30 Clever Gifts for School Bus Drivers

Ideas to get the wheels turning.

Gifts for bus drivers, including a personalized school bus key chain and a magnetic gift card holder that looks like a coffee cup.
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If you, your kids, or your students have ever had a truly amazing bus driver, you know how special they are. While they’re sometimes overlooked, school bus drivers deserve gifts just as much as other school staff members. Driving the bus is the most important part of their job, but the care they pour into the role is what makes them shine. Giving high-fives to nervous kindergartners on the first day of school. Gently waking up kids who fall asleep before arriving home. Telling jokes over the intercom at red lights. Not me getting emotional over bus drivers. (But really, incredible people.)

If you’re looking for that perfect present, we’ve put together a list of the best gifts for bus drivers they’re bound to love.

Quick tip: Check your school’s gift policy before giving; some prohibit homemade treats and/or gifts over a certain monetary value.

1. A heartfelt thank-you note

Best Gifts for Bus Drivers: bus driver card

Gifts are a kind and generous gesture, but a handwritten note from a child is so meaningful. Use this bus driver card as an extra thoughtful touch.

Buy it: Bus driver definition card at Etsy

 2. Gift cards

Best Gifts for Bus Drivers: gift card holder

Amazon and Target are reliable choices, plus check out our full list of favorite teacher gift cards here. Tuck it inside this cute magnet for an extra-special touch!

Buy it: Amazon Gift Card at Amazon | Target Gift Card at Target | Gift Card Holder at Etsy

3. Sunflower dashboard bobble

Best Gifts for Bus Drivers: sunflower dashboard bobble

Add a little sunshine to your bus driver’s dashboard with this impossibly sunny crochet bobble.

Buy it: Sunflower bobble at Amazon

4. Aromatherapy heated neck wrap

Best Gifts for Bus Drivers: aromatherapy neck wrap

Being on a bobbing bus all day with precious cargo in tow is enough to give anyone a serious case of tension. This aromatherapy neck wrap is thin enough to wear under a jacket or coat and can be microwaved to add soothing heat.

Buy it: Neck wrap at Amazon

5. Insulated tumbler

Best Gifts for Bus Drivers: insulated tumbler

Bus drivers can’t always pop in to refill their ice or heat up old coffee, so they rely on insulation to carry them through a day. Why not do that in style? This tumbler can be personalized too!

Buy it: School bus tumbler at Etsy

6. Flannel blanket

Best Gifts for Bus Drivers: fleece blanket

Cozy and chic, this tartan fleece blanket is perfect for covering up chilly legs both on and off the bus.

Buy it: Flannel blanket at Amazon

7. This personalized key chain

Hand holding a school bus key chain with personalized name of driver on license plate.

Give your bus driver this school bus key chain with their name on the license plate in appreciation for the precious cargo they carry.

Buy it: Bus driver key chain at Etsy

8. Bus driver T-shirt

Best Gifts for Bus Drivers: bus driver t-shirt

We love these simple but fun personalized bus driver T-shirts. I kind of want a Wanda one!

Buy it: Driver T-shirt at Etsy

9. Pullover with monogram

Best Gifts for Bus Drivers: monogrammed pullover

For both our sakes, I will refrain from making a “pull over” joke on a post about bus drivers. But this quarter-zip pullover is the perfect weight for chilly air-conditioning in the heat or driving with the windows down on a brisk fall or spring day.

Buy it: Pullover at Etsy

10. School bus ornament

Best Gifts for Bus Drivers: school bus ornament

This vintage school bus is the perfect little bauble to accompany a gift card.

Buy it: School bus ornament at Amazon

11. Otherland candle

Best Gifts for Bus Drivers: an Otherland candle

Your card can say “Thanks for driving us to ‘other lands’ safely and with a smile!” You’re welcome. Also, you can save by bundling three candles for you and someone else on your list. You’re welcome again.

Buy it: Otherland candles at Otherland

12. Heated seat cushion

Best Gifts for Bus Drivers: a heated seat cushion

Among the best gifts for bus drivers, this one’s up there. All drivers deserve the luxury of a heated seat cushion. And this one has a temperature controller.

Buy it: Seat cushion at Amazon

13. Portable mini air purifier

Best Gifts for Bus Drivers: a mini air purifier

If you’ve ever spent any time with a teenager at the end of a hot and humid day, you’ll understand why this air purifier is a necessity.

Buy it: Air purifier at Amazon

14. Personalized sticker

Best Gifts for Bus Drivers: personalized sticker

Jazz up a water bottle or other gift with this customizable sticker.

Buy it: Sticker at Etsy

15. Organizer tote

Best Gifts for Bus Drivers: tote bag

Bus drivers have a lot of supplies they need on the job—paper towels, disinfectant spray, wipes, a dustpan and broom … not to mention all their personal belongings. With this flat-bottom, zip-top tote, they’ll think it was custom created.

Buy it: Water-resistant tote bag at Amazon

16. Portable phone charger

Best Gifts for Bus Drivers: phone charger

This is a great gift for anyone, but especially for people on the go who don’t have access to wall outlets. This charger in particular works with a wide range of phones, so your driver is bound to have it come in handy.

Buy it: Charger bank at Amazon

17. A sunny (and windproof!) umbrella

Best Gifts for Bus Drivers: wind proof umbrella

Whether they need to park on the far side of a parking lot or are part of a huge bus barn, many bus drivers get caught in the rain on their way to and from the job. But with this ultra-durable rainproof umbrella, it’ll feel like the clouds have been chased away.

Buy it: Windproof umbrella at Amazon

18. Supply organizer

Best Gifts for Bus Drivers: supply organizer

For smaller supplies like a first-aid kit, scissors, and pens to sign off on field trip forms, this little zippered kit is compact and functional.

Buy it: Supply organizer at Amazon

19. Heated neck and back massager

Best Gifts for Bus Drivers: heated neck and back massager

Give your bus driver the gift of an on-demand hot stone neck massage at the end of a long day.

Buy it: Neck and back massager at Amazon

20. These cozy socks

Best Gifts for Bus Drivers: cozy socks

I never had the opportunity to describe socks as luxurious before, but now I do. Your favorite bus driver can pair them with boots to stay cozy on the job, or wear them on their own as an off-duty act of foot love.

Buy it: Barefoot Dreams socks at Amazon

21. A fun lanyard

Best Gifts for Bus Drivers: colorful lanyard

Help the bus driver in your life upgrade their ID badge with one of these fun, colorful, and stylish lanyards.

Buy it: Lanyard at Amazon or School bus lanyard at Etsy

22. Insulated lunch box

Best Gifts for Bus Drivers: insulated lunch box

Everything a bus driver needs in a lunch box. Insulated? Check. Zippered pockets so nothing falls out? Check. Leakproof? Check. Pro tip: Fill it with snacks and drinks when you hand it off!

Buy it: Lunch bag at Amazon

23. Touchscreen driving gloves

Pair of touchscreen driving gloves as an example of best gifts for bus drivers

If you live in a cold climate, bus drivers could always use an extra pair of driving gloves to throw in their tote bag or keep stashed on the bus.

Buy it: Touchscreen driving gloves at Amazon

24. Hand warmers

Best Gifts for Bus Drivers: hand warmers

How lovely is it to pop one of these in a pair of gloves? Give your bus driver a gift that will brighten (and warm) their most frigid mornings.

Buy it: Hand warmers at Amazon

25. Special tea or coffee

Best Gifts for Bus Drivers: tea assortment
Best Gifts for Bus Drivers: coffee assortment

If you know whether your bus driver is a tea or coffee drinker, get them a curated box of specialty tea or coffee. This is perfect to pair with a pretty tumbler or cozy blanket!

Buy it: Tea assortment at Amazon | Coffee assortment at Amazon

26. Nice pens

Best Gifts for Bus Drivers: pens

Bus drivers often need signatures from teachers or other administrators, and there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to revive a crusted-over, bottomed-out ballpoint pen. Give them the gift that keeps on giving: nice pens that write easily and legibly, dry quickly, and won’t leave them hanging.

Buy it: Uniball Vision Elite Micro pens at Amazon

27. Framed bus route map

Framed map with travel route.

This would be a great group gift if everyone on the bus chips in a few dollars. The framed map can be customized with the location, destinations, and title of your choice. For a DIY version, create a route using Google maps. Then print and frame!

Buy it: Custom travel route map at Etsy

28. Personalized tire-pressure gauge

Personalized tire pressure gauges as an example of best gifts for bus drivers

Personalized with their name or a special message, this tire-pressure gauge is one of the best gifts for bus drivers because it’s equal parts sentimental and practical.

Buy it: Personalized tire-pressure gauge at Etsy

29. Wireless noise-canceling headphones

JBL wireless noise canceling headphones

Bus drivers endure a lot of noise during the workday—loud student voices, engines, and traffic, as well as screeching breaks and doors. These noise-canceling headphones will help them find peace and quite during breaks or at home.

Buy it: JBL noise-canceling headphones at Amazon

30. Bus driver survival kit

Bus driver survival kit tag listing various types of candy.

Does your bus driver have a sweet tooth? Replenish their stash with a bus driver survival kit filled with all of their favorite candy.

Buy it: Bus driver survival kit tag at Etsy

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We've put together a list of the 30 best gifts for bus drivers, so no matter which route you take, it's a winner!