The Big, Fabulous Summer Bucket List for Teachers

Busy, busy, busy.

summer bucket list for teachers

Ah, summer break! That glorious time of year teachers (hopefully) have (at least a little) time to unwind, detox, de-stress, regroup, relax, and reconnect. Or, as some like to think of it, that sweet light at the end of the tunnel that prevents teachers from losing their minds. Yes, we will miss our little darlings. We will miss the hustle and bustle of the school day, and the intellectual challenge of teaching, and the camaraderie of our teacher friends. But we’ll also have plenty to keep us busy. Enter, the big, fabulous summer bucket list for teachers.

We compiled some of the best agenda items for teachers on summer break. Feel free to print it out, add your own, or throw a few in the can.

And for those teachers who work year-round, work a second job in the summer, or have schedules dictated by your own kids, we hope you can figure out a way to incorporate at least some of these suggestions (a mini-lesson, say, versus a whole unit of study) into your life this summer.

summer bucket list for teachers

1. Go into a Netflix binge-induced coma.


2. Clean, organize, get my personal space together! (maybe… probably…)


3. Indulge in daily, glorious naps, and not feel one bit guilty about it.


4. Read books that have ZERO to do with teaching.


5. Trade in my giant teacher bag for a teeny, tiny purse.


6. Go to the chiropractor and see if she can fix my jacked-up back from carrying my giant teacher bag.


7. Totally lose track of what day of the week it is (and not care).


8. Totally lose track of the last time I showered (and not care).


9. Wear flip flops, ONLY flip flops.


10. Blow this popsicle stand, even if it’s just to the town next door for a day or two.


11. Swim, play, eat, sleep, repeat.


12. Master the perfect sangria recipe (and margarita recipe and martini recipe).


13. Think about tackling all those projects I said I would do “next summer.”


14. Fire my alarm clock.


15. Let my face look upon the sun instead of fluorescent lights.


16. Not worry about anybody’s behavior except my own.


17. Walk in as crooked a line as I want to.


18. Not count heads whenever I go out in public with a group of people.


19. Not get called daily by the office to enter my attendance.


20. Not have that dream where I’m lecturing with no clothes on (hopefully).


21. Actually socialize, with grown-ups, on Friday nights.


22. Enjoy my weekends, instead of racing through them trying to accomplish everything I didn’t have time for during the week.


23. Make complete, actual meals, with no lame substitutions because I don’t have that one crucial item and I have NO TIME to go to the grocery store, dammit.


24. Listen to Oprah and embrace my hair in its au naturale state (in other words, not torture it with hot tools and sticky products).


25. Spend not one single minute in rush hour traffic.


26. Run errands when other people are working (and, honestly, feel a tiny bit superior when I do it).


27. Take a break from my feud with the copy machine.


28. Broaden my repertoire of small talk to include more than that funny thing that one kid did today, or how angry staff meetings make me, or Betsy DeVos, really?!?


29. Go to the bathroom whenever, and as often, as I want to.


30. Spend more than twenty minutes eating lunch.


What will you add to your summer bucket list for teachers? Tell us in the comments!


Elizabeth Mulvahill

Posted by Elizabeth Mulvahill

Elizabeth Mulvahill is a Writer/ Editor for WeAreTeachers and a certified Elementary Teacher.


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    Write the next great American novel… Or at least a romance to bring hope, and love to readers!

  2. Roerman

    I love the list! Except for #28. Did you really have to bring politics into this fun list?!

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