21 Incredibly Cool Things Kids Can Do With Straws

Fun at school or at home!

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The best activities are ones you can do with inexpensive supplies (or stuff you already have at home). Drinking straws fit that bill perfectly. So we’ve rounded up some of our favorite straw activities, STEM challenges, and crafts. Try them in the classroom or at home … they’re fun everywhere! (Eco-tip: If you’re looking to avoid plastic straws, you’ll find that most of these activities work perfectly with paper straws too.)

1. Spin and spell with straws

Straw Activities

Use two different sizes of straws to make this easy straw learning tool. Switch letters in and out and spin to spell new word combinations.

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2. Launch straw rockets

This is one of those straw activities kids will play with over and over again. Get the free printable and instructions at the link.

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3. Build a straw tower


Straw Activities Teachers Are Terrific

You can do some pretty cool STEM challenges with straws. Ask kids to build a bridge or the tallest tower they can. For a real challenge, make a tower that can support the weight of a bucket of coins.

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4. Combine straws with a colander for fine motor practice

Little ones will love this straw activity, and it couldn’t be easier to set up. Simply give them a colander and some straws (make sure the straws fit through the holes). Wee fingers will get terrific fine motor skills practice threading the straws in and out.

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5. Create a colorful straw scene

Cut colored straws into pieces and use them to make pictures. When you find one you like, use a little glue to fix it in place on a piece of paper.

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6. Make a marble maze

Straw Activities

This is one of the most popular straw activities out there, and we can see why! Craft a marble maze inside a cardboard box, then roll the marble or tilt the box to complete the puzzle.

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7. Play a pan flute

Here’s a sweet activity for budding musicians! Blow across the tops of the different lengths of straws to make different tones and compose your own song.

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8. Use straws to blow paint

You might make a little bit of a mess, but kids will get such a kick out of this fun activity. Make abstract art, or wait until it’s dry and add details with markers.

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9. Fly straw gliders

Straw Activities

This is a cool twist on traditional paper airplanes. Kids can experiment with the size of the paper hoops, the length of the straw, and more to find the best flyers.

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10. Build with straws and Play-Doh

A little Play-Doh plus some straws give kids building tools for hours! Straw activities like this one really encourage creativity.

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11. Separate salt and pepper with a straw

Harness the power of static electricity and use a plastic straw to separate salt from pepper. It seems like magic, but it’s really science!

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12. Construct a straw roller coaster

Straw Activities

Who wouldn’t want to build one of these? Sturdy straws make an incredible ping pong ball roller coaster, and kids will love experimenting with different arrangements.

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13. Lace up shapes

This is a smart variation on lacing cards. Kids learn their shapes and get some fine motor skills practice too.

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14. Craft a moving hand

Not only is this project incredibly cool, but it also teaches kids about the way muscles and tendons work. So fun!

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15. Put together geometric shapes

When you combine straws with pipe cleaners, you can make all sorts of geometric shapes. This is a fun STEM challenge for kids—see how many they can come up with on their own.

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16. Then make geometric bubbles

Straw Activities

You can use those geometric straw shapes to create totally amazing bubbles too!

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17. Build a straw house

While you’ve got the pipe cleaners and straws out, turn them into building tools. Create buildings, animal models, or interesting abstract sculptures.

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18. Hang a straw wreath

These make a fun classroom decoration, or a craft for kids to take home. All you need is glue and lots and lots of straws.

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19. Wear a straw bracelet

Snip straws into pieces and string them on pipe cleaners or yarn. Add sparkly beads too for even more glamorous fun!

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20. Use straws to paint with bubbles

Kids love to blow into their straws to create bubbles in their milk. Turn that impulse into a masterpiece! (This is a good activity to do outside since it tends to get pretty messy.)

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21. Make a straw skeleton

Straw Activities

The leg bone’s connected to the hip bone, and they’re all made out of straws! This one is fun for Halloween or as an intro to an anatomy unit.

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21 Incredibly Cool Things Kids Can Do With Straws