13 Ways I’m Going to Miss My Students

Summer is great and all, but there are so many amazing moments teachers miss.

For teachers, any time of the year is busy with lesson plans, grading, meetings, and more. But when spring hits, it’s crunch time. Besides testing, we deal with talent shows, walk-a-thons, awards assemblies, and an endless list of activities that make us feel even more “teacher tired” than usual.

Regardless of how much teachers look forward to and need some summer break time, there’s also a part of us that will miss our students for little and for big reasons. Here are some of the ways I’m going to miss my students.

1. I’ll miss the way they make me laugh.

One of my favorite parts of teaching is that I get to hear the funny things kids say and do every single day … the kinds of things you can’t make up.

2. I’ll miss the way they call “Hi!!!” after recess (when I just saw them two minutes ago). 

It’s always so funny to me (and sweet) when they do this. We, as teachers, feel like celebrities in our own schools!

3. I’ll miss the little notes and pictures they make for me.

It’s so sweet when a student takes the time to make a card or a drawing. I have a special spot to display these near my desk.

4. I’ll miss my students begging me for “just five more minutes” of read-aloud time.


I know it sounds silly, but it’s so much fun to share a beloved book with kids. Plus, I enjoy bringing the book to life by hamming it up and doing all of the character’s voices.

5. I’ll miss seeing them grow.

When we spend a whole school year with our students, there’s nothing better than seeing them really “get” something, like long division, finding the theme, or how to write a paragraph. It’s immensely satisfying to know that I played a part in their growth.

miss my students growth

6. I’ll miss sharing holidays with them.

Holidays in the classroom can be pure craziness but underneath it all, there’s something pretty awesome about seeing how much each child enjoys the chance to wear a costume, make a snowman, or deliver a valentine.

7. I’ll miss their excitement.

When my students love learning and are totally interested in whatever activity we’re doing, it makes me happy. My goal as a teacher is to make learning as much fun as possible, whenever possible.

8. I’ll miss what makes each child unique. 

I like knowing that Ryan’s thing is soccer, that Shelby loves to bring seaweed as a snack, and that Rochelle takes competitive dance classes. Even though sometimes we tend to view the class as a whole, deep down, good teachers know that a class is truly made up of individuals.

miss my students

9. I’ll miss going outside to play kickball, steal the bacon, or any other game. 

Having the chance to “play” is another one of my favorite things about teaching.

10. I’ll miss the hugs and high fives.

I understand that at some schools, teachers aren’t allowed to give hugs. But to me, being able to genuinely hug a child who either needs a hug or wants to give a hug is pretty special.

11. I’ll miss our shared experiences.

As a class, we have a collective set of memories together, whether it was a field trip we took together, a class project we did (like our Wax Museum) or the time one of our students got first place in the Healthy Eating poster contest. (We won a catered lunch for the whole class). Our experiences as a class become our shared history and are landmarks for the time we spent together.

why I'll miss my students

12. I’ll miss the connections I felt with each student.

By the time the school year ends, I am always attached to my students and will truly miss them as people. Each year, I have this feeling that I’ll never get to know and love a new class the way I loved the last one (most years, anyway)! But the truth is that when a new year starts, new bonds are made, and the magic happens all over again. 

13. Lastly, I’ll miss seeing how they turn out.

Teaching is like planting seeds and seeing new shoots but rarely seeing the mature plant. I always wonder how “my kids” are doing and how they turned out. One of the greatest things for any teacher is to have a former student return years later and to say how he or she enjoyed your class, remembered the things you did, and what it meant to them.

miss my students

Although the end of the year is always a hectic time, I know that on the last day of school, when the walls are bare, the desks are empty, and I’m saying my goodbyes, I’ll miss my students for all of these reasons and many more.