What Teachers Miss the Most About School

“You never know what you’ve got until it’s gone.”

Weeks have gone by since most teachers have been inside their school classrooms and seen their students in-person. Things at home may be incredibly quiet in comparison, but that isn’t necessarily a good thing for educators! We recently asked our audience, “What’s one thing you miss about school that you thought you’d NEVER ever miss?” The answers below made us only miss being in the classroom even more. ❤️🥺

We miss our classroom routines and prep.

“Morning duty when I would get a chance to visit with former students and actually I really miss seeing them interact with each other. They would have their inside jokes, stories they shared, and I even miss their roasting each other for fun.” —Meg A. via Facebook

“The routine. Preparing for distance learning and all it entails in special education (services, confidentiality, how to do IEP meetings, etc.) has been so overwhelming!” —Sarah C. via Facebook

“Putting on real/professional clothes.” —Veronica M. via Facebook

“The before school ‘quiet before the storm’ time. 😔” —@morgan_s_goodman via Instagram

We miss all the teachable moments with our students.

“What I miss that I didn’t think I’d miss is that constant struggle to keep them focused, keep them on task. I think what is so hard about this is when things are uncertain or upsetting, kids really need that reliable structure they get in the classroom, and that is the very thing that is gone now.” —Donna M. via Facebook

“The life lessons I get to instill in the midst of handing out a consequence to a student as a High School VP. It’s essential teaching students the 3 C’s: Compassion, Communication, Consequence.” —@vp_jbrown via Instagram

We miss hearing our students’ voices—even if it was maybe a little too often. 

“I probably answer a question every 5-10 seconds out of the day, and it makes my head spin some days, but boy oh boy I miss those questions right now. I miss having to be on my toes, and the desire the kids have to learn new things. I miss my kids.” —Candice E. via Facebook

“Reminding students to stop talking while they’re working. I’d love to hear their chatter now! I also miss them needing my attention at all times!” —Janny P. via Facebook

“Hearing my name 20,000 times a day, getting interrupted 30,000 times. I miss their voices, their questions, and their silly stories!” —Abby C. via Facebook

“The constant talking. It drives me crazy but I miss their energy!” —@mrsstubbs via Instagram

We miss our students’ personalities and silliness.

“I actually miss some of my most challenging personalities the most, you know the ones that would interrupt your lesson just to tell you a random story about their cousin’s hamster or some such crazy thing. 😂” —Teresa W. via Facebook

“I never thought I would miss checking my pants pockets for the sticks, rocks, and wilted dandelions that I was keeping safe during recess. It has been three weeks since I have received kindergarten pocket treasures. I miss them dearly.” —Emily M. via Facebook

“One of my kids shouting in the middle of the lesson, ‘My tooth fell out!’ And everyone cheering. ❤️” —@samantha_raq via Instagram

We miss physically being in school with everyone else.

“The crazy loud hallways before and after school. I miss all the high-fives, good mornings/byes, interacting with the kiddos outside of the classroom. It always caused a level of anxiety because of the noise level, but I truly miss it.” —L. Robin S. via Facebook

“Hugs with them… they don’t leave me until they give me a hug or high five. Wish I had known that might be the last time I would get to do that!” —@ragenbeth via Instagram

“The ability to teach in person.” —@idfishqueen via Instagram

We even miss the parts of being a teacher we thought we dreaded most.

“Lunch duty … which is the loudest, craziest time of the day. But I miss getting to interact with all the grades. And getting to talk more with my 4th grade group outside of class, who are so silly and crazy but so much fun. ❤️” —Madolyn G. via Facebook

“Sitting in the library around other tired bodies for a staff meeting that could have been an email.” —Robin C. via Facebook

“Walking around the classroom all day until my feet hurt at the end of the day. Now my rear end hurts from sitting all day while on the computer answering emails and teaching online.” —Jill S. via Facebook

“I actually MISS being so, so tired at the end of the day! I slept like a baby at night.” —Lisa E. via Facebook

Okay, maybe not ALL of us. 😅

At the end of the day, this Instagram reply summed up what we miss the most about being in-school.

“Everything.” —@scut67 via Instagram ❤️

What do you most miss about school during this time of distance learning? Come and share your answer on our WeAreTeachers Helpline.

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What Teachers Miss the Most About School