As a teacher, you know that you’re pretty much on your feet all day long. You also know how incredibly difficult it can be to find good teacher shoes.

We asked some of our favorite teachers for their recommendations, and they definitely came through with specific teacher shoe suggestions and tips. While every person and every foot is different, here are those suggestions along with our recommendations of shoes. Good luck in your search for the perfect teacher shoes. If you have more suggestions, share them with us, and we’ll add them to the list.

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1. Dansko Flats

Teachers love their Danskos! “I’ve worn the Dansko brand for many years, and they’re a great option.” —Michele H.

We recommend: Olena Flat or Linette Flat

2. Amazon Ballet Flat 

Dara K. tried these and really loves the price (under $20). She says, “So far, so good!” 

We recommend: Amazon Essentials Women’s Ballet Flats

3. Lucky Brand Shoes 

Kristi B. writes, “I swear by Lucky Brand shoes! All of my teaching shoes are Lucky!” 

We recommend: Basel Ankle Bootie or Alba Ballet

4. BOBS Shoes 

Beth D. says she loves BOBS shoes with inserts. Plus we love all the different (and affordable) options on Amazon. 

We recommend: Slip-on Flat, Bingo Dog Shoes, and Slip-resistant Loafer

5. Sketchers Microburst 

You’re going to see Sketchers on the list a few times, and it’s because teachers keep recommending them to us over and over again. Here’s a great slip-on to consider. 

We recommend: Sketchers Microburst

6. Hot Chocolate Chocolitas

Teacher Shoes Hot Chocolate

Could there be any teacher shoes cuter than these? They’re comfy on their own but also have room for your own insoles if you need a little more support.

We recommend: Chocolitas Mary Janes and Chocolitas Slip-On Flats

7. UGG Shoes

You’re probably familiar with the ubiquitous UGG boots, but they make plenty of other comfy shoes, too. “They actually sell really cute other styles,” says Krit S.

We recommend: Corin Boot, Lena Ballet Flat, and Thea Poppy Flat

8. Sanuk Slip-ons

“I’m obsessed with Sanuk’s shoes with footbeds made from yoga mats. Foot heaven! I even got my husband (he’s a teacher, too) into the men’s Sanuk line.” —Tonia K.

We recommend: Women’s Pair O Dice Loafer Flats and Men’s Casa Barco Vintage Boat Shoes

9. Clarks Loafer-Pumps

“I don’t know what I will do if Clarks stops making their loafer-pump style. These look as good with jeans as they do with skirts and can even pass as a heel on days I need to dress up. They are so comfortable, too.” —Sharon S.

We recommend: Tara Grace Penny Loafer and Tealia Elva Dress Pump

10. Oka B Flats


“I love all the different colors you can get in the flats from Oka B.” —Danielle C.

We recommend: Oka B Taylor Flat

11. Dr. Martens

“I love my (clean and well-polished) Doc Martens,” Olivia C. says. “Very comfortable and as professional as I need to be.”

We recommend: Mary Jane and 3 Eye Shoe (It’s unisex!)

12. Born Flat 

Katie R. works at a shoe store, and she says she always recommends the Born brand of shoe for people who need good support. Here’s one of our favorites, the Born flat. 

We recommend: Born Curlew Flat

13. Earthies Shoes 

We’ve heard from many teachers on Facebook that they like the Earthies brand of shoes. If you really keep a watch on Amazon, sometimes you can find a great deal in your size. 

We recommend: Earthies Roma and Earthies Apollo 

14. Ahnu Comfort


“Anhu is a good brand with great support and a comfy footbed.” —Shelley D.

We recommend:  Arabesque Flat, Gladiator Sandal, Jackie Mule

15. BZees

“BZee shoes by Naturalizer are absolutely amazing!!! Not only are they comfy beyond description, they’re also machine washable!” —Kathy H.

We recommend: Empress Pump and Lollipop Sneaker

16. Keen Shoes 

Keen is a solid go-to shoe for men and women. If you live in a warm area, you can wear their sandals year-round. Otherwise, keep an eye out for other Keen boots and slip-ons like these. 

We recommend: Keen Kaci Slip-On

17. Serene Driving Loafers

“These slip-on loafers with a driving shoe–inspired sole are less than $20, and they’re the most comfy shoes I own. I have them in seven colors!” —Margot U.

We recommend: Serene Cowhide Driving Loafer

18. Rockport Men’s Shoes

“All my shoes for school are Rockport. They never let me down.” —John M.

We recommend: Rockport for Men

19. Ollio Oxford

“I’m always wearing these oxfords, and they [are] affordable.” —Roxanne M.

We recommend: Ollio Ballet Oxford

20. Flats from Crocs

“I have Crocs flats in every color and print.” —Amy C.

We recommend: Lina Graphic Ballet Flat

21. Dr. Scholl’s Ballet

Dr. Scholls Shoe

“I have arthritis in my hips, sciatica, and plantar fasciitis, and I live in Dr. Scholl’s.” —Amy Y.

We recommend: Dr. Scholl’s Frankie Ballet Flat  (it’s available in black, white, and other colors, too!)

22. safeTstep 


Shannon H. likes this line of slip-resistant shoes made for food-industry workers. There are some downright cute styles available.

We recommend: Trina Pump 

23. The Merrell Clog

“I wear Merrell clogs all winter.” —Brenda W.

We recommend: Encore Kassie Buckle Slide in leather or wool

24. Timberland Anti-Fatigue

“I like the Timberland anti-fatigue clog.” —Denise A.

We recommend: PRO Riveter

25. Rothy’s

This is another brand that many teachers love, and one you can feel good about. These adorable and comfortable shoes are made from recycled water bottles—a lesson in sustainability. Yes, they can be pricey, but teachers do get a discount

We recommend: Rothy’s varieties

26. Vans Leather Slip-on

“My go-to is the Vans slip-on in leather. It’s a weather-resistant sneaker with great arch support that looks stylish and polished but feels like the weekend.” —Chris C.

We recommend: Vans Classic Slip On Leather

27. Earth Origins 

We see the Earth brand shoe popping up again and again for great shoe recommendations, and this is one of our favorites. 

We recommend: Earth Origins Anika

28. Alegria Flat

“My mom swears by shoes called Alegria. They have a slightly rounded bottom to take pressure off your heels. She works on her feet all day and loves them.” —Rachel P.

We recommend: Alegria Paloma Flat

29. Clogs from Klogs

Klogs Shoes

“Last year I bought some clogs from Klogs. They are amazingly comfortable.” —Sandy H.

We recommend: Klogs Mission Clog

30. Converse Slip-ons

Converse Slip On Shoes

“I’ve tried dozens of shoes, and Converse were finally the fix for me. Now my feet don’t hurt.” —April S.

We recommend: Converse Chuck Taylor Shoreline Sneaker

31. Adidas Comfort

“Adidas has a comfort line that I love.” —Aimee B.

We recommend: Adidas Cloudfoam Ultimate

32. Asics Gels

Asics Gels

“I get a black pair of Asics so I can still wear them with dress pants.” —Nicole B.

We recommend: ASICS Gel-Quantum 360 Shift

33. ECCO Sneaker


“Ecco is a good brand. They’re very expensive, but they never wear out and [they] look good.” —Renee B.

We recommend: ECCO Soft Fashion Sneaker

34. Taos Sneaker

Taos Sneaker

“The Taos Freedom sneaker is so comfortable and has a soft support footbed. They come in lots of different colors.” —Cheryl T.

We recommend: Taos Freedom Fashion Sneaker

35. Fit Flops 

Erin G. writes, “Fit Flops are ALL I can wear—or tennis shoes.” 

We recommend: LULU Fit Flops

36. Clarks Lace-ups

Clarks Shoes

“I love the lace-up sneaker from Clarks so much. These keep me going all day.” —Krista H.

We recommend: Clarks Everlay Elma Oxford

37. Sketchers D’Lites

“I like any of the Sketchers D’Lites with yoga memory foam.” —Mary L.

We recommend:  Sketchers D’Lites

38. Vionic Slip-ons

Vionic Shoes

“I have wide feet and plantar fasciitis, and I love Vionic.” —Melana K.

We recommend: Vionic Agile Kea Slip-on

39. Sketchers Walking Shoe


“Sketchers Go Walks are a good option if you are looking for something less expensive.” —Brenda W.

We recommend: Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 4

40. Volatile Sandals

Volatile Sandal

“In the summer, I live for Volatile shoes. They are cute and comfortable.” —Regina J.

We recommend: Volatile Bahama Wedge Sandal

41. Birkenstock Bliss

Birkenstock Sandal

“If weather is permitting, I go with Birkenstocks.” —Karin B.

We recommend: Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed

42. Vionic Sandals

Vionic Sandal

“I just discovered Vionic. They are great sandals.” —Michele H.

We recommend: Vionic Nala Arch Support Thong

43. Sanuk Yoga Sandals 

Here’s another sandal to consider. The WeAreTeachers staff swears by these sandals with a yoga-mat footbed. 

We recommend: Sanuk Yoga Sling

44. Clarks Boot

Here’s one more Clarks to consider. If you want comfort, this is a brand that teachers tell us again and again you can count on. 

We recommend: Clarks Tana Boot

45. Crocs Wedge Booties

“I can stand in these boots all day long comfortably, and they are so stylish that no one suspects these boots are Crocs!” —Sarah S.

We recommend: Crocs Leigh Suede Bootie

46. TOMS Shoes 

We hear from both all teachers how much they like TOMS shoes. If you watch Amazon, you can sometimes pick up some great deals, too. 

We recommend: TOMS Class Slip-on and Paseo Sneaker

47. TOMS Boots

TOMS has more than just their classic slip-on shoes. “I am all about TOMS boots to wear for their comfort, but I also love the buy-one-give-one social-good aspect.” —Katie M.

We recommend: TOMS Boots for Women

48. MATRIP Shoe 

If you want to keep it simple and affordable, you might want to consider MATRIP. They come in several different colors and are easy to slip on and off.

We recommend: MATRIP Slip On Walking Shoe

49. UGG-Inspired Bearpaw Boots

“Love the look and cozy, warm feeling of UGGs, but I can’t justify the price. That’s why I get Bearpaw shearling boots instead. They are like a quarter of the price for the same look and winter-warm feel!” —Catherine G.

We recommend: Bearpaw Shearling Short Boots

50. Naturalizer Riding Boots

“Tall boots over pants is my favorite look for school, and Naturalizer’s boots keep my feet happy all day.” —Megan V.

We recommend: Naturalizer Riding Boots

We’d love to hear—what are your favorite, most comfortable shoes? Come and share in our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Facebook.

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