13 Things Teachers Think About Before Bed

But I just want to go to sleep!

What's Preventing Teacher Sleep?

Every night, we turn out the light and collapse into bed after a hard day of teaching. We hope for a night where our mind is in complete communication with our body and it gets the memo to fall asleep promptly when our head hits the pillow. But more often than not, teacher sleep is hard to come by.

Here are a few of the things that seem to always steal my thoughts right before bed each night:

1. Playing it cool

I wonder if anyone noticed I was holding those papers in front of my pants the whole class because my fly was down.

What's Stopping Teacher Sleep?


2. Stop talking

Why did I tell that weird story to my superintendent?


What's Stopping Teacher Sleep?


3. That never-ending to-do list

Sarah and Stephanie won’t stop talking to each other. I need to remember to move their seats tomorrow. This seating chart won’t work. Who am I kidding? I will not remember this. [Opens notes app and adds to growing to-do list.]



4. Thinking outside the box

I wonder if I should rap for my students earlier in the year so that they can see how cool I am.

Taylor Swift Rap GIF


5. Learning a new task

I should learn a new rap.

Learning to Rap GIF


6. Time to wake up!

I do not feel ready for tomorrow. I should go in early. [Sets alarm for 4 a.m.]

Wake Up GIF


7. Classroom yoga

Maybe I should do some yoga in the classroom. Maybe THAT will bring the zen to these kids.

Cat Yoga GIF


8. Break time over

How long can I stay in Savasana before it seems like I am napping on the job?

Break Time GIF


9. Genius new ideas

Maybe I’ll talk to Jack one-on-one again tomorrow about his behavior and see if that does the trick.

Understanding GIF


10. Maybe this will work

Should I just call home? Yes, I need to call home. [Adds another item to list.]



11. Donuts anyone?

Uh oh, I signed up to bring something for this month’s carry-in, looks like i’ll be stopping for some gas-station donuts tomorrow.

Donuts GIF


12. A special thank you

I should write Liza a note and tell her how awesome it is having her in my room. I feel like she is the Ann Perkins to my Leslie Knope in the co-teaching world.

Parks and Rec GIF


13. Let it go

How long will they remember I said farticiple instead of participle?

Late Night GIF

And once you do go to sleep, let’s hope you don’t have one of these nightmares. ?

What’s stopping your teacher sleep? We’d love to hear in the comments.