36 Heartfelt Thanksgiving Gifts for Teachers To Show Your Appreciation

So many ways to say thank you!

single pie slice boxes and turkey gift
We Are Teachers; Crafting Cheerfully; Pinterest

Thanksgiving is coming up—the season of turkeys, cornucopias, and gratitude. While Thanksgiving gifts for teachers are not expected, you may want to show a teacher friend or your child’s teacher how thankful you are for them with a gift. Whether you’re a room parent, parent, or fellow teacher looking for ideas, here are 36 ways to say thank you this season.

1. Pumpkin pie card holder

gift card holder in shape of pumpkin pie for thanksgiving teacher's gift

Put a coffee, grocery, or movie card into this pumpkin pie card holder and we bet the card holder ends up on display on a fridge somewhere. So adorable!

Buy it: Pumpkin pie card holder downloadable at Etsy

2. Thank-you card

thank you card stationary

Thank-you cards, handwritten by you or your child, are underrated. All teachers love a note of thanks especially when it’s in a beautiful note card.

Buy it: Thanksgiving card at Etsy

3. Thanksgiving candle

Thanksgiving themed and scented candle  as example of Thanksgiving gifts for teachers

The personalized note on this candle will make it that much more special. And it smells amazing!

Buy it: Thanksgiving candle at Etsy

4. Handprint art

template to add a handprint to to make a thank you card

Bring handprint art into 2023 with this beautiful template. Have your child place their hand in fall-colored paint to complete the template. Then, dry and present.

Buy it: Handprint art template at Etsy

5. Fall-themed gift bag

 example of Thanksgiving gifts for teachers

Print tags and attach to bags filled with fall favorites that you know your teacher will enjoy—cookies, coffee beans, tea bags, the list goes on.

Buy it: Digital download Thanksgiving tags at Etsy

6. Teacher gift box

gift box with marker and personalized whiteboard

Give something that will spruce up a teacher’s classroom and make teaching a little more fun. This gift box includes a personalized dry-erase board, markers, and an eraser.

Buy it: Teacher gift box at Etsy

7. Puzzle art

puzzle art thanking a teacher

This personalized puzzle piece art can decorate the classroom. With a slight change to the wording, it would make a fantastic gift from the entire class.

Buy it: Puzzle sign at Etsy

8. Thanksgiving candy bar wrapper

candy bar wrappers with turkeys on them  as example of Thanksgiving gifts for teachers

These cute candy bar wrappers are a great way to turn ordinary candy bars into inexpensive Thanksgiving gifts for teachers. You can also use them as an addition to a larger gift basket.

Buy it: Candy bar wrappers at Etsy

9. Personalized earrings

earrings that are personalized with a teacher's name

If your teacher loves everything personalized, make sure they have personalized earrings, complete with a teacher-inspired design.

Buy it: Personalized earrings at Etsy

10. Planter

planter with a tag that says thank you for helping me grow
Making Joy and Pretty Things

This planter is great for a teacher’s desk or windowsill. Print a tag and place it around a planter with a succulent or other plant that’s easy to take care of.

Buy it: Downloadable Tag from Making Joy and Pretty Things

11. Turkey cookies

turkey cookies made with sugar c ookies, nutter butters and candy corn for a thanksgiving gift for teachers
Practically Homemade

Turkey cookies will brighten up any teacher’s day, and they can take them home to share with their own family.

Get the recipe: Turkey Cookies Recipe at Practically Homemade

Buy it: Candy Corn and Candy Eyeballs at Amazon

12. Gift basket for the teacher who does extra

gift basket filled with extra gum
Life Sew Savory

For the teachers who give “extra,” tape gum to fabric leaves and use the leaves to fill mini gift baskets. These are Thanksgiving gifts for teachers that young children can help prepare.

Get the tutorial: Life Sew Savory

Buy it: Extra Gum Variety Pack and Mini Woven Baskets at Amazon

13. Pumpkin bread

pumpkin bread with a gift tag thanksgiving gift for teachers
Frugal Coupon Living

Pumpkin bread that tastes and smells delicious? Yes, please! Wrap a loaf in a tea towel and top with a gift card to make this a Thanksgiving treat for a favorite teacher.

