Let Students Walk on the Wild Side With This Tiger Lesson and Trivia Game

The world’s largest cats are beautiful, powerful, and exciting.

Image of Tiger Lesson and Trivia Game

Tigers are awesome. The world’s largest cats are beautiful, powerful, and exciting. Sadly, they’re also endangered. Losing wild tigers to extinction would be terrible enough, but it would also cause more problems than most of us even realize. Tigers’ roaming and hunting patterns keep their habitats healthy, allowing other animals and their environment to thrive. And the plants and animals aren’t alone. People need tigers, too!

This tiger lesson and game download provides you with everything you need to teach an amazing lesson on wild tigers. Your students will learn about the important role they play in preserving biodiversity. Additionally, they’ll discover why tigers are endangered and what they can do locally to help protect these beautiful, important animals.

Let’s take a closer look at the lesson.

Learning all about tigers

Image of WWF Tiger Tool KitThe download includes the classroom presentation from World Wildlife Fund’s Wild Classroom Tiger Toolkit. You can print it out for your students or share it with them online. World Wildlife Fund’s Wild Classroom created the presentation and it includes everything your students will need to know for the lesson. A student worksheet guides students through the activity, showing them exactly what information to search for and where to write it down. It’s a great way to introduce research and note-taking skills to your elementary school students.

A fun way to make the learning last

After your students have learned all about tigers and how important they are, you can test their knowledge with “A Tiger’s Tale: A Biodiversity Trivia Game.” This Google Slides game asks your students to use their knowledge about tigers and biodiversity to help a wild tiger navigate through its home range. Play it with your entire class or let students play at their own pace!


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