30 of the Best Ugly Holiday Sweaters for Teachers

For your holiday staff party and beyond.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Teachers

Remember those ugly holiday sweaters your grandma used to buy you back in the ’80s? Well, they’re back, and this time they’re trendy! Folks are wearing ugly sweaters proudly these days, and the tackier the better.

To help you get ready for ugly sweater day, we’ve rounded up some of the best options you can buy online. We even threw in a few sweatshirts and T-shirts for those of you who don’t do sweaters. Enjoy!

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1. Deck the School Halls

Christmas sweater that says "Deck the School Halls"

Don we now our teacher apparel! Stay cozy and show off your love of all things teaching with this ugly sweater.

Get it: Deck the Halls Ugly Sweater

2. Support the Force

Christmas sweater with a star wars android character.

It’s a nod to your nerdiness and your love for Star Wars. Wear it proudly. (They have Darth Vader, too.)


Get it: Star Wars R2D2 Holiday Sweater

3. We Wish You a Moo-ry Christmas

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Teachers Cow Amazon

Your little ones know that even barnyard animals love the holidays! This silly sweater will crack them up.

Get it: Blizzard Bay Cow in a Sweater

4. Walking in a Kinder Wonderland

Christmas shirt that says Walking in a Kinder Wonderland

School bells ring. Are you listening? This tee is great for busy teachers who don’t need a sweater to stay warm.

Get it: Walking in a Kinder Wonderland T-Shirt

5. Rockin’ Around the Pizza Tree

Christmas sweater with a slice of pizza lit up with Christmas lights like a tree.

Later we’ll have some pizza pie, and we’ll do some caroling! This sweatshirt comes in a variety of colors and won’t break the bank.

Get it: Tstars Ugly Christmas Sweater Pizza Tree Sweatshirt

6. You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grouch.

Ugly Sweaters Teachers Grouch Amazon

Surely Oscar the Grouch and the Grinch are friends, no? Wee ones will get a kick out of seeing a Sesame Street character “celebrating” the holidays.

Get it: Sesame Street Bah Humbug Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

7. Grandma Got Run over by a Dinosaur

Christmas sweater with Santa riding a dinosaur.

You can say there’s no such thing as dinosaurs these days, but Santa—and Grandpa—know better! This sweater comes in a variety of styles, too.

Get it: Blizzard Bay Ugly Christmas Sweater, Santa on a Dinosaur

8. I’ll Be Home for Bookmas

Ugly Sweaters Teachers Bookmas Amazon

Did you know that in Iceland folks give each other books on Christmas Eve and then spend the rest of the evening drinking hot cocoa and reading? This is the perfect shirt for such an occasion. (Get a list of our favorite holiday books for your classroom.)

Get it: Merry Bookmas Ugly Sweater Shirt

9. All I Want for Christmas Is Tacos

Christmas sweater with tacos wrapped in bows.

All I want this holiday season is for every day to be Taco Tuesday. Is that too much to ask? OK, fine, I’ll settle for this ugly sweater instead.

Get it: Blizzard Bay Ugly Sweater with Tacos

10. Santa Claus Is Coming to Hogwarts

Christmas sweater with a Hogwarts silhouette.

Accio holiday spirit! Dazzle your kids with holiday magic when you cry “Lumos” and magically make the candles on this ugly sweater light up (well, you’ll have to push the hidden button, but that’s pretty much the same thing).

Get it: Harry Potter Light-up Ugly Christmas Sweater

11. Doo, Doo, Doo

Christmas sweater with a shark graphic and the words "Baby shark doo doo doo"

Yes, the “Baby Shark” song has spread all over the world, and there’s an ugly sweater version to show your love. You can choose from multiple colors.

Get it: Baby Shark Doo Doo Christmas Sweatshirt

12. Llama Love

Christmas sweater with a llama graphic.

Llamas are very in right now, and you can show your love for them through an ugly sweater. There are a few great options to choose from, including the one pictured above.

Get it: Llama Themes Ugly Christmas Sweater

13. Show Some Bird Love

Christmas sweater with an owl and a green christmas sweater with a rooster.

How do you choose between a chicken and an owl? They’re both great options and offered by the same company on Amazon.

Get it: Bird Themes Ugly Christmas Sweater

14. Starry Silent Night

Christmas shirt with Starry Night graphic.

Van Gogh tell it on the mountain—this ugly-sweater T-shirt is perfect for art teachers and anyone who loves impressionist works.

