Free Student Interest Surveys: Get To Know Your Class

Let them tell you the best way to make your class a place you both want to be!

We know that building strong student-teacher relationships isn’t the magic antidote to every classroom problem. That being said, knowing who your students are, their strengths and weaknesses, and their likes and dislikes is an extremely powerful tool. Knowing how to best communicate with each of your students can have a huge impact on the way they feel about being in your classroom (and how they behave while they’re there!). With that in mind, we’ve created student interest surveys for every grade that will let you discover a bit more about each of the kids in your classroom.

Exploring the Student Interest Surveys

We’ve created student interest surveys for grades K-2, 3-5, middle school, and high school, as well as a blank version you can fill in with your own questions. Let’s take a peek at each one and some of the questions from each survey.

Grades K-2

Image of the early elementary student interest survey
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The questions in this survey are perfect for our littlest learners. Images allow students to circle or color their choices rather than having to write in most of the answers. There are questions about how they like to learn as well as opportunities for them to share their favorite things. Your students will love completing this activity and sharing their likes and dislikes with you.

Grades 3-5

Image of the elementary level student interest survey
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For our upper elementary students, we’ve added more questions about their preferences when it comes to learning. They’ve been in school for a while now, and they’re starting to know how they learn best. Questions are asked in a friendly, fun format (circle the emoji or this or that, for example) but will give you a lot of very important information about each student.

Middle School

Image of the middle school version of the student interest survey
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Middle schoolers are ready for more independence, and the questions in their student interest survey reflect that. Giving your students this survey will reveal what they think should happen if a student disrupts a lesson and the best way to approach them if they’re struggling. It gives them an opportunity to ask their teacher a question as well. It’s the perfect way to show your class that you know they’re growing up and ready for more responsibility.

High School

Image of the high school level student interest survey
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Similar to the middle school survey, the questions your high school students will answer have more to do with how to help them meet their learning goals in your class. What’s going to make them most likely to participate in your class? Is there anything they wish they could do more of in class? What’s something that all of their favorite teachers so far have had in common? By giving your students a chance to really think about who they are as learners, you’ll gain valuable insight into how to create a classroom environment you all enjoy being in each day.

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