What kid doesn’t dream about being an astronaut one day and visiting the stars? All future astronauts and rocket scientists will love these fun and free space activities for kids. It’s time to blast off for learning!

1. Make a model solar system

Space Activities for Kids

This is one of those classic space activities for kids that everyone should try at least once. There are hundreds of ways to make one; find one option at the link.

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2. Snack on the moon phases

What goes better with Oreos than a glass of milk? How about a little bit of moon science! We love lessons you can eat when you’re done, don’t you?

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3. Use geoboards to map constellations

Space Activities for Kids

Geoboards are such a cool classroom tool, and you can use them for so many things—like making constellations. Get free printable patterns below.

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4. Create an astronaut training center

Space activities for kids like this one encourage them to use their imaginations while they learn. Get lots of cool ideas for stocking your astronaut training center at the link.

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5. Blow a rocket to space

Color the free printable rocket templates, then mount them to straw launchers and send them soaring!

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6. Play a solar system flashcard game

Use these free printable planet flashcards and re-purpose an old Hedbanz set. No game set? Just tape them to kids’ foreheads instead.

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7. Find out why the moon has craters

Space Activities for Kids

This clever science demo simulates the action that formed the moon’s craters. All you need is flour, baby oil, and some small rocks.

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8. Assemble marshmallow constellations

Here’s some more yummy science to try! Use toothpicks to connect the marshmallow “stars” to form constellations.

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9. Play with galaxy playdough

This gorgeous DIY dough is so much fun to play with while you read a book or watch a documentary about space. Learn how it’s made at the link.

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10. Launch a bottle rocket

This is another one of those classic space activities for kids you simply have to try. Visit the link for the full how-to.

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11. Model planets from clay

There’s no better way to get to know the individual planets than to model them from clay. Try using foam balls in the center so you don’t need quite so much clay for each one.

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12. Build a LEGO moon rover

Space Activities for Kids Adventures in Mommydom

Aspiring engineers will love this STEM challenge! Set a series of parameters their creations must meet, then put them to the test.

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13. Light up the constellations

Space Activities for Kids

First make your own LED light magnets, then use them to map out all your favorite constellations.

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14. Design a space lander

The challenge? Design a space lander than allows two passengers to land safely on the planet’s surface, using only some very basic materials. This one will really get them thinking.

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15. Join the NASA Kids’ Club

What better place to find space activities for kids than NASA? Their Kids’ Club is full of games, videos, activities, and much more, and it’s all free.

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16. Put the planets in order

Space Activities for Kids

Round up all the balls in your house (and a handful of pompoms for asteroids). Lay them out in order with their relative sizes as a guide.

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17. Craft a moon phases toy

This cool little DIY toy demonstrates the phases of the moon. It’s a snap to make with a couple of clear plastic cups and some construction paper.

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18. Shine a constellation flashlight

Space Activities for Kids

Turn a flashlight into a star projector by poking holes into black construction paper. Take it into a dark room and let it shine!

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19. Recycle cardboard tubes into space shuttles

During its heyday, the space shuttle was the most sophisticated spaceship around. Help kids learn about it by building little models from cardboard tubes.

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20. Eat a fruity solar system

Snack on the solar system as you learn! This activity combines a healthy snack with space fun.

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21. Assemble a constellation luminary

Space Activities for Kids

How pretty is this little constellations luminary? Get the free printable and learn how to put it together at the link.

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22. Melt crayons into planet sun catchers

Round up some old crayons and use their shavings to make pretty planet sun catchers to bright up your windows.

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23. Learn how planets orbit the sun

This quick demo is a good way to introduce the concept of orbits to little learners, using a pie plate, some playdough, and a ball or marble.

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