Put the Grading Down! 50 Ways to Unwind This Weekend

Yes, yes, and yes!

As teachers we know there is a never-ending, limitless supply of work that could, should and might be done. We could be lesson planning, grading, creating, prepping and studying 24/7.  But gosh darnit, sometimes there are better ways to spend your teacher weekend.

Our friend Lydia Ann started it all by posting this sentence starter on our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE:

“I should be grading or lesson planning or prepping for tomorrow, but instead I am…”

The answers offer a peek into how other teachers are spending their weekend. You’ll probably recognize yourself in many of their answers and maybe even find something that inspires you to blow off your work next weekend too! So grab a few and enjoy (guilt-free)!

Training my dog?

Drinking wine?


Reading a book?

Looking at Facebook

Playing with my kids?


Watching football?

Watching cute animal videos?


Cooking dinner??‍?

Grocery shopping?

Binge watching Netflix?

Sitting on the beach?

Riding my bike?

Ignoring my floor that needs vacuuming?

Avoiding adulting?

Laying in bed sick?

Watching Hulu?

Working on my newsletter??

Knitting a baby blanket?

Painting the guest room?

Guiltlessly taking it easy?

Playing with my cat?

Having a bonfire?

Cleaning my house?

Playing video games?

Getting sucked into the vortex that is Pinterest?

Spending time with my hubby?

Homecoming dress shopping?

Making pasta?

Doing my graduate school homework?

Digging in my garden?

Going to my kids’ soccer games⚽️

Deep conditioning my hair??‍♀️

Shoe shopping ?

Putting my babies to bed??

Wiping tears of frustration as my laptop just crashed with my work on it?


Cleaning up after my kids’ first mud run?

Sitting in a movie theater eating popcorn with extra butter?

Enjoying my family?‍?‍?‍?

Laundry, laundry and more laundry??

Talking on the phone with my best friend?


Posting photos on Instagram?

Celebrating my anniversary❤️

Sewing a Halloween costume?

Staring into space?

Dancing to my favorite tunes?


What’s your favorite way to enjoy your teacher weekend? Add it to the comments below!