Get it: Starry Night Ugly Christmas T-Shirt

15. Have Yourself a Math-y Little Christmas

Christmas sweater with a bar graph.

An ugly-sweater sweatshirt that actually teaches math? Count us in! Tally up the number of times “fa” and “la” appear in “Deck the Halls,” and you’ll see that this shirt is right on the money.

Get it: Fa La Graph Ugly Christmas Sweater Sweatshirt

16. Teach-y the Snowman

Ugly Sweaters Teachers Snowman

Be the jolliest, happiest soul in your classroom with this most adorable of ugly sweaters. You can wear this one all winter long.

Get it: Ugly Christmas Sweater Snowman

17. Two for One

Christmas sweater for two people to share.

Grab your teacher BFF and don this hilarious ugly sweater for two. This is a sure bet to win an ugly sweater contest.

Get it: Holiday Time Double Ugly Sweater

18. Rocket Sleigh Ride

Christmas shirt with the graphic NASA with the word "Santa"

Of course NASA must be involved in helping Santa deliver presents to the entire world in just one night, right? He’s gotta have rocket boosters on his sleigh.

Get it: Santanaut T-Shirt

19. Mele Kalikimaka

Ugly Sweaters Mele Kalikimaka Amazon

It’s the thing to say on Christmas Day when you’re in Hawaii! Not in Hawaii? Well, at least you’ll be cozy in this ugly-sweater sweatshirt.

Get it: Mele Kalikimaka Sweatshirt

20. Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Teacher

Christmas sweater with the body of a Reindeer and a hood with horns.

You’ll go down in history as the best teacher ever when you show up in this ugly sweater! (For bonus points, get one of those light-up red noses to wear, too.)

Get it: Hooded Reindeer Ugly Sweater

21. Feliz Navi-dog

Christmas sweater with a pug and the phrase "Feliz Navi-dog"

Stop the search for an ugly sweater, Spanish teachers. We’ve found the only one you’ll need. ¡Y prospero año nuevo!

Get it: Feliz Navi-Dog Ugly Sweater

22. Here Comes Santa Floss

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Here comes Santa Floss Amazon

Are your kids still doing this dance move? They’ll be thrilled to find out Santa does it, too.

Get it: Santa Floss Long-Sleeve Tee

23. It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Science

Christmas shirt with scientific element graphics.

Chestnuts roasting over a Bunsen burner. The holidays have arrived in the science lab! (We’d love to see a tree decorated with strands of sparkly DNA, so get on it, science teachers.)

Get it: Science Christmas Tee

24. We Are Santa’s Elves

Christmas vest with the body of an elf.

Throw this ugly sweater-vest on over a dress shirt or tee, and you’re an elf! Forget grading papers. You’ve got toys to make.

Get it: Elf Vest Ugly Sweater

25. Wonderful X-Mas Time

Ugly Sweaters Teachers Math Amazon

This may be the most complicated of the ugly sweaters, but solve for “X,” and you’ll get a festive message!

Get it: teespring Math Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

26. Santa Buddy

Christmas sweater with the phrase "I just like to smile. Smiling's my favorite!"

If Buddy the Elf can’t make you smile, who can? This ugly sweater pays homage to everyone’s favorite elf—sorry, human raised by elves.

Get it: Elf Ugly Christmas Sweater

27. O Catch All Ye Pokemon

Christmas sweater with Pikachu wearing a beanie and a scarf.

Your class is sure to catch the holiday spirit when Pikachu shows up on your ugly sweater. (Just be on the lookout for flying Pokeballs.)

Get it: Pokemon Ugly Christmas Sweater

28. Go Caroling With Cactus

Christmas sweater with a cactus lit up with Christmas lights.

Why yes, this is a light-up cactus sweater. You can find a few southwestern-themed options from this seller. It’s a simple yet refreshing way to show you’re in the holiday spirit.

Get it: Southwestern Themed Ugly Christmas Sweater

29. Error of the Bells

Christmas sweater with the phrase "Error 404. Christmas sweater not found."

Computer teachers and their students will get a laugh out of this one, which riffs on the 404 File Not Found error message.

Get it: Computer Error Ugly Sweatshirt

30. Oh Chemistree, Oh Chemistree

Ugly Sweaters Teachers Chemistree Amazon

How lovely are thy elements! This pun will make any science teacher snicker, and while your students may roll their eyes, they’ll secretly enjoy it, too.

Get it: Oh Chemistry Sweatshirt

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30 of the Best Ugly Holiday Sweaters for Teachers