10 Role-Play Scenarios for Tough Tech Moments

Prompts to get your students thinking about their online behavior.

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Everyday moments are ripe with digital-citizenship learning. Get your students talking about choices by trying out some of these technology role play scenarios.

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1. Your friend shows you a website with material that makes you feel uncomfortable. What do you do?

2. While hanging with friends, you take a silly group photo. One of your friends wants to post it online, but you don’t want to. What do you do?

3. Your best friend starts laughing at something in a group chat …only you’re not on it. How do you handle being left out of the chat?

4. You get a text saying you’ve won a free music subscription and all you have to do is click the link to receive your prize. Do you click the link—why or why not?

5. After school you decide to go online and see that one of your friends has just posted a mean comment about your teacher. What do you do?

6. A group of kids at school is going around pranking other kids and posting pictures to be funny. They want you to like all the photos so more people see them online. What choice will you make?

7. You want to open a new online account but your parents/guardians said no, not until you are older. All your friends are on it, and it would be easy to join without your parents/guardians ever knowing. What do you do?

8. An upgrade for an online game you like just came out, and you want to buy it. The only problem is you don’t have a credit card, but you do know where your parents/guardians keep theirs. Would you use it Why or why not?

9. Someone you don’t know just requested to be your friend. He looks about your same age, and his profile says he goes to a different school in your city. Do you accept the request?

10.You just got forwarded a video of someone at school getting bullied, with a note to pass it on. What do you do?

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