Create These DIY Crayon and Pencil Shoes in Less Than an Hour

Warning: You might make all the other teachers jealous!

You could have the best teacher shoes in the hallway with this DIY! We created these shoes to resemble pencils and crayons with the help of Vicki Cowger, an art teacher in Oklahoma. By finding colorful canvas shoes on Amazon first, we made this a simple project that anyone can do.

What you need

  • Pencil
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Canvas shoes

Yellow shoes for the pencil design available on Amazon

Red shoes for the crayon design available on Amazon (and also in green, blue, etc.)

Grey shoes for the mens’ design available on Amazon


What to do

1. Prep your shoes


If you already have canvas shoes in your base color, fantastic! If not (you can buy plain canvas shoes at most craft stores for around $10), you’ll need to give the shoes a coat of paint. If you’re making the pencil design, go for a bright yellow. If you’re making the crayon design, the sky is the limit!

2. Create an outline

Once you have your shoes painted and they are dry, use a pencil to outline your pencil or crayon shape. For the pencil, you focus on two key areas—the front part of the shoe which is the pencil tip and the back part of the shoe for the eraser area. For the crayon, you’re outlining the black wavy wrapper that you see on crayons.

3. Paint your design

After you have your outline, start painting! We used a medium-size brush. For the pencil, we recommend starting at the front of the shoe and then working your way to the back. You can paint one section at a time, giving about 5 minutes of drying time between each one.


4. Touch up as needed

When you’ve finished, go back over your shoes with a smaller brush, touching up the edges and adding any final touches. You could even write “No. 2” on the back part of the shoe for the pencil or the color name on your crayon shoe—RED.

This project truly is easy, especially when you find a base shoe color to start with! Plus, acrylic paint is to easy to use. If you have any scuffs on them, you can easily go back over them with touch-up paint!

If you happen to make these shoes, please take a picture and tag us on Instagram or on Facebook. We’d love to see the finished result! Plus check out our video for a better step-by-step look at creating these on your own.