38 Space Activities for Kids That Are Out of This World

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to enjoy these!

Space activities for kids including a moon phases learning toy made out of a plastic cup and upcycled space shuttle models made from cardboard tubes.

What kid doesn’t dream about being an astronaut one day and visiting the stars? All future astronauts and rocket scientists will love these fun and free space activities for kids. There are so many space activities for kids that can be done using materials you likely already have laying around the house! Our list includes crafts, science experiments, sensory experiences, and even edible science lessons. Regardless of your little astronaut’s age or interests, there is sure to be something for everyone on our big list of outer space–themed activities!

1. Construct a spinning solar system

paper plate painted black with a yellow pom pom, construction paper circles and pebbles painted silver on top

This fun pinwheel galaxy is perfect for teaching the orbit of the sun. All you need is a paper plate, colored construction paper, pebbles, and black and silver craft paint.

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2. Create a space-themed board game

a hand drawn board game with a curving path with questions written in different boxes

This planets board game is a fun way to learn and practice facts about the planets in our solar system. Kids roll a die and work their way around the path to the finish line. This activity comes with free downloadable planet cards.

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3. Make a balloon-powered space rover


A blue balloon and a white object with two spinning wheels is shown.

This clever craft simulates the tiny rover (just a couple of inches high) that NASA built to explore the surface of an asteroid and take pictures.

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4. Make yarn-wrapped planets

Space activities for kids can include crafts like these cardboard discs wrapped in yarn

This simple activity will help young students understand the relative size of the planets as well as help them build fine motor skills as they wrap cardboard discs with different colors of yarn.

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5. Craft a DIY sundial

Help your students build their scientific observation skills. Space activities for kids can be made from simple objects like paper plates, crayons, and a straw like the sun dial shown. This simple sundial will teach them to tell time by tracking the sun’s movement across the sky.

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6. Make a model solar system

Space Activities for Kids include this colorful mobile of the planets hanging from the ceiling

This is one of those classic space activities for kids that everyone should try at least once. There are hundreds of ways to make one; find options at the link.

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7. Snack on the moon phases

Oreo cookie moon phases activity card showing 8 oreos with varying amounts of cream filling representing the phases of the moon

What goes better with Oreos than a glass of milk? How about a little bit of moon science! We love lessons you can eat when you’re finished, don’t you?

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8. Use geoboards to map constellations

Space Activities for Kids using a geoboard made from pushpins and rubber bands to form constellations

Geoboards are such a cool classroom tool, and you can use them for so many things—like making constellations. Get free printable patterns below.

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9. Create an astronaut training center

Space activities for kids can be play based like this play astronaut training center made from two sides of a cardboard box with colorful printouts attached, plus tools and a clipboard

Space activities like this one for kids encourage them to use their imaginations while they learn. Get lots of cool ideas for stocking your astronaut training center at the link.

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10. Propel a rocket into space

space activities for kids include crafts like these 4 colorful paper rockets attached to striped drinking straws

Color the free printable rocket templates, then mount them to straw launchers and send them soaring!

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11. Play a solar system flash-card game

young boy wearing a headband with a planet card attached

Use these free printable planet flash cards and repurpose an old Hedbanz set. No game set? Just tape them to kids’ foreheads instead!

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12. Take a tour of the ISS

This video of Astronaut Suni Williams giving a tour of the International Space Station has been viewed millions of times, so why no watch it with your budding space explorers? We especially love that it will encourage young girls to develop their own love of STEM!

13. Assemble marshmallow constellations

tiny marshmallows connected by wood toothpicks to create constellations

Here’s some more yummy science to try! Use toothpicks to connect the marshmallow “stars” to form constellations.

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14. Play with galaxy play dough

space activities for kids can be sensory like the one shown. Pictured here are two hands holding grey play dough flecked with pink and blue glitter

This gorgeous DIY galaxy play dough is so much fun to play with while you read a book or watch a documentary about space. Learn how it’s made at the link.

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15. Launch a bottle rocket

hand pointing a DIY rocket made from a green plastic bottle with brown cardboard wings up to the sky

This is another one of those classic space activities for kids you simply have to try. Visit the link for the full how-to.

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16. Model planets from clay

twelve play dough balls representing planets made from different colors

There’s no better way to get to know the individual planets than to model them from clay. Try using foam balls in the center so you don’t need quite so much clay for each one.

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17. Build a LEGO moon rover

Space Activities for Kids can be done with toys like this DIY space rover made from lego pieces

Aspiring engineers will love this STEM challenge! Set a series of parameters their creations must meet, then put them to the test.

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18. Light up the constellations

Magnetic LED lights attached to a metal cookie sheet and glowing in the shape of the big dipper

First, make your own LED light magnets, then use them to map out all your favorite constellations.

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19. Design a space lander

DIY space landers made from small plastic cups, orange construction paper and masking tape

The challenge? Design a space lander that allows two passengers to land safely on a planet’s surface, using only some very basic materials. This one will really get them thinking.

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20. Join the NASA Kids’ Club

screen shot of NASA kids' club website

What better place to find space activities for kids than NASA? Their Kids’ Club is full of games, videos, activities, and much more, and it’s all free.

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21. Put the planets in order

Space Activities for Kids can teach about the order of the planets like this collection of balls of different sizes laid out to represent the planets in order

Round up all the balls in your house (and a handful of pom-poms for asteroids). Lay them out in order with their relative sizes as a guide.

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22. Craft a moon-phases toy

two plastic cups stacked together with phases of the moon drawn around the perimeter of the outside cup

This cool little DIY toy demonstrates the phases of the moon. It’s a snap to make with a couple of clear plastic cups and some construction paper.

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23. Shine a constellation flashlight

Star projector made from a flashlight covered on the light surface by a black construction paper disc with holes poked into it to represent a constellation in this example of one of many space activities for kids

Turn a flashlight into a star projector by poking holes into black construction paper. Take it into a dark room and let it shine!

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24. Upcycle cardboard tubes into space shuttles

colorful homemade space shuttles made from toilet paper tubes and scraps of cardboard

During its heyday, the space shuttle was the most sophisticated spaceship around. Help kids learn about it by building little models from cardboard tubes.

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25. Eat a fruity solar system

a tray with fruits of different sizes laid out in a line to represent the order of the planets

Snack on the solar system as you learn! This activity combines a healthy snack with space fun.

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26. Assemble a constellation luminary

Space Activities for Kids teach about constellations like this paper cube with a different constellation printed on each face with holes poked through to allow light from a candle in the center to shine through

How pretty is this little constellation luminary? Get the free printable and learn how to put it together at the link.

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27. Melt crayons into planet suncatchers

9 discs made from 2 sides of waxed paper with different colored melted wax inside hang from a red dowel

Round up some old crayons and use their shavings to make pretty planet suncatchers to bright up your windows.

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28. Learn how planets orbit the sun

silver pie plate with a smashed circle of red play dough in the center and a blue rubber ball along the border of the pan

This quick demo is a good way to introduce the concept of orbits to little learners, using a pie plate, some play dough, and a ball or marble.

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29. Build an origami rocket ship

Kids love origami and space, so try combining the two and building this awesome rocket. We love how affordable this activity is since all you really need is some square paper. And you can make your rocket fly into space with just a simple straw!

30. Read some space-themed books

Two space themed books are shown side by side.

If you want to really learn about a subject like space, reading is probably the best way to do it! There are so, so many great space-themed books on the market for any and all reading levels.

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31. Create an upcyled space rocket

A rocket ship is constructed from a white paper cup, elastics, toothpicks, and other found objects.

We love the idea of keeping a making box in your classroom or home so that kids can let their imaginations run wild. While learning about space, have kids create a model rocket ship from materials like paper cups, bubble wrap, bag ties, and colored elastic bands.

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32. Lace up some constellations

A white card says The Big Dipper and has holes punched in it with green rope threaded through it.

Print your free lacing cards here before doing a lesson on constellations. Work on dexterity and hand-eye coordination while learning about the Big Dipper, Orion, Ursa Major, and all the other major constellations!

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33. Do some stargazing with a homemade telescope

A homemade telescope is made from a cardboard roll that is decorated with blue and silver cardstock and space themed stickers.

Every stargazer needs a telescope, so why not have the littles in your life get to work creating their very own! Save up those paper towel rolls during the weeks leading up to this project. The only other materials you will need are tape, elastics, card stock, and some cool space stickers.

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34. Run a science experiment about Venus and clouds

Space activities for kids can include science experiments like this one pictured. Image shows baking soda, vinegar, and a beaker.

Learn about how CO2 functions on the second planet from the sun while conducting a cool science experiment. You can study how carbon dioxide makes up more than 96% of Venus’ atmosphere just using some everyday materials like vinegar, baking soda, and a candle.

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35. Dig into an outer space sensory bin

Space activities for kids can include sensory activities like this blue bin filled with white sand and space themed items.

Space activities like this sensory bin allow kids to learn and explore through tactile experiences. You can use cake mix as the base for your bin and then fill it with space-themed toys. We especially love that kids will familiarize themselves with space vocabulary while playing.

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36. Make your very own moon craters

Learn about craters that were formed when rocks from outer space smashed into the surface of the moon. You can do this using some basic baking materials like flour, sprinkles, cocoa, and some pans.

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37. Create a galaxy in a jar

Space activities for kids can be made in jars like these galaxies that have been created inside clear jars. They are purple inside with sparkles.

Learn about galaxies and nebulas while creating a calming sensory jar. You’ll need a clear jar with a lid, at least two colors of tempera paint, cotton balls, fine glitter, and some water.

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38. Learn about orbits with simple materials

A metal mixing bowl has a tennis ball inside it and a child's hand is holding a marble at the top.

Kids can learn about the trajectory of an object through space while gaining a better understanding of both gravity and velocity. The best part is that all you will need is a large kitchen bowl, a tennis ball, and a marble.

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