Get the recipe: Pumpkin bread recipe at Sally’s Baking Addiction

Buy it: Tea towels at Amazon and gift tag at Frugal Coupon Living

14. Teacher-themed spatulas

spatulas with sayings for teachers on them, super teacher and only the brave teach

Thanksgiving is a time for baking. Give a teacher-themed spatula that can be used to scrape a bowl of dough or just be displayed.

Buy it: Teacher spatulas at Amazon

15. Turkey thank-you jar

mason jar thanksgiving turkey craft with cut out feathers on a mason jar body
@SonkisdHomeDesign/turkey craft via Pinterest

Here’s another craft that kids can make and gift themselves. Have your child write down all the reasons they are thankful for their teacher, then make a turkey with a small mason jar and candy.

Buy it: Mini mason jars at Amazon

16. Thank you for bee-ing you

Lip balm card that says thank you for beeing a grea teacher for a thanksgiving gift for teachers as example of Thanksgiving gifts for teachers
Farming 4 Knowledge/bee gift tag via teacherspayteachers.com

A little lip balm goes a long way for teachers who are talking all day long. Tape a tiny tub of lip balm onto a customizable gift card for teachers you know. This is also a great option for a group of teachers.

Buy it: Lip balm gift card at Teachers Pay Teachers and Burt’s Bees Lip Balm at Target

17. Thanksgiving cookie mix

mason jar with cookie mix ingredients and recipe on the side for a thanksgiving gift for teachers
Lil Luna

Give the gift of baking—the yummy smells from the oven, the tasty cookies to decorate—with prepared cookie mix and a recipe all in one.

Get the tutorial: Cookie Jar Gift at Lil Luna

Buy it: Mason jars at Amazon

18. “Thanks a Latte” coffee card

thanks a latte card on a starbucks latte drink for a thanksgiving gift for teachers
Kinder Craze

Attach a gift card to a Frappuccino and you have an instant gift!

Get the printable: Thanks a Latte Tags from Kinder Craze

Buy it: Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino at Amazon

19. Caramel apple cider kit

caramel apple cider making kit as example of Thanksgiving gifts for teachers
Thirty Handmade Days/caramel apple cider kit via thirtyhandmadedays.com

We can almost smell the caramel apple now! Arrange all the ingredients in a basket with a recipe for caramel apple cider.

Get the tutorial: Caramel Apple Cider Kit at Thirty Handmade Days

Buy it: Wooden Gift Baskets and It’s Fall Y’all Disposable Cups at Amazon; Apple Cider Packets at Target

20. Stovetop simmer spices

orange and cinnamon stick for a stovetop simmer, thanksgiving gifts for teachers
Shaken Together Life

Another way to make a teacher’s house smell amazingly delicious and fall-y—an orange, spices, and water.

Get the printable: Spices Tag (Free) at Shaken Together Life

Buy it: Clear Treat Bags at Amazon

21. Thanksgiving soap

pumpkin shaped soaps for thanksgiving gifts for teachers

These soaps are so cute for a staff bathroom or home bathroom. We always need soap to keep the germs away!

Buy it: Pumpkin soaps at Etsy

22. Mini pies

individually boxed pies for thanksgiving gifts for teachers  as example of Thanksgiving gifts for teachers
Larissa Another Day

A personal pie in its own little box for teachers from the PTO or for the other teachers on your list.

Get the tutorial: Thanksgiving Pies at Larissa Another Day

Buy it: Bakery Boxes at Amazon

23. Single slice of pie

single piece of pie boxes
Crafting Cheerfully

For another pie-inspired idea, make individual-slice boxes and gift each teacher a slice to take home or eat at lunch. This would be a great addition to a Thanksgiving-week potluck or PD session.

Get the tutorial: Thanksgiving Pie Slices at Crafting Cheerfully

Buy it: Thanksgiving Scrapbook Paper at Amazon

24. Dipped pretzels

pretzels on a cookie sheet rolled in chocolate and sprinkles
Inside Bru Crew Life

We will never say no to pretzels rolled in chocolate and sprinkles. Salty, check. Sweet, check.

Get the tutorial: Chocolate-Covered Pretzels at Inside Bru Crew Life

Buy it: Pretzel Rod Bags and Thanksgiving Sprinkles at Amazon

25. Wine

Two bottles of wine with a thank you note attached  as example of Thanksgiving gifts for teachers
Frugal Coupon Living

Wine, but with a cute thank-you note attached.

Get the printable: Thank-you note at Frugal Coupon Living

26. Hand sanitizer or soap

hand sanitizer tag for thanksgiving teacher's gift
Frugal Coupon Living

Hand sanitizer and soap are a classroom staple. Keep your teacher’s classroom stocked and add a cute tag to let them know you appreciate them.

Get the printable: Thankful gift tag at Frugal Coupon Living

Buy it: Pumpkin Harvest Hand Soap at Amazon

27. Teacher to the core

awesome to the core tag to put on a gift for a thanksgiving gift for teacher as example of Thanksgiving gifts for teachers
Rainy Lain Designs

Print these adorable tags and attach to a caramel apple for a cute Thanksgiving take on the apple for the teacher.

Buy it: Awesome to the core tag at Rainy Lain Design

28. School supplies

school bus packaging for post-its

November is a great time to help teachers refresh their school supplies—they’re running low, but holiday and new year restocking is weeks away. Even better if school supplies come in an adorable school bus package.

Buy it: Sticky note value pack at Amazon

29. Thanks for putting up with my kid candle

candle that says thanks for putting up with my kid

If you have, well, that kid, and a good rapport with their teacher, this candle will bring a smile to their face and make them feel appreciated.

Buy it: Thanks for Putting Up With My Kid candle at Etsy

30. Fill your own potholder

potholders with messages to teachers for thanksgiving gift for teachers as example of Thanksgiving gifts for teachers

These Thanksgiving gifts for teachers are a cute take on the cookie-mix gift. Just put the packages of mix into potholders that have a thank-you note on the front.

Buy it: Potholders at Etsy

31. Teacher off-duty towel

kitchen towels that say teacher off duty

Remind your child’s teacher that holiday breaks are coming soon with a towel that will remind others not to bother them!

Buy it: Teacher Off-Duty towel at Etsy

32. Coffee mug warmer

coffee mug warmer for thanksgiving gift for teachers

Heading into the winter, help keep a teacher’s coffee warm with this practical gift.

Buy it: Mug warmer at Amazon

33. Spa box

spa box for teaachers with soaps, bath salts, and bath bombs in it as example of Thanksgiving gifts for teachers
Dear Ava/spa box via dearava.com

Did we mention that holiday breaks are coming? This spa box is one way to show a teacher that you recognize their hard work, and they deserve a relaxing afternoon.

Buy it: Spa box at Dear Ava

34. Teacher survival kit

pencil bag that says teacher survival kit for a thanksgiving gift for teachers

This makeup bag is super cute and could be used for makeup, school supplies, or the miscellaneous things that teachers need throughout the day like bandages, hand sanitizer, and hair bands.

Buy it: Teacher Survival Kit at Amazon

35. Thanksgiving picture book

thanksgiving in the woods picture book cover

Teachers are always looking to expand their classroom libraries, and there are some great Thanksgiving picture books out there that aren’t all turkeys and corn. For example, Thanksgiving in the Woods by Phyllis Alsdurf is a story about how a group of people regularly gather in the woods to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Buy it: Thanksgiving in the Woods at Amazon

More books: 29 Diverse and Thoughtful Books for Thanksgiving

36. Personalized leather bookmark

leather bookmark that can be personalized as example of Thanksgiving gifts for teachers
Northwest Gifts

Give a teacher a leather personalized bookmark with their name or a short phrase. The leather smells scrumptious and they’ll be able to come right back to where they left off in the book they’re finally getting to read now that it’s the holiday.

Buy it: Personalized bookmark at Northwest Gifts

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Not sure how to thank the teachers on your list this year? Here are 36 Thanksgiving gifts for teachers that say a huge thank you!