Teach Kids How to Read Digital Texts Deeply

Our free slideshow lesson breaks it down, step by step.

Free Digital Literacy Lesson: Reading Digital Texts Deeply

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Your students might be called “digital natives,” but how much do they really know about using digital text tools and online resources to attain deep understanding when they read? You can use this free digital literacy lesson to help them understand how to read more deeply.

What is reading deeply?

People who read deeply are able to:

  • Explain the text thoroughly and understand who, what, where, and when.
  • Assess, compare, and understand why and how.
  • Apply ideas from the text in new ways such as by writing an original essay or creating a project based on ideas from the text.

This free digital literacy lesson teaches students how to read deeply with activities for:

Reading actively


Understanding online resources


Reflecting on learning


The more students practice using digital text tools and online resources while reading, the further they will grow their capacity for deep reading. It will become second nature before they know it!

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Posted by Tara Bardeen

Tara is a school founder, literacy advocate, former classroom teacher and mom of four living in Denver.

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