What to Do With Your Teacher Mug Collection

Mugs for days.

What to Do With Your Teacher Mug Collection

When it comes to Teacher Appreciation, it’s truly the thought that counts. But when the thought is your 137th apple- or teddy-bear-themed coffee mug, you have to get creative. Here’s what we suggest for the latest additions to your teacher mug collection.

1. Give them back. 

We’re only kind of kidding. Many teachers have enough mugs for every kid in their class. So why not pass them out and have a tea party, Downton Abbey–style?

2. Create an art installation in the teacher’s lounge. 

Get your colleagues onboard too. Call it #hashtag, and when your principal asks what it’s about, sigh and say that obviously she doesn’t appreciate modern art.

3. Spray-paint those suckers.

Drill holes in the bottoms and use them as Pinterest-inspired planters, each with a single blossom carefully chosen to match your decor.

4. Alternatively, just use them as wineglasses.

Because your real ones are broken, and, you know, priorities.

5. Donate them.


But not before writing your initials on the bottom in permanent marker. If you ever get the same mug back, take it as a sign from the universe that you are indeed the world’s most awesome teacher.

6. Start an Instagram feed.

Fill it with selfies of you drinking your morning cup of joe. #yourmugwithmugs #instasuccess

7. Fill them with instant soup packets. 

Keep them in your car and hand them to people who may need a warm meal. No, seriously, can we please do this? Let’s start a movement. #teacherspayitforward

8. Host a party for your colleagues.

Have everyone bring their favorite gifted mug plus a $5 Starbucks card. Vote on the best mug and the winner gets all the GCs!

9. Stack them in a pyramid

Have a student remove the top one every day. Instant countdown until the last day of school!

10. Smile and say thank you.

And write a note telling your student how much you loved it. Because even if it goes straight into the cabinet with the others, you know it came from the heart. Or more likely, the dollar store. But also the heart.

Warm fuzzies all around, friends! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Do you have any creative ideas for your teacher mug collection? We’d love to hear about them in our WeAreTeachers Chat group on Facebook.

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What to Do With Your Teacher Mug Collection