Teachers Are Sharing Their Funniest, Most Awkward Interview Stories & We’re Dying

Ma’am, I think you have toilet paper on your shoe.

Illustrated interview with teacher in pajamas and bunny slippers

Right out of college, I interviewed for my first real teaching job—middle school Spanish. I’d just driven across the state and was so nervous. I’d brought my student teaching portfolio with me, with all my documentation carefully ensconced in plastic sleeves. Toward the end of the interview, the team asked to see it. As they flipped through the pages, I noticed what looked distinctly like a pubic hair clinging to one of the sleeves. Talk about mortified. If you thought that was bad, just wait for the rest of these. We asked our WeAreTeachers readers to share their wildest interview stories, and we were not disappointed:

Wardrobe malfunction

I walked into an interview wearing a skirt with stockings underneath and as I walked into the interview, the principal’s first words to me were, “Uhh, your skirt’s tucked into your stockings, dear.” I did not get that job. —Jess M.

Button up dress slowly unbuttoned from the bottom. Every time I took a deep breath another button opened. —Cheryl S.

We had pajama day at school and my student teacher got called for an interview to take place that afternoon, so she had to go to the interview in her pajamas! She ended up getting the job, too! —Sarah M.

I was in shapewear that had a sort of flap in it that you were supposed to be able to pull aside and pee through, but I failed and peed all over myself. My suit was fine, but I had to completely undress to remove the shapewear and stash the pee-soaked thing in my bag. I interviewed commando and totally bombed it. —Katie O.

Could you please repeat the question?


I was asked if I was given JUST a potato on the first day of school how would I come up with lessons for each subject. —Ashley C.

Terrible question: “On a scale of teddy bear to Attila the Hun, describe your classroom management.” Answer that didn’t get me the job: “I’m Barbie. I’m sort of flexible, but not too much.” —Cara M.

“This is in no way related to the interview and will not change anything previously discussed. Can you name all seven dwarves?” Also on the panel was my ex-boyfriend’s mom. —Melissa V.

It was VERY hot in the interview room. When asked what she would bring to our school she replied, “A fan.” —Carol R.

I was fresh out of college and in an interview where the principal kept asking me if I could drive a bus and my interest in driving buses. This was not an interview for a bus driver. I just kept smiling, awkwardly laughing, and saying maybe someday. —Christy A.

The principal was taking the last copy of several from the copy machine. “You are the first person to take my new 200 question interview .” —Linda O.

Ouch. That had to hurt.

Several years ago, I went in for an interview and gashed my toe on the door on the way in. I had to ask for a bandage to cover the bleeding before the interview. —April M.

Wore heels … slipped on the polished concrete floor … fell flat on my face … interviewer helped me up… didn’t get the job! —Molly L.

My first big interview, I stumbled walking out of the office. Only the secretaries saw and were happy I didn’t crash. Got the job! —Sarah M.

What to expect when you’re expecting

The interviewee came in straight from field day at her previous school (no big deal). She sat, crossed her ankle over her knee, put her sunglasses on top of her head, pointed to her very pregnant belly, and said, “Obviously, I won’t look like this in the fall.” —Darcy P.

A teacher that had quit because she had a baby came to visit so they brought her in for everyone to see the baby. Hello, I’m having an interview! —Jane J.

I had the first interview on my due date! The interviewer asked when I might be available for a second interview. (Not legal to ask if I’m pregnant or when I’m due, but it was pretty darn obvious!) I said, “Well, I’m due today…” and he said, “Do you need to go?!?!” I had a second interview four days after giving birth. I literally waddled up to the door since I still had stitches from tearing. They offered to bring me a wheelchair. So embarrassing, but I got the job!!! —Carolyn E.

Interviewer fail

An announcement for leftover pretzels in the office and the ensuing noise and chaos that followed. The principal paused my interview to poke her head out the door and YELL at everyone in the office about being loud about the pretzels. —Joe M.

In the middle of my interview, one of the last of the interviewers stopped the questioning. All startled eyes turned towards him saying, “I have had enough!” He jumped up on the conference table and turned on a ceiling fan. It was early July and boiling in the room. Don’t know which I could have passed out from more the announcement or the heat. —Diana W.

Had to do a mini lesson for the interview panel. By the end of the 20 minute lesson I’d assigned one of the board members to lunch detention for building towers with his base ten blocks instead of focusing on his assignment. —Kristen A.

I had a principal in my interview play cats cradle with a rubber band and write emails on his phone. —Shelby D.

Did I do that?

I got nervous during my interview that I tried drinking water from the bottle without taking off the cap. —Beverly G.

My mint fell out of my mouth in the first few minutes of an interview. —Holly L.

I hit a fence on my way into the school yard. —Kristen G.

Just… what?

I will always remember my friend who had a job interview at the school board office, so she parked her car where she could see it—with her four boys in it!! Every once in a while she would lean out the window during the interview to shout at them to get off the roof or get back in the car. —Robbi L.

“With all due respect, can I see the application you have because I don’t remember applying for this job?” —Sarah M.

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