Best of WeAreTeachers HELPLINE: Creative Student Storage Ideas

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Student Storage Ideas

Classroom seating these days isn’t limited to chairs at desks. Many teachers love the option of tables or other flexible seating arrangements. These arrangements do raise the question, though: “What do I do with all the STUFF my kids need?” Fortunately, the members of our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group have shared some of their best student storage ideas, and we’ve added a few more of our own favorites. Give these a try and remember to teach your students to always put everything back where they found it!

“Help Yourself” Supply Center

Student Storage Jimmy JB Baker

Jimmy B. says, “I teach first [grade] and use tables. I use these storage tubs and table organizers from Lakeshore. I love it.” 

Get it: Help-Yourself Supply Center, Lakeshore

Shower Caddies

Hit the dollar store for inexpensive plastic shower caddies and customize them for your classroom needs.

Rolling Drawer Carts


Student Storage Rolling Cart1

“I inherited a room with tables,” says Jessica C. “The previous teacher left me organizers similar to these. I have one for each table and separate the drawers by subject.” Regina J. adds, “I teach different classes, so I assign a drawer to each class that sits at that particular table. I have a container sitting on top that hold pencils, scissors, crayons, etc.”

Photo credit: Fourth Grade Teacher Lady

Under-Chair Baskets

Student Storage Baskets

Attach baskets to the bottoms of chairs or to the chair legs using zip ties for individual student storage. With a little creativity, this solution works for just about any chair style.

Photo credit: Taking it to the Next Level

Seat Sacks

Student Storage Seat Sacks

Jane P. shares, “Our kids have these sorts of backpacks or pouches that hang off the back of the chairs.” You can buy these in a variety of sizes or have a handy parent with a sewing machine help you make your own.

Get it: Seat Sacks

Laundry Basket Racks

Student Storage Laundry Basket

Speaking of handy parents (or if you’re feeling like doing a DIY), these racks for holding sliding laundry baskets are quick to assemble and inexpensive too. If laundry baskets are really more space than you need, alter the plan to hold smaller plastic baskets from the dollar store.

Get the plan: Ana White

Sliding Storage Bins

Student Storage IKEA

Another sliding option is the Trofast storage series from IKEA. The bins and frames come in a variety of sizes and configurations, so you can customize for your classroom.

Get it: IKEA Trofast Series

Picnic Silverware Holders

You’ll find these caddies just about everywhere during the summer barbecue season. Pick up a few and spray-paint them for a pop of color!

Numbered Bookshelves

Student Storage Shelf Markers

Here’s a clever tip from Arlene N. for dealing with textbooks. “I have bookshelves, and I organized their books by number at the beginning of the year. So my student who’s number one has all of his books in one spot, so it’s a quick transition when they have to get any book.” Add colorful library shelf markers to make the process even easier.

Get it: Library Dividers, Oriental Trading

Storage Crate Seats

Student Storage Seat Crates

For younger kids, many teachers love this DIY project. Turn plastic milk crates into student storage by adding a padded seat. The hardest part is getting the wood cut to fit the top properly—and many home improvement stores will do the cutting for free when you buy the wood, so ask around! Worried about stains? Cover the seat cushions with vinyl tablecloths from the dollar store instead of regular fabric.

Get the DIY: Wholesome Mommy

Stacked Milk Crates

Stack milk crates under or alongside tables and hold them together with zip ties. Add other storage bins as needed. Talk about simple student storage solutions!

Attached Milk Crates

Student Storage Milk Crates

One more milk crate option: Attach them to individual desks with zip ties, as shown. Even if you push the desks around, each student’s supplies go with them!

Photo credit: Angela Watson

Water Bottle Holders

Student Storage Water Bottle

These clever water bottle holders clip to chair legs, keeping bottles off tables and away from papers and books. You could also use them to hold pencils, pens, and markers.

Get it: Water Bottle Holders, Really Good Stuff

Magazine Files

Student Storage Magazine Files

Julie B. says, “I teach science and have lab tables. This year, I am getting those magazine bins because I found they hold eight textbooks.” Cardboard files are inexpensive but may need to be replaced each year. Plastic files cost more up front but might be less expensive in the long run.

Get it: Cardboard Magazine Files,

Magazine Files, Take Two

Student Storage Magazine Files 2

Michele S. has a teacher friend who created these organizers. “They are cardboard, from IKEA, I believe. She used duct tape and glue to hold them together. Very versatile in being able to place them in different parts of the room on table/desk/deep windowsill.”

What student storage ideas do you have? Share your best tips in our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Facebook.

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Best of WeAreTeachers HELPLINE: Creative Student Storage Ideas