15 Memes Capturing The Realities of Needing a Substitute Teacher

Because you deserve a day off, but it isn’t that easy.

Meme "when a substitute teacher is assigned to your classroom, the fun begins"

We all know that when the teacher is out for the day, things can get a little crazy! From creating plans and finding a sub to chaotic classroom behavior, these substitute teacher memes are too relatable.

1. Because sub plans are hard…

Taking a mental health day or making lesson plans for a sub meme

Can’t avoid the planning.

2. When the substitute is a no show…

Raise your hand if you've ever been personall victimized by short staffing meme

Nothing like sitting in for another teacher on your break.

3. That one student that will try to take over…

Meme saying substitute teachers have no power here

We can only hope it doesn’t happen.

Source: Sharon Hughson

4. Because the class tips have the dirt…


Comic of giving the substitute teacher lesson plans and most importantly class tips

Just trying to help.

Source: @summeroffcomic

5. Because sometimes teachers need rescuing…

Man in armor being a substitute teaching saving the day

And we are thankful for it.

Source: @mamato2boys

6. Definitely how the students react…

When the teacher is gone and the substitute does not know what they are doing with man clenching fists

Let’s just hope they behave.

Source: Creative ASL Teaching

7. Because finding a sub is no fun…

Woman with hands on her face saying "teaching- the only profession where you have to do more work to call in sick than if you just suffer through it"

Is the day off really worth it?

Source: Mrs. Beers

8. Tough enough to stick it out…

Squidward with blood shot eyes saying "I guess I'm well enough to teach better than writing sub plans"

Rather go in or write the sub plans?

Source: The Pinspired Teacher

9. The sub enters, and the chaos begins…

Chaotic scene of substitute teaching not being able to control the class

Just waiting on the sub’s desk note.

Source: Classical Art Memes

10. The worst feeling…

Women crying "no sub coverage again" meme

The teacher guilt is real.

Source: The Pinspired Teacher

11. Somehow always true…

Normal spongebob as normal class and crazy spongebob as class with substitute teacher

Is something in the water when the sub shows up?

Source: Know your meme

12. If it ever comes down to this…

Lunch lady filling in as the science teacher because of a shortage of subs

I’d like to see this actually happen.

Source: Memes Monkey

13. Because the lesson never gets done…

Teacher saying "leaves work for sub, has to teach it again upon returning"

The struggle is real.

Source: Turn the Paige

14. You know that note is waiting for you…

Homer Simpson writing on clip board with words of "high school substitute teacher writing down the names of bad students"

There are always a few.

Source: Cheezburger

15. One can wish…

Man standing with hands down "When you hope you can get a good substitute teacher on short notice"

But does it ever really happen?

Source: Imgur

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15 Memes Capturing The Realities of Needing a Substitute Teacher