Have you ever just … had a day? Honestly, what teacher hasn’t? After all, the best part of teaching little humans is all the opportunities you have to laugh at yourself. Thank you to these humble Instagram teachers who put themselves out there with these totally relatable teacher fails!


1. Adorable sample, gone wrong.


2. Wait, what?


3.  All you can do when you get less than stellar feedback …


4.  Umm, Miss Graham?


5. It’s a random puzzle generator, I swear!


6. Aw, snap!


7. An honest gardening lesson.


8. Make a cozy reading nook, they say. It’ll help them focus, they say. 

Would you be surprised if I told you this has happened more times than I can count?

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9. Guided drawing lesson gone terribly wrong.


10. Huh? 


11. Don’t even ask. 


12. See #7.


13. ALL day.


14. Most important teacher quality: flexibility.


15. Well, it sounded like a good idea.


16. K is for…key?


17. Kid chair/adult bottom.


18. I can’t give you that definition.


19. Never teach fifth graders with a curling iron burn on your neck.


20. Oh my, we’ll just focus on the correct use of the macaroni apostrophes. 

And then there's this…#fail #teachersofinstagram #iteachsecond #iteachtoo #secondgrade #teacherfail #whathappenedhere #dontteaseme

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21. Sleep deprivation sticker fail.

When an A+ sticker reads "Mom" instead of "Wow." Is it Friday yet? #teacherfail #babybrain

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22. So THIS is why teachers use so much paper!


23. Turn your back for one minute at math time. 


24. Stay focused.


25. WHY, for the love of Pete, is it so fun to jack with the teacher’s whiteboard?

Never turn your back on ninth graders and a whiteboard. #teacherfail #plottestnotpottest

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26. So I’m not an artist, sue me!

This is why I am not an illustrator of Children's literature! Lol #teacherfail #notanartist #ineedhelp @p_jean_t

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27. Now that’s just embarrassing. 

Here’s to the teacher fails! May we all laugh at them and love the job more for them.