31 Teacher Summer Photos That Prove We Know How to Take a Break

Take a cue from these teachers, and go make the most of your summer!

Summer goes by oh too quickly, so seize the day! We searched the Internet to find our favorite #teachersummer photos of educators living their best life. Warning: Some of these teacher summer photos might make you a little envious. But hopefully these snaps will encourage you to get out there and make the most out of the sunny days of summer.

1. It is good to be queen. 


In Paris, at least.

Source: @pixiedustandpencils

2. Waking up early … ON PURPOSE

Teacher early morning workout

And I’m not stopping until these dreams are made a reality. 

Source: @meagangendron

3. Hitting the road.


Road trip for teachers!

And wearing my cute shoes doin’ it. 

Source: @elementarymusings


4. Sipping coffee nice and slooooooow.

Coffee breaks for teachers

Summer’s the time to just slow it down. 

Source: @_caitbrown

5. You had us at Halo.

Halo top ice cream Teacher Summer Photos

Quintessential summer indulgence.

Source: @ww_thathealthyteacherlife

6. Perfecting homestyle cooking .

Teacher summer vacation homestyle cooking

To make up for all those frozen pizzas.

Source: @appleblossomteachers

7. Sunshine, salt water and sweet treats!

Teacher summer vacation photos

Can you ever get enough?

Source: @missdecarbo

8. Soaking up the great outdoors.

Outdoor getaways for teachers

And storing it away for future daydreams. 

Source: @ericacoci

9. Sushi date? Yes please!

Sushi dish!

Oh, so fancy!

Source: @that.preschool.life

10. When you absolutely need a classroom fix.

Teacher bestie photo

Teacher besties are the bomb. 

Source: @naturally.elementary

11. Feet up Friday, summer style. 

Teacher summer vacation campfire

Break out the s’mores!

Source: @rileysroadtrip

12. One way to handle that energetic dog. 

Teacher walking dog on scooter

Going to the park is just too exciting. 

Source: @singingmamacincy

13. What. A. View. 

Teachers hiking mountains

Now that’s what I’m talking about.

Source: @eseitzr

14. A flight of beer? Don’t mind if I do!

Happy hour for teachers

Teacher on summer break: Mondays are great!

Source: @teach.drink.love

15. Excuse me, I have someplace to be.

Beach bag teacher photo

Oh yeah! Trading our teacher bags for beach bags. 

Source: @the.teach.boutique

16. A summer craft I can get behind.

Teacher craft ideas for summer

But only because it’s so darn cute.  

Source: @ms.stearns

17. All the books.

Teachers love book shopping

Must. Resist.

Source: @teaching2plus

18. Family time .

Summer family vacations for teachers

Beach reading and truck sand castles—what could be better?

Source: @thesmilelines_lauren

19. Occasionally giving your brain a workout.

Brain workouts for teachers

Can’t let it totally turn to mush, after all. 

Source: @creative_math_classroom

20. What’s the limit on summer drink pics?

Teacher summer drink photos

Umm, there’s not!

Source: @rhardy93

21. Feeling the zen.

Teacher relaxing zen

Can’t you just hear that rushing water? 

Source: @teachthetkway

22. One for you, and one for me.

Teacher family time

Ahhhh, the simple pleasures.

Source: @misclaseslocas

23. Taking in a game.

Teacher summer baseball game

After the rain delay, that is. 

Source: @spangler_leslie

24. Headed to the big city. 

Bridge headed to NYC

We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. 

Source: @missasadventures

25. Wait, is this a bad thing?

Teacher mug!

Yep, this baby’s going front and center on my desk next year.

Source: @mrskile

26. Learning ahhh-mazing things.

Summer learning for teachers

We all need fuel for our creativity!

Source: @mrsdrmorgan

27. Greetings from … it doesn’t matter.

Summer vacation photos by teachers

When I go to my happy place in my mind, it’ll be here. 

Source: @southern.teachernista

28. Getting lost in a good book.

Summer reading for teachers

Because it’s always a good day to read a beautifully inspiring book. 

Source: @teach.edventurously

29. Stopping to appreciate nature .

Teachers appreciating nature

Next stop…chrysalis!

Source: @gardenkinder

30. Making a summer fashion statement. 

Summer fashion for teachers

‘Cause summertime calls for bright hair and bright shoes!

Source: @mrsmathfashion

31. It goes so fast!

Teacher summer photos

Soak up every second. 

Source: @sue_luckhardt

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