Video Projects Just Got a Whole Lot Easier With This Free Toolkit

Storyboard, shot list, and more!

Examples of video project toolkit templates on blue background

Video projects are a great way to bring creativity, collaboration, and deeper learning into your classroom, no matter what grade level or subject you teach. To help you and your students get started, we’ve put together this collection of pre-production tools with our friends at WeVideo. Our video project toolkit has all the printables your students need to complete their projects.

What’s included?

When you download, you’ll get four templates:

  • Planning My Video
  • Creating My Storyboard
  • Planning My Shot List
  • Writing My Script

How do I use the toolkit?

You can do a video project on just about anything! (Check out ideas for video projects here.) Allow students to self-select groups, or assign them yourself. Have them start with the planning sheet. They’ll need to figure out the who, what, and where for their video.

Example of Planning My Video template on blue background

From there, they can begin to sketch out a storyboard (basically, this is a graphic organizer for planning the narrative). Finally, they can move into creating a shot list (a detailed list of every shot that needs to be captured during video production) and script writing (copy this template as many times as needed!).

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