We Love These Real-World Teachers’ Lounges (Can We Get One at Our School?)

Create the perfect space for teachers to relax and recharge.

Collage of inspiring teachers' lounges

We can all agree that hard-working teachers deserve all the breaks they can get, right? That’s why it’s so important to make your teachers’ lounge a restful space, one that helps educators escape and relax for a bit. It should have lots of comfy seating, plenty of room to spread out, and all the coffee you can manage! Take a look at these inspiring teachers’ lounge ideas, and start making plans to give your staff their own luxurious getaway.

1. Make it cozy

Teachers lounge with black and white furnishings and a person sitting in a chair

Industrial gray carpet looks so much better with a few big rugs over the top, don’t you think? And that awning is such a cute touch!

Source: @the_evergreen_maison

2. Update the furnishings

Teacher lounge with lots of seating around a U shaped table with bright sunlight coming through the windows

That plaid couch in the “before” photos is giving us serious 80’s flashbacks. The new teachers’ lounge setup is classy and modern, and relaxing too.

Source: @homesubdued

3. Create a conversation spot


Teachers Lounge With Couches and Fireplace from Inside Heathers Home

That fireplace!! What a genius touch. The wood-panel accent wall makes you feel like you’re in a cabin in the woods, too. See the before and after shots of this workroom at Inside Heather’s Home.

4. Try chalkboard accents

Chalkboard wall along a coffee counter with coffee maker and mugs

Whiteboards may have replaced chalkboards in the classroom, but they look terrific in the breakroom! 

Source: @morgan_gunderson_art


5. Flooring makes a surprising difference

Entry into a teachers lounge with wood panel flooring and contemporary decor

Flip through to the after photos to see how much better this room looks with wood floors. The difference is astonishing!

Source: @realhousewifeofflagstaff

6. Black and white can pack a punch

Black and white themed lounge called Bluebird Cafe from Young House Love

This elementary school wanted its teachers’ lounge to feel more like a café where staff could kick back and relax. See more before and after photos at Young House Love.

7. Welcome them in

Door in a hallway with a decorative wrap that says "If you're making mistakes it means you're out there doing something"

The door itself offers real inspiration in this lounge. Simple and effective!

Source: @frontend.ink

8. Add chic décor accents


Long grey table with seating around it and a blue couch with a Teachers Lounge sign above it

Covering ugly tables with sleek silvery-gray made a big difference in this lounge. Scroll through the photos to check out the gorgeous blue-and-white striped accent wall too.

Source: @my.mod.designs

9. Display artwork on a gallery wall

Teachers lounge with striped gallery wall from Restyle It Wright

Whether you hang student artwork, inspiring messages, or photos from staff parties, a gallery wall is an easy way to perk up a space. See more pics, including before-and-afters, at Restyle It Wright.

10. Create inspiring bulletin boards

Wall in a teachers lounge with several brightly colored bulletin boards

Teachers spend a lot of time prepping bulletin boards for their classrooms. Give some TLC to the ones in the breakroom too!

Source: @keepingupwithmrsharris

11. Add color to boring brick walls

Cinderblock wall that has been painted with yellow flowers on it in a teachers lounge

Oh, those cheerful flower murals! A little paint (and talent) is all it takes to turn blank space into an inspiring work of art.

Source: @hellojenjones

12. The more appliances, the better

Breakroom with multiple microwaves and coffee makers from Charlottes House

When your lunch break is 20 minutes long, you don’t have time to wait for someone else to finish with the microwave. That’s why we love the multiple appliances in this breakroom. Take a look at the rest of this teachers’ lounge At Charlotte’s House.

13. Contrasting hues add so much cheer

Teachers lounge with a mustard yellow couch and blue wall paint and a sign that says "Teach Love Inspire"

Even if your budget is tight, invest in some paint and new slipcovers for existing furniture in bright colors. Little touches can have a big impact.

Source: @toocoolformiddleschool

14. Provide plenty of seating

View of a teachers lounge with a lot of tables, chairs, and other seating

Smaller tables provide lots of chairs for everyone. Plus, you can push them together when you want to meet in a bigger group.

Source: @letsgetessential

15. Embrace natural light

Brightly lit teachers lounge with natural light from Camille Styles

If you’re lucky enough to have natural light in your teachers’ lounge, make the most of it! Use frosted window vinyl instead of curtains for privacy, if needed. See more of this bright and cheery teachers lounge at Camille Styles.

16. Teachers deserve a little luxury

Modern furniture in a teachers lounge that is stylishly arranged

There’s something about velvet couches and tapestry on the walls that feels so decadent. But splurges like this don’t have to cost a fortune. Check thrift shops or ask for donations.

Source: @katiegeddesinteriors

17. Clean and simple makes an impression

Seating and countertops in a teachers lounge that is styled modernly but minimally

Neutral colors are calm and soothing, something teachers often need during busy school days. A bit of green, whether real or artificial, is always welcome.

Source: @brewersbuildup

18. Start a staff book swap

Bookshelf labeled Staff Swap from Melissa Zonin on Pinterest

Teachers may not have time to read during their breaks, but they’ll be glad to pick up something new to relax with at home. Thanks to Melissa Zonin on Pinterest for this idea.

19. Think outside the box

Teachers sitting outside in orange Adirondack chairs talking to each other

Everyone could use a little fresh air during the school day (recess duty doesn’t count!). Set aside a patio space for teachers to enjoy on sunny days.

Source: @las_virgenes_usd

20. Swap leftover desks for adult furniture

Teachers lounge with brightly colored furniture

Swipe through to the before pictures to see how drab this room used to be. A big part of the difference? Getting rid of beat-up student desks and putting in some nicer seating instead.

Source: @amandalippeblog

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