Does your lunch bag need an upgrade? This year, ditch the brown paper sacks and try one of these best teacher lunch bags instead.

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1. This lunch box holds your lunch and all of your snacks for day.

One look at the name of this lunch box (the HemingWeigh lunch box), and literature teachers around the country are already sold. In addition to the cutesy name, this lunch box provides enough space for your lunch as well as all of your snacks to power you through after-school play rehearsals, study hall duty, or your planning period.

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2. Grab this easy-to-clean lunch box, and you’ll never have a sticky lunch box again.

This lunch box looks like a tough-to-clean tweed, but underneath that collegiate fabric is an easy-to-clean lunch box that can keep your chicken salad wraps ice cold. Your lunch will stay fresh thanks to both the aluminum foil lining and the included ice pack.

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3. Which neoprene pattern will you buy?

You knew there would be a neoprene lunch bag, didn’t you? What’s not to love about these strong machine-washable bags that can keep your hot food warm or your cold food cold? Make a statement with this positively happy pineapple pattern.

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4. Make a statement with this insulated Bento Box lunch bag.

This isn’t your traditional lunch bag. It’s part Bento Box, part thermos, and part lunch box. You’ll be stylish with the teal and gray color palette, and you’ll love the Bento Box-style that allows for you to move beyond the “ham sandwich in a baggie” lunch menu.

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5. Bring some glam to lunchtime with this bag.

This is your chance to bring some pizazz to the lunch room with this Kate Spade lunch box in deco dot. At 11 inches long and eight inches wide, this bag holds a lot.

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6. If you like meal prepping, you need this set.

Do you love meal prepping but struggle to find a lunch bag that can accommodate all of the containers? The nice thing about this bag is that it has tons of room to stash multiple items. As a bonus, this set also comes with containers and a shaker bottle.

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7. Express your love of cats with this lunch bag.

This lunch bag is almost as simple as the old-fashioned brown paper lunch bags, but it’s not disposable. The soft organic cotton shell is lined with a wipeable material so you’ll never have to deal with stained cotton inside. The simple cat drawing is also pretty cute.

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8. Be matter of fact with the “lunch” lunch bag.

This self-announcing bag is pretty cute. Not only is it spacious at 11 inches tall, but it is also resistant to the “stinky lunch bag” syndrome. It is free from BPA, heavy metals, and phthalates. Win-win!

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9. This lunch bag can fit six whole cans!

Not that we advise eating six cans of anything for lunch, but the point is that it can hold a lot! The long strap makes this easy to carry, which is helpful if you already have your hands full while you’re walking into work. Here’s another perk: This lunch bag works well for teachers who pump for their babies at work.

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10. Try this environmentally friendly “paper” lunch bag.

Okay, you got us. This isn’t really a brown paper bag, but it sure looks like one! This bag is actually made out of canvas, and it is the ultimate in green lunch bags. There is no plastic, no metal, no zippers, no bells and whistles—just the simple goodness of a paper bag … but without the environmental waste. It also comes in cute colors, like teal and bright orange.

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11. Try this canvas bag with a leather handle.

Arrive at the cafeteria in style with this canvas lunch bag. It’s insulated to keep your lunch fresh, has a handle for easy carrying, and provides a special pocket to keep your phone safely stowed away from your food.

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12. Try this cute lunch box with easy-to-grab handles.

There is nothing extravagant about this lunch box, but it gets the job done. It’s lined with a nontoxic, BPA-free insulator and features two easy-to-hold handles.

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13. Use this Bento Box if your goal is portion control.

If you’re trying to watch what you eat and monitor your portions, then you’ll love the setup of this Bento Box. Plus who can resist the happiness of the orange and teal color scheme?

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14. Indulge your inner florist with this lunch bag.


Sure, this bag looks cute, but does it work? You bet! The aluminum foil safely keeps your food warm or cold—depending on whether you packed soup or pasta salad! Additionally, this lunch bag puts up a good fight: It is stain resistant, waterproof, and easy to clean.

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The Best Teacher Lunch Bags