17 Inspirational Third Grade Classroom Ideas

Real-life third grade classrooms!

Collage of inspirational third grade classroom ideas

Third graders are an interesting bunch—they’re not little kids anymore, but they’re still learning so much about the world around them. Support your the learning happening in your classroom with an environment that is warm and welcoming. We’ve created this list of inspirational third grade classroom ideas to spark your imagination!

1. Turn readers into leaders

Colorful library area in classroom with eyeglass design on wall and shelving

This incredible library area reminds kids of how books can change their lives.

Source: @sweetandpetiteteacher

2. Have a growth mindset

Beige couch in classroom with growth mindset lightbulb on dark wall

Encourage kids to push past their limits and reach higher every single day.

Source: @myclassbloom

3. Be organized, have priorities


Door in third grade classroom with colorful Crayon decorations

The right decor can help kids know how to find what they need, whether it’s math supplies or quick reminders to work hard and show kindness.

Source: @mswhiteinthird


4. Let’s talk about math

Beige classroom wall with #mathtalk bubbles and pineapples hanging

These fun prompts help students find their words when tackling tough topics.

Source: @teachingwithteal

5. It’s in the pocket

Googly eyes and organizers hang on grey classroom wall

Clear, reusable pockets make it simple to swap out topics and keep things fresh.

Source: @gracefully.learning

6. The cozy and colorful library

Teal and pink boas hang on white classroom wall with black organizer and colorful lamp

Plush pillows, a warm rug, and fun lighting make this a cool little library.

Source: @mrsbinthree

7. It’s okay to brag (sometimes)!

Green classroom wall with hanging best class ever sign and cactus designs

Show some pride and let them know how you feel about your third-grade classroom!

Source: @lovinlifein3rd

8. Put English and Math in the corner

Classroom corner with bulletin boards for English and math with chair and panda bear

Connecting your reading and math anchor charts in a single, fun corner can be a great option for smaller classrooms.

Source: @thethinkingteacherstoolbox

9. Sometimes less is more

Large minimalist classroom with teal accents, blue chairs and whiteboard

Look at this bright, clean classroom! Also, did you notice what this teacher did with the clock?

Source: @schoolandthecity

10. Gather and grow together

Blue rug with colorful polka dots in classroom with white walls and organizer

Create a gathering spot as the heart of your classroom.

Source: @learn.grow.blossom

11. Small investments, big changes

Black and white striped carpet in classroom with white organizer and red sitting cushion

Bargain hunting can pay off when you know how to combine the right items.

Source: @hoorayfor_3rdgrade

12. Huddle around the campfire

Tree stumps with fake campfire around the blackboard in a classroom

You can’t build a real campfire in your classroom, of course, but you can recreate some of its charm—and warmth! Plus check out our other ways to include a campfire theme.

Source: @diving.into.deaf.ed

13. The power of positivity

Black classroom door decorated with rainbow colors and student names

Help students remember that their actions and attitudes can impact someone else’s day.

Source: @bekind.classroom

14. Make reading irresistible

Bookshelf with colorful bins and a READ sign in lights on top

Who wouldn’t want to stand in front of this gorgeous library for hours?

Source: @beginathome

15. Simple seating for all

Blue carpet and pink folding chair in school library with big windows

Add some cushions to overturned milk crates to a folding chair and you’ve got more seating options without breaking the bank! Plus other flexible seating options.

Source: @coffeeandcollabs

16. Clever and cheesy for the win!Brown classroom organizer with clear bins and two green paper flowers

Remind kids that “sticking together” has more than one meaning!

Source: @tealhairedteacher

17. Create a focal point

Colorful rainbow carpet and desks in a third grade classroom

By framing the whiteboard, it will help draw your students’ attention!

Source: @coreylouisefried

Plus check out the ultimate checklist for setting up your third grade classroom.

If these ideas inspired you, join our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group and come talk with the very teachers who suggested them!

20 Inspirational Third Grade Classroom Ideas