20 Fun Valentine’s Day Crafts Preschoolers Will Love

We heart crafting!

Examples of Valentine's Day crafts for preschoolers, including building towers with blocks and candy hearts and making heart patterns with buttons.

Oh the nostalgia associated with Valentine’s Day in school. The handmade valentines, the decorated bags, the classroom parties! Preschoolers are the perfect age to enjoy this sweet holiday, and what better way to do that than with fun activities and crafts? Pair a cute Valentine’s craft with a lesson on science, math, or reading. Many of the projects we’ve included in our list work on gross motor skills since students will be challenged with grasping small objects, cutting along different shape lines, and stringing yarn between two holes. Check out our list of the best Valentine’s Day crafts for preschoolers!

1. Count with love

A pink heart has 10 red, pink, and white pom poms glued on it and it says 10 in the center (Valentine's Day Crafts for Preschoolers)

We love how simple this math center/craft is to set up since all you’ll need are foam hearts, some red, pink, and white pom-poms, and a Sharpie. Put numbers on the hearts and lay them out on a table. Then have students place the right number of pom-poms on each heart.

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2. Grow a heart tree

A picture says My love for you keeps growing and growing. A tree is shown with cut out hearts in the place of leaves (Valentine's Day Crafts for Preschoolers)

Download the free printable, cut some hearts from card stock, then let your little ones get to work coloring and gluing.

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3. Create something scary-cute


A Monster is created from a pink heart and other stickers, pom poms, and glitter. (Valentine's Day Crafts for Preschoolers)

We particularly like Valentine’s Day crafts for preschoolers that can be assembled from all the odds and ends you have in your art drawer. Give your little monsters access to a variety of materials (and a handy glue stick) then watch the fun begin!

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4. Bee excited about spelling

A bee is made from cardstock. It has a pink heart on it that says Bee Mine. The name Katie is spelled out across the bee's body (Valentine's Day Crafts for Preschoolers)

These bees would be the perfect thing to decorate students’ Valentine’s Day bags. We love Valentine’s Day crafts for preschoolers that are not only cute but also let little ones practice spelling their names.

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5. String together something pretty

Three pink and red paper plates are shown with hole punches in the shape of hearts on them. They have yarn strung between the holes.

If you’re looking to save time, punch holes in red and pink paper plates in the shape of hearts, since that might prove challenging for preschoolers. Have plenty of yarn on hand so tiny hands can practice motor skills as they “sew” their masterpieces.

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6. Wear your heart on your head

A piece of paper is shaped into a headband with heart stickers all over it. Pipe cleaners are made to look like antennas.

Equally affordable and easy to prep, this cute headband would make for a fun craft during a Valentine’s Day party. Cut poster board into strips, then staple them to fit your students’ heads. Finally, let kids decorate them with foam heart stickers and pipe cleaners.

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7. Filter the light with hearts

white, purple, pink, and red hearts are hanging from strings in front of a window. There are holes punched in the hearts (Valentine's Day Crafts for Preschoolers)

Have your students help create decorations for your classroom with this cute light-filtering craft. We especially love that using hole punchers builds hand strength for your little artists. Be sure to include a hole at the top of the heart to string the ribbon through, then hang them from the ceiling with painter’s tape.

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8. Create and solve a name puzzle

A pink heart is broken into 5 pieces to form a puzzle that spells Sammy (Valentine's Day Crafts for Preschoolers)

This craft is so simple but teaches letter recognition, spelling, and cutting. First, cut hearts out of construction paper. Then write your students’ names on them and draw curvy and zigzag lines between the letters. Finally, have your students cut their puzzles then try to reassemble them!

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9. Make a sponge stamp

A hand is shown covered in red and purple paint and is holding a sponge that has been cut into a heart shape to make a stamp.

This is a messy one so be sure to have some plastic tablecloths and maybe an extra pair of grown-up hands on deck. Draw a heart on your sponge, cut it out, and then let your students dip them in paint and create valentines for their loved ones!

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10. Practice shapes with candy

Hexagon is written across the top of a mat and a hexagon shape is shown surrounded by pink and red lines. Valentine's Day hershey kisses are shown lining the shape. (Valentine's Day Crafts for Preschoolers)

This activity is perfect for teaching kids all different shapes in a really fun way. Be sure to check for allergies before using Hershey’s Kisses in the classroom!

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11. Make a name heart

Hands are shown holding a heart made from a purple pipe cleaner. It has beads on it and some of them spell Mary (Valentine's Day Crafts for Preschoolers)

Valentine’s Day crafts for preschoolers that work on both fine motor skills and spelling are winners in our book! We love that prep and supplies are minimal since all you will need are some pipe cleaners and beads.

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12. Practice sorting

Heart shape containers are shown with different heart shaped beads sorted into them.

You’ll need a good mix of red, pink, and white beads as well as some cute heart-shaped containers (there are lots of options on Amazon). Have your littles sort by color or size or even both. Finally, add some plastic tweezers so that students will really be challenged to fine-tune their gross motor skills.

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13. Wear finger props for a Valentine’s Day–themed story time

A little boy is shown with "puppets" on his fingers that are made from twisted pipe cleaners and foam hearts with faces drawn on them.

Have your students create these simple heart finger puppets, then have them count along as you read a Valentine’s Day counting book or two.

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14. Build a tower of conversation hearts

White blocks are shown stacked with a heart on top that has conversation heart candies piled onto it.

This is a fun STEM activity for preschoolers for Valentine’s Day. You can use unifix cubes or any type of stacking block for the base, or even just have kids see how high they can stack conversation hearts. Be sure to have extra candy on hand since little mouths will be sure to steal a few!

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15. Tell time with a Valentine’s Day clock

A clock is made from a Valentine's Day paper plate with little hearts representing each number (Valentine's Day Crafts for kids)

Begin teaching your students to tell time while also having fun making this Valentine’s Day clock. You’ll need paper plates, heart shapes, heavy paper or foam, paper fasteners, and, of course, some glue and markers!

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16. Create a cuddly teddy

A Teddy bear face is made from a paper plate with googly eyes and the ears are made from hearts (Valentine's Day Crafts for Preschoolers)

Your students will enjoy creating this cuddly bear from a painted paper plate, hearts for ears, and other materials. Finally, have them write “I Love You Bear-y Much!” on the back.

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17. Open your arms for a hug

A cardboard heart has a smiley face and googly eyes on it. The arms are made from folded construction paper.

Begin by having your students paint a large cardboard heart for the body and two smaller hearts for the hands. Next, have them fold the strips of construction paper for the arms. Finally, glue everything together, and you’ll have this adorable paper hug craft!

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18. Practice patterns

Different shape lines are shown on a heart. Buttons and beads are lining the shapes.

These pattern cards can be reusable or can be turned into a more permanent craft by using glue to hold down the pom-poms, beads, string, or buttons. Have your students create patterns (red, red, white, red, red, white) while working on gross motor skills.

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19. Map out your heart

A heart drawn onto a paper is divided into sections with different drawings of things on them like people and buildings.

Some Valentine’s Day crafts for preschoolers really speak to the heart, and this is one of them! This project is so simple yet really gets kids thinking about what means the most to them as they draw a map of their heart that includes the things they love most.

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20. Bring a touch of nature to your valentine

The top of the image shows hearts painted on rocks. The bottom image shows hearts constructed of pine cones and sticks. (Valentine's Day Crafts for Preschoolers)

This project works equally well as a science or art lesson. Gather up the kids, grab the winter coats, then head out for a nature walk to collect supplies. Have fun seeing what your students come up with!

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