25 Creative Ways for Kids to Learn, Craft, and Play With Yarn

Weaving, finger knitting, yarn dolls, and more!

7 Images of Yarn Crafts

Yarn is one of those classroom supplies you can never have too much of. It’s also a crafting material most parents have at home, so it can make for great at-home learning opportunities! There are endless ways to use yarn for fun and education, not to mention endless colors and textures to explore. We’ve rounded up our favorite yarn crafts and learning activities for you to try with your kiddos. Take a look!

1. Use drinking straws to weave

Yarn Crafts Ideas 2 Live 4

Drinking straws are another one of those cheap classroom supplies that have tons of uses. Using them for simple weaving is a terrific way to use up odds and ends of scrap yarn.

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2. Stick yarn to contact paper

Kids get hands-on learning when they use yarn to make shapes, letters, and numbers. They can just lay the yarn out on the table, of course, but it’s even more fun to stick it to contact paper instead!

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3. Create cute yarn turtles


Yarn Crafts Pink Stripey Socks

Give a new twist to classic god’s eye yarn crafts by turning them into colorful little turtles. Each one will have a unique pattern.

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4. Make yarn-wrapped initials

Cut letters from cardboard, then wrap them in scraps of yarn to create cool décor for any kid’s room. Yarn crafts like this let kids really express their own style.

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5. Take a trip to outer space

Yarn Crafts And Next Comes L

Are your kids fascinated by astronomy? These yarn-wrapped planets are the perfect activity for them to try.

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6. Go star-gazing

While you’re at it, try these free printable constellation lacing cards. Such a clever way to study the stars!

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7. Practice cutting yarn hair

Just about every kid who gets their hands on a pair of scissors eventually tries to cut their hair (or their baby brother’s, or the dog’s…). Head them off at the pass with this smart yarn activity instead.

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8. Swim with a jellyfish

Yarn Crafts I Heart Crafty Things

Our favorite part of this yarn craft is the fact that you can make the jellyfish “swim” through the ocean! Get the how-to at the link.

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9. Try painting with yarn

Painting is one of the most popular yarn crafts out there, and for good reason. Kids will be mesmerized by the funky patterns they can create.

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10. Paint with yarn—without paint

Yarn Crafts Picklebums

If you prefer your yarn crafts with a little less mess, try this idea instead. Use yarn to create a portrait, landscape, or abstract design.

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11. Play with yarn dolls

This is one of those yarn crafts that’s been around for centuries and is ideal for using up scraps of old yarn.

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12. Learn to finger knit

Knitting isn’t just for grannies anymore! Any kid can learn to knit using just their fingers. Learn how at the link.

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13. Plant a yarn veggie garden

Yarn Crafts Non Toy Gifts

How cute is this veggie garden? Kids string the “soil” across a paper plate, then plant their vegetables.

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14. Craft yarn-wrapped pumpkins

Yarn Crafts One Little Project 2

Here’s another one of those classic yarn crafts: wrapping glue-soaked yarn around a balloon. When it’s dry, you pop the balloon and turn the sphere into all kinds of decorations, like this adorable pumpkin.

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15. Knit using a toilet paper tube

Once kids master finger-knitting, move on to this method, which uses a cardboard tube and some wood craft sticks.

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16. Work on measurement using yarn

Non-standard measuring activities using items like yarn help kids build the skills they need to understand length and other dimensions.

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17. Experiment with resist art

These incredible paintings were made using the yarn-wrapped resist technique. Get the how-to at the link.

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18. Make it rain

Yarn Crafts Happy Tot Shelf

Learning about the weather, or just want to practice fine motor skills? Make simple DIY rainy day lacing cards.

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19. Measure temperature with yarn thermometers

These thermometer yarn crafts are so clever. Kids pull the yarn loops so the red represents any temperature shown. Smart!

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20. Sew yarn snowflakes

Need an easy winter classroom decoration? Poke holes in paper plates, then string colorful snowflake designs.

Learn more: I Heart Crafty Things/Snowflake Yarn Art

21. Wrap some beautiful butterflies

Yarn Crafts The Craft Train

Butterflies are always popular with kids. This simple idea uses wood craft sticks, yarn, pipe cleaners, and beads.

Learn more: The Craft Train

22. Weave around a paper cup

Yarn Crafts Gift of Curiosity

Use a disposable drinking cup to add structure to woven dishes. They make neat pencil holders when you’re done!

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23. Pick a bouquet of yarn flowers

Ready for spring blooms, but the weather’s not cooperating? Make your own from brightly-colored yarn and pipe cleaners.

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24. Wind a yarn bird

This yarn craft can be customized in so many ways by changing the yarn color and bird markings. Lots of fun for budding ornithologists!

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25. Go over the rainbow

If you’ve got yarn in every color of the rainbow, then this idea is for you! You can also make your own pom poms to represent raindrops.

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25 Creative Ways for Kids to Learn, Craft, and Play With Yarn