Our “Teacher Life” Card Game Is the Perfect Gift for Teacher Appreciation

It’s like Cards Against Humanity for teachers.

Still of free Teacher Life card game is like Cards Against Humanity for teachers

Teacher Appreciation is around the corner, and trust us when we say that NO teacher needs another mug, scented lotion, or candle. Thank you notes and gift cards are always appreciated, but if you really want to level up your Teacher Appreciation gift, check out our Teacher Life card game. It’s like Cards Against Humanity for teachers, and it’s perfect for:

  • Turning your work happy hour from ? to ?
  • Spicing up faculty meetings
  • Secretly playing in your umpteenth PD session on data collection
  • Surprising your teacher BFF with a fun gift

Teacher Life - Like Cards Against Humanity

Teacher Life features over 90 question cards and 385 answer cards. We’ve even included a few blank question and answer cards, so you can truly customize your Teacher Life experience. We won’t tell your principal if his favorite ’90s tie makes it into the game. Pinky swear.

PLUS: The cards available for printing in color OR in black and white.

Teacher Life Card Game Free Download

To get your free printable copy of the Teacher Life card game, just submit your name and email below.

That’s it! You’ll get everything you need to save and print your own version of the game, including instructions on how to play.

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Teacher Life Game - Like Cards Against Humanity

Have you played Teacher Life? We love to get feedback and ideas for new cards. Email us at support@weareteachers.com with your ideas. And check out some of the fun photos below of the game in action!

Still of theteachernextdoor Instagram post playing Teacher Life card game

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