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It’s not a (dad) joke.

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When it comes to parent celebrations, Father’s Day never gets the attention it deserves. A Father’s Day Questionnaire is a sweet, funny way to show dads that they’re appreciated. Surveys, like this Father’s Day printable, also develop students’ writing skills, encourage reflection, and create a refrigerator-worthy keepsake. This Father’s Day, use this questionnaire to get kids thinking about all the ways their dad is number one.

Grab the free printable questionnaire by filling out the form on this page. Plus check out ways to use the Father’s Day questionnaire in your classroom below.

How To Use Our Printable Father’s Day Questionnaire

Fire Up the Microphone

Have each student present their dad in a humorous way. What jokes can kids create using the information they write in the All About My Dad printable? How can they turn the fun facts about their dads into a great dad joke? Or can they use the information in their questionnaire to present their dad in a roast-style presentation? If dads can’t attend, students can make their presentation with a photo of their dad.

Build a Dad-a-Base of Father’s Day Information

Use the questions on this questionnaire as a springboard to graph and present information about dads in your class. This is a fun way to learn about statistics and ways to present data.

  • What do dads always say? Are there common phrases that your classroom’s dads say? Create a pie chart of dad sayings.
  • What are all dads good at? Graph the skills that dads have. Are there any skills that are outliers?
  • How old is Dad? What is the average age of your students’ fathers or father figures? If students are older, calculate the mean, median, mode, and range of dad ages. And if students are younger, find out the real ages of dads and create a way to show how far off students’ estimates are.  

Create Art

After students have completed the questionnaire, have them use it to inspire a piece of Father’s Day art. Here are some ideas:

  • Create a piece of art using dad’s favorite things.
  • Draw a silly poster to remind Dad about the thing he always forgets.
  • Design a T-shirt using Dad’s favorite catchphrase.

Use these questions and answers to inspire humorous 21st-century Father’s Day presents.

Plan a Perfect Day With Dad

Have students use information from their questionnaire to create a perfect day with their father figures. They can create a to-do list, comic strip, invitation, or another creative format to present their perfect day. This activity can double as a card for students to take home.

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