Our students can be the absolute sweetest, but they can also be unintentionally hilarious when trying to deliver a compliment. We asked teachers to share the funny compliments they’ve received from kids, and here’s what they had to say.

You’re so soft

Gif of a man saying "surprisingly soft" -- funny compliments

While being hugged around the middle by a first grader, she sweetly said “you are soft like my mom.” —Brandi M.

What’s that smell?

Gif of a zooming in hazard sign.

My classroom sink has a bit of a funky smell. When two former students came by, one said to the other, “Whoa, I remember this smell! It smells like…(long, thoughtful pause)…learning!” Now I love my funky smelling sink. —Latane D.

Naturally gorgeous?

Gif of a woman giving her hair a blow-out -- funny compliments

Me: *decides to let my natural waves show in my hair*

9th grader: *comes up to my desk with a conspiratorial look* “It’s okay, miss. I didn’t brush my hair today, either.” —Amara G.

Maybe it’s my center part?

Gif of an old woman dabbing with the words "old but still lit"

One very sweet student once said to me, “You look young for an old person.” —Hayley J.

“Thanks for not being annoying”

Gif of a woman saying "you should take that as a compliment."

Because it was from a 14-year-old boy, it’s also my highest praise. —Carol H.

Say what now?

Gif of a small animal peeing into the woods.

On a field trip, I took a child to a public bathroom. I used the bathroom while he used the stall next to mine. He told me I had beautiful-sounding pee. —Amy H.

“I like your face”

Gif of a woman blushing -- funny compliments

A kindergartener once walked by me and said, “I like your face.” I taught fourth grade on the other side of the building. —Kelly G.

I guess kids don’t get fashion

Gif of a woman bowing and accepting applause.

I wore a long, belted sweater, and at the end of the day a little boy said, “Bye, I really liked your bathrobe today.” —Sherry A.

Would take as a genuine compliment

Gif of Homer Simpson reading a dictionary and saying "Hmm." -- funny compliments

“You’re a dictionary with hair.” —Kath G.

Points for knowing the animal kingdom

Gif of a close-up of an elephant.

“You’re pretty nice for a middle-aged mammal.” —Elizabeth N.

You’re the GOOD kind of crazy

Gif of a woman holding a drink up to cheer, saying "cheers to crazy".

Another teacher overheard some kids telling a new student about me. “You have Miss S.? She’s crazy, but you know, the GOOD kind of crazy.” Someday I want that stitched on a pillow. —Hillary S.

We’d love to hear—what funny compliments have you gotten from kids?

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