18 Free, Fun, and Interactive Google Slides for Teaching Phonics and Sight Words

Find lots of online fun for early readers.

Collage of interactive phonics and sight words Google Slides

Whether you’re working in person or teaching online, chances are you’re using Google Slides a lot these days. It’s a great tool that makes it easy to share interactive lessons and activities with your students, wherever they are. These free phonics and sight words Google Slides sets are perfect for engaging early readers and helping them build a variety of key literacy skills. Ready, set, read! 

1. Read it, type it, build it

Two cartoon children with alphabet letters - Sight Words Google Slides

These playdough-themed sight word Google Slides encourage kids to practice their typing skills, something they’ll definitely need. If you’re working in person, add another level by having kids shape their own letters with playdough.

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2. Sound out beginning letters

School building with picture of a dog and letters s, h, z, d

Sounding out beginning letters is one of the first skills early readers develop, and this slide set gives them plenty of practice. Kids choose the right letter to match each picture.

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3. Spell out CVCe words (Long A)


Illustration of a lake, 3 empty boxes, and a series of letters - Sight Words Google Slides

CVC and CVCe words are another key concept for early readers to master. This set of free slides helps them work on words that use the long “a” sound. (You can purchase a complete set that covers all the vowels if you like this one.)

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4. Spell out more CVCe words (Long U)

Illustrations of cupcakes with empty boxes and series of alphabet letters

Here’s another set of slides that covers CVCe words, this time with long “u.” We love the fact that vowels and consonants are different colors to help differentiate them.

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5. Work on ending digraphs

Illustration of a brush with various ending diagraphs to choose from - Sight Words Google Slides

Digraphs are pairs of letters that work together to make one sound. These slides help kids recognize some of the more common ones, like “sh” and “th.”

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6. Blast off with syllable spaceships

Illustration of water with spaceships numbered 1, 2, 3

Sounding out the number of syllables helps kids master spelling as well as pronunciation. The spaceship theme just makes it fun!

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7. Play I Spy with sight words

Grid containing various sight words, some covered - Sight Words Google Slides

These sight words Google Slides let kids identify words they recognize from a bigger selection, showing them how to use sight words when they begin reading books.

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8. Work on L-blend words

Illustration of Lego block with selection of diagraphs

Blends differ from diagraphs because in blends you pronounce both letters. Help students recognize L-blends at the beginning of words with this cute slide set.

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9. Climb some word ladders

Illustration of ladder with pictures at each step, including apple and bike

Word ladders are a really fun way to explore word families and rhyming words. If you like these free pages, you can buy a whole set from the author’s TpT site.

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10. Match photos with words

Illustration of cat next to the word cat, with thumbs up and thumbs down icons

Very young readers will enjoy this activity, where they determine if the words shown match the picture. They choose a thumbs up for yes, thumbs down for no.

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11. Master R-blends words

Illustration of a dragon accompanied by various diagraphs - Sight Words Google Slides

Here’s another set of common blends for kids to master, this time with the letter “r.” (Search Fun Learning for Kid’s site to find even more options.)

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12. Listen and build sight words

Illustration of child in hard hat next to a letter bank

These slides have audio built in, so they’re perfect for kids to complete on their own. They hear the word, then choose the right letters to spell it out.

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13. Find the hidden sight word pictures

Cartoon of river running through the woods with tent and child

Seek-and-find games are always fun! Kids will enjoy finding the sight words indicated (“Find the short ‘a’ pictures”) on their own or as a class.

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14. Pick out rhyming words

Illustration of dragon, with wagon, pan, and bed underneath - Sight Words Google Slides

Understanding and anticipating rhyming words teaches kids a lot about how language works. These slides give them the opportunity to match up rhyming pairs.

Learn more: Fun Learning for Kids/Rhyming Words

15. Sort short and long vowel words

Illustrations of seashells with long or short I, with word bank for sorting

This set of slides covers all five of the vowels. Kids drag the words into the correct slots to indicate whether the vowel in each word is long or short.

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16. Explore secret sight words

Picture of house, elephant, rainbow, and elephant, with boxes below for beginning letters - Sight Words Google Slides

Kids will really enjoy this activity, and teachers will love that it incorporates multiple skills. First, kids identify the beginning letter of each word. Then they type it into the box, spelling out a sight word.

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17. Pick out ending sounds

Picture of bug with letter B and choices of "uw" "ug" and "uy"

The engaging illustrations make these slides a fun way to work on CVC words. This free pack includes 150 words, so it’s a must-have for any teacher!

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18. See and spell sight words

Illustration of vet with dog and selection of letters

This activity is simple but effective. Kids identify the word, then choose letters from the letter bank to spell it out. This sight word Google Slides set includes several more activities too.

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18 Free, Fun, and Interactive Google Slides for Teaching Phonics and Sight Words