that you can change depending on your mood or the subject you’re teaching! (Note: Links to instructions for changing your backgrounds are at the bottom of the article!)

1. Welcome Back to School!

Set the tone with this sweet, welcoming background.

2. World’s Best Teacher

We love these backgrounds created by the team at WeAreTeachers. (Click for more!)


3. At The Virtual Chalkboard

Recreate that classroom feel from anywhere!

4. From Outer Space


Teaching astronomy? Make your lessons out of this world!

5. From the Library

We can’t get enough of our books!

6. From the Studios of Pixar

Lift your spirits UP!

7. When Life Gives You Lemons…

Make lemonade!

8. Turtle Power!

Your students will think you’re turtle-y awesome with this zoom background! Especially fun for oceanography units.

9. Wonderful Watercolors

There’s something so calming about pastels. 

10. Let’s Get Started!

Greet the day in a colorful way!

11. Feeling Froggy

Can you find a cuter teaching assistant than this?

12. Under the Sea

You might find Nemo and a lot more!

13. One Plus One

Equals a pretty cute math zoom background for teachers!

14. Get Jurassic

Modern technology gets a prehistoric makeover.

15. In the Lab

Experiment with your science lessons.

16. Welcome to the Jungle

What could be lurking in the shadows?

17. Head to Hogwarts

Perfect for Harry Potter fans!

How to Change Your Background

The instructions change depending on the online video platform you’re using. Here are links to instructions for some of the more popular platforms:

Once you’ve figured it out the first time, you’ll be changing backgrounds like a pro! 

We’d love to see your virtual teacher backgrounds! Come share your photos in our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Facebook. 

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17 Fun Virtual Teacher Backgrounds for Online Teaching