21 Skip Counting Activities and Ideas For Elementary Math Students

Math mastery is just a hop, skip, and a jump away!

Skip Counting Activities

Skip counting is an important skill, one that leads kids naturally into multiplication. Kids can learn to skip count by rote, but they’ll get more value from seeing how the concept relates to real-life math. Try these activities and ideas to help make it happen!

1. Sing some skip counting songs.

Mr. R has so many skip counting songs! They’re much more fun that simply chanting, “five, ten, fifteen, twenty…” Find them all here.

2. Read a skip counting book.

Skip Counting

Teach across the curriculum with one or more of these cute picture books that incorporate skip counting as part of the story.

3. Turn sentence strips into a wall chart.

Skip Counting

Such an easy way to make a colorful wall chart! (Need sentence strips? Try this well-reviewed set from Amazon.)

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4. Group objects to introduce the concept.

Skip Counting

Pre-schoolers and kindergarteners start learning this skill by grouping objects. Get free printable pages to use with this activity at the link.

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5. Skip count with handprints.

Use your students’ handprints to demonstrate counting by 5s and 10s. So cute!

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6. Play skip counting hopscotch.

Skip Counting Activities

This is a classic skip counting activity. Start out simply by just labeling the blocks by 2s or 5s. Mix things up by adding some choices to make along the way.

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7. Lace plates as you count.

This activity is easy to set up, and kids can even flip over the plates to check their answers! Learn how to make them at the link.

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8. Solve a skip counting maze.

Skip Counting Activities

Navigate a maze to practice skip counting. Get free printables at the link below.

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9. Count and connect the dots.

Skip counting connect-the-dots are very popular, and you can find plenty available online. Try these free examples first—your class is sure to love them!

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10. Use paper clips on a paper plate.

Skip Counting

We bet you have leftover paper plates from the lacing activity, so pair them up with paper clips for another idea that also provides fine motor practice.

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11. Introduce some movement.

Skip Counting

Rather just reciting numbers, get kids up and moving while they skip count! (See more active math ideas here.)

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12. Make skip counting art.

This idea combines grouping with pointillism, the technique of making art from tiny dots. All you need are cotton swabs and poster paint.

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13. Grab a handful of LEGO bricks.

Skip Counting

Who doesn’t love using LEGOs in the classroom? The various brick sizes are ideal for talking about skip counting.

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14. Fill cups with blocks.

You can also use LEGOs with this one, or pull out your Unifix blocks. Kids build stacks and fill the cups.

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15. Put wood craft sticks in order.

Skip Counting

Wood craft sticks have so many uses in the classroom. Label them with numbers and use them for counting practice! You can also have kids draw a single stick and practice counting upwards from that number. (Grab these colorful craft sticks from Amazon here.)

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16. Put some money on the line.

Nickels and dimes make great skip count tools, and kids will get money practice too.

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17. Roll the skip counting dice.

Have kids roll dice to see what number they’ll be counting by. This gives practice all the way up to counting by 12s.

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18. Clip clothespins to a measuring tape.

Such an easy activity to set up—all you need are clothespins and a measuring tape!

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19. Craft skip counting kites.

This free printable craft idea makes kites with skip counting tails. Hang them in your classroom when you’re done!

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20. Put together a skip counting puzzle.

The puzzles prompt kids if they need some help, buy they’re really secretly getting some counting practice.

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21. Make number posters.

Skip Counting

You can buy a set of these cute numbers at the link below, or break your kids into groups and have them cut out and label their own for display.

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Ten frames are a terrific tool for teaching skip counting. Find 10 Frame Activities and Ideas here.

Incorporate more math into reading time with these 17 Picture Books About Math.

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21 Skip Counting Activities and Ideas For Elementary Math Students