Free Printable: Scientific Thinking Bookmarks

Think of them as little helpers!

These Sense-Making Bookmarks Are Perfect for Science Notebooks

Science is all about making sense of phenomena. But for many students, talking and writing about science is new. That’s why we created these sense-making bookmarks. We think they make the perfect placeholders/helpers for your students’ science notebooks.

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What’s included?

When you download this set, you’ll get three different bookmarks:

  • My Responsibilities: a set of norms for your science classroom.
  • Sentence frames: sentence starters to help your students write and reflect in their science notebooks.
  • Discussions starters: questions for responding to other ideas.

There are also three different styles of bookmarks. Choose from color, black and white, and illustrated!

Sense-making bookmarks on a great background with a science notebook

How can I use them?

We love these sense-making bookmarks for holding students’ places in their science notebooks but also for giving them a resource when they’re stuck (kind of like a reading-strategies bookmark!). These are great for when students need reminders about how they’re expected to participate in science, how to explain their thinking, or how to engage in discussions about science.

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