High School

10 Truths About Teaching High School as Told by “This Is Us”

Your slang is on point.

10 Truths About Teaching High School as Told by This Is Us

Just like the show we love so much, teaching high school can be so amazingly awesome, so rewarding, so fun. It can also make us cry and want to scream into our pillows at night. But mostly awesome and fun. See if these GIFs from This Is Us seem familiar when it comes to teaching high school.

1. The students don’t like waking up in the morning any more than you do.

Tired Teacher GIF

“Yeah, I don’t want to be here at 7:30 a.m. either, but I’m here. I’ve got coffee. Let’s do this.”


2. Whether you like it or not, they’ll teach you the latest songs, styles and slang.

Slang GIF

“So I’m lit. But in the good way? Not the other, inappropriate-for-school way, right?”


3. The grading. You will never get used to all the grading.


No Life GIF

“How do I have another entire class worth of essays to grade? I thought I was done!”


4. You will lie awake at night wondering what else you can do to help your students succeed.

Push Up GIF

“Maybe if I stay after school and tutor him on Tuesdays, then I could meet with her in the morning on Thursdays … AH! GO TO SLEEP!”


5. And when they succeed, you’ll feel so proud of them you could burst.

Thumbs Up GIF

“This is why I became a teacher! If I could bottle this feeling and sell it to other teachers, I’d be a billionaire!”


6. You’ll never get used to how it feels when they let you down.

Let You Down GIF

“Watching you make these bad decisions is the hardest part of my job.”


7. Your teacher friends will become your second family.

Second Family GIF

“You know you’re never allowed to stop working here, right?”


8. You’ll see more underage PDA than you ever thought possible.


“Oh, good grief! You have study hall together next period! Get to class!”


9. At some point, the stress might make you consider leaving.

“No one told me it was going to be this hard.”

10. In the end, the students will always remind you why you can’t do anything else.

“I may only have 15 minutes for lunch, but I have the best job in the world!”

So here’s to you, high school teachers! You guys are lit! … In the good way, not the school-inappropriate